Sunday, 20 May 2012

Languages How Many Do You Speak Me Only Just One Plain Old English.........................

This morning my daughter Kathy-Lee told that my gorgeous granddaughter Sydney-May can count to 5 in 3 languages English, Spanish and Japanese.........she has picked up the Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer and she is being taught Japanese from Mikey. Kathy's boyfriend who Sydney-May adores............Kathy is going to teach her how to count to 5 in German as well.......

Little Leo can say a few things in Spanish too also through watching Dora and Diego. I think it is cool for kids to learn how to speak a different language, I wish I had learnt to speak something other than just English.

Today I had Kathy & Sydney along with Jessica & Leo and Blain over for lunch Natasha didn't come Jessica brought Blain with her, I did a beef casserole in the slow cooker and everyone seemed to like it.

I also went with Kathy out to buy undies for Sydney as Kathy is going to start toilet training her, I hope Sydney picks it up pretty quick like all my girls did only took me a couple of weeks to toilet train each of my girls.

While Jessica has been here Tim changed the oil in her car and now she is washing it which I think it the first time she has washed it, in the past I think Natasha has washed the car for her. Jessica also cleaned out the car and vacuum it out.


  1. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Two of my grandchildren can say some Spanish words from watching Dora the, I just speak Australian English with an Irish twist.
    Baby sat last night for the first time for the new grandchild, NO 4.

  2. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, how wonderful for kids to immerse themselves in phonics of other languages♡♡♡ I was fascinated by the different sounds English has (ours are vowel based and English consonant based) when I was junior-hi. haha, I think a bit late. Younger the better, obviously!!!
    Yay, good luck Sydney-May. Hope she can be a multi-linguist.
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  3. I can speak English and Pothwari but can also understand Urdu and Punjabi since Pothwari is a mixture of both. I did french at school so know some of that.

    Still I feel totally let down by the Brits for not promoting languages more because the rest of Europe teach so many from an early age so my pen-friends can write letters to people in a few different languages. I feel I'm missing out on making new friends because of my ability to only write English. My sister is the only one who can read and write Urdu out of us 4.

  4. I used to speak Spanish but have forgotten all but the most simple words. My family is multi-cultural (Amy's ex-husband is Hispanic and Shaun's wife is Chinese). I told my son that he needed to learn Chinese because his in-laws come to visit quite a bit from Taiwan and his children are learning Chinese as well. He's picking up a few words here and there.

  5. They say it is easier for children to pick up multiple languages. I'm a plain old English, too. :(

  6. Did you get that list from the ancient philosopher, One Hung Lo, or his brother, the other Hung Lo?

  7. Whiteangel.....Baby sitting is great isn't it I love watching my grandkids, Dora and Diego do teach many children some Spanish

    Miyako.......Yes I hope that Sydney's parents keep up with teaching her the other languages as I think it will be great for her to learn

    Strawberries......Yes other languages are not taught here either from a real young age and I think they should be..........

    Teresa.....I never learnt another language and I do regret it I think it would be cool for Shaun to learn a bit of Chinese

    Rita......Yes I have heard that it is easier to pick up langages when we are young

    CW.....Aren't you a crack up

  8. I had to learn French and German at school. I did a few evening classes in Italian but I didn't get very far and I'd be hard pushed to remember any of it.

  9. Shelia........Yeah I think once you learn a language you have to use it or you will forget it.



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