Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just Another Tuesday Be It A Bit Busy One

What a day I have had this morning I was up early 6.45am to get ready had to catch a bus to Charlestown to meet mum to do her monthly shopping, for the first time I caught a Hunter Valley Bus which is the company Tim drives for. Now while I was waiting for the bus I realised I had left my phone at home, yeah it is an incomplete feeling when I leave my phone at home and yeah I know there was a time when we didn’t have mobile phones but hell that was so bloody long ago……..lol Anyway the first thing I did when I got to the square was to go and ring my daughter from a pay phone and asked her to send a message to her sisters and my mum letting them know I didn’t have my phone with me………….which brings me to another issue now days it is bloody frustrating that there are no longer many pay phones around and yes I know most people don’t use a pay phone anymore but still it is annoying when we have to and have to walk a bit to find one………………….lol

While I was waiting for mum I wanted to take my morning tablets but didn’t have enough money on me to buy a drink in order to take them. Also while sitting waiting for mum I was doing a bit of people watching I see a number of middle aged women wearing black stockings and high heels with short bum freezer skirts and yes they did have nice looking legs but their faces really showed their aged and it made me think if I was to start dressing in a way that didn’t suit me or in clothes that are too young for me I hope someone tells me.

While talking to mum this morning mum said she had mentioned to Sandra how she felt left out when Sandra got married, I remembered when Sandra went shopping for her wedding dress mum asked me if I thought it would be ok if she want and I said of course it would be but still mum felt like she had to ask Sandra’s permission to go with us. It is said that mum felt like this and right or wrong she felt  left out, it was as if Sandra was more interested in what Ed’s sisters had to say. I remember when we went to Sandra’s bridal shower both of us felt out of place and neither of us stayed very long leaving before anyone else. Sandra doesn’t get it according to mum and doesn’t understand why mum would feel like that, maybe one day she will understand.

This afternoon I caught the bus again this time back to Charlestown to go to the doctors nothing wrong just needed a couple of scrips but while I was there we had a chat about my low iron levels and he looked up the results of my colonoscopy  and he told me a bit more than the last doctor. Seems I have AVM’s in my colon area now if you are wondering what AVM’s well it stands for arteriovenous malformation An AVM is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels that develops before birth they are leaking small amounts of blood and that is most likely the reason I am low in iron. Now the specialist didn’t tell me that so it was news to me. Oddly enough only a couple of days ago I was watching RPA and they had someone who had these AVMs in his head and had to have an operation thankfully mine and not serious and nothing has to be done about them but because I had seen that episode I knew what he was talking about…………..


  1. Probably why I avoid the medical shows. Okay when I was a kid watching soaps, but now that I'm "old aches and pains", don't really want to know...

  2. i love medical shows but ones like House and ER

  3. You are such a good daughter!
    I totally hear you on pay phones--I lost my cell on a plane a few years ago and I was the ONLY PERSON IN THE WHOLE AIRPORT on the bank of pay phones while the rest of the world talked on their cells.

  4. That is so funny! Devin left his phone home yesterday too and I'll be writing about it although totally different reasons LOL

    It's amazing how much we take them for granted isn't it?

  5. IfIleave my phone at home...I panic !! Which is so cray b/c 10 yrs ago I didn't even have a phone...

  6. CW........When my dad had lung cancer he found watching RPA helpful

    Becca....I also like House and ER but have a thing about real medical shows....

    GreenGirl......Thank you,I love spending time with my mum and enjoy going and helping her with her shopping

    Elsie.....Yes we do take our phones for granted now days

    Annmarie....I can't remember what is like to not have a mobile phone.....

  7. I hate that all the pay phones are gone. I don't have a cell phone. Yes, I get odd looks. Glad your health problem isn't serious.

  8. Funny how naked we feel leaving home without the cell phone these days.

    I hope your mom gets over feeling kind of snubbed. Young people, especially young people in love, can be in lala land--LOL! ;) I'm glad you and your mom get along so well, though. That's nice to hear. :):)

  9. Ruth.......Nothing wrong with not having a mobile..........I am sure you are not the only one.....

    Rita.....Yes we do don't we hard to imagine what it was like before we could cart a phone around with us all the time, mum is ok now although it does still upset her at times when she thinks about Sandra's wedding

  10. hmmmmm...to grow gracefully would be to let go of the "hot" image we have of ourselves and relax and let the plans of God come forth...being a beautiful person from the inside out .....too many ppl have focused on outward beauty and has ignored building beauty within,.... You are a busy lady ...Happy Tuesday


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