Monday, 21 May 2012

Who Do Your Children Take After............

As everyone knows I have 3 daughters my first born is Kathy and she is the one that both me and Tim wanted and she is like both of us really a mixture of me and her dad. Next there is Natasha and she is the child Tim wanted he had to talk me into having a second child, Kathy was 9 months old and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a second child yet. 

Anyway as it turned Natasha is a younger female version of her dad they are like two peas in a pod. Now Jessica she is the child I wanted after we had Natasha Tim wasn’t in a hurry to have another baby and I had to talk him into having a third child he said he wanted to wait till we were in a Dept. of Housing place so when we moved here in May 1988 I was quick to say we are in a Dept. of Housing place now I wasn’t a another baby and Jessica was born June 1989 and she is a younger version of me we are like two peas in a pod……………

So who are your children most like?


  1. Your girls are beautiful. Personality wise, my girls are more like me, but looks wise, they are more like my husband.

  2. My children are me. I cloned myself.


  3. My son's outsides look more like his dad, but his insides are more like me. ;)

    Beautiful family!! :)

  4. Shelly......Thank you looks wise I am not sure who the girls look like

    Janie.....I feel like that with Jessica she is so much like me and Natasha is just so much like her dad

    Rita.....That sound's like a great mix it is great when a son looks like his dad if his dad is a good looking man

  5. Both my boys are a mixture of the two of us, personality wise.

  6. Shelia......It is great when our children are a mixture we have one out of three that is a mixture

  7. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, all of your daughters are so wonderful and lovely♡♡♡
    All I can say is I wish I had one(*^_^*)
    I think I look really alike with my late mom but characteristically took after dad.
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  8. such a lovely family! i'm gay and dont have kids but i'm just like my mama. we were tempered alike and to this day when i'm home i run into people who knew her and just recognize me. i'll be 44 in a couple of weeks and she died when i was 8. my sister on the other hand is just like my daddy! probably explains why we dont get along and my parents divorced! LMAO

  9. Jo-Anne,
    Lovely young women are your daughters :)
    My sons are a mixture of my husband and myself. Sometimes I see myself coming and believe it or not, I see also in the two eldest grandchildren, myself at times :)

  10. I have absolutely no idea, although I do have my suspicions, they are very much independent and beautiful young women though, I do know that.

  11. Miyako......So you are a mixture of your mum and dad hey that is cool

    Tim....Just because you are gay doesn't mean you couldn't have any

    Whiteangel........Thank you I am proud of my girls and I know what you mean I can see myself often when I look am Jessica.......

    LindyLou.......As long as they are women you are proud of that it the most important thing......

  12. My boys have good servings of both me and my hubby.
    Both a wonderful human beings thankfully

  13. My Son looks like me and my Daughter looks like her Dad. Their personalities are a mixture of both of us. Good and Bad!
    Blessings, Joanne

  14. Mynx......That is great it is nice when they are a mix of both parents

    Joanne.....So I am learning that I my kids are bit different in that they all of them are not a mixure of me and Tim


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