Saturday, 12 May 2012

Some Random Thoughts From Thurday Night & Friday Morning

What a day and a half I've is 2.10pm and I am only just getting around to writing this post, so today Saturday I will give your Friday's random thoughts starting with Thursday nights random thoughts these thoughts came to me while I was laying in bed Thursday night trying to go to sleep and my mind didn't seem to want to shut

What type of sheet do you have on your bed do you use cotton sheets all year round or do you change into flannelette sheets in the colder months or do you like satin sheets. I am not someone who likes satin sheets, me I am not someone who likes satin sheets the only time I have ever slept in a bed with satin sheets was on my wedding night and have to tell you I didn't like them at all and have no desire to sleep in satin sheets again............we have cotton sheets on the bed in summer and flannelette sheets in winter. In fact I only changed the sheets on the bed on Monday night and guess what Thursday night was the hottest May night we have had in years it was bloody

Have you ever felt like getting knife and cutting the fat from you body, of course I know it's not that simple but is often how I feel, just taking a sharp knife and cutting the fat from my body, not a good feeling but it is something I do feel from time to time.................

How often do you get up to pee during the night I usually get up 2 times a night except Thursday nights when I am up and down a lot, why is this well I take a fluid tablet of a Thursday night, if you don't know what a fluid tablet is it's a tablet you take to help your body get rid of excess fluid why do I take one well I like my body to look it's best on Friday's when I go shopping I know silly but is something I do............

Moving on since I am a diabetic I have to see a podiatrist twice a year but last year I didn't see one why because Tim kept complaining that we couldn't afford it and this year when I brought it up he was like why do you need see someone about your feet, I tried to tell him it is to make sure I don't have any problems with my feet and he says why is there something wrong with my feet. I tell him no but I need to have them checked anyway and he goes but why if something was wrong wouldn't I know it. It is so frustrating at times....................

Now I wonder how many people flip their pillow over at night to have the cool side against their face at night I do all the time a few times during the night but Tim doesn't do it at all so I wonder how many people are like me and how many are like Tim.............

See I told you I had a lot of random thoughts Thursday

Now these thoughts I had while I was driving to the day care to drop off Leo's food on Friday morning........

What is with me having dreams where people don't like me I had another one Thursday night I think it was two dreams that ran into one the first part was me and Tim having a fight over him buying useless crap and me wondering off into a house that I was suppose to live in with relatives but none that I knew and they didn't want me there, they didn't like me it was weird.

While waiting for my family Friday morning I see this woman pull up in a car and reverse park her car and I think a woman after my own heart, as I only ever reverse park I never drive into a parking spot then she waves to me and I wave back and I wonder who the hell she is but then she gets out of her car and it's my sister Sandra she was driving her father in-laws car.


  1. Its weired the thought we have when we can't sleep. Usually my mind runs along the last thing I was doing, like if I read a letter my mind can't help answering it, crafting, my mind is rearranging things they way they should look etc... its so bizarre.

    I only use cotton sheets as my husband sweats loads and the others won't at all be ideal. I only flip the cushion over when I get into bed because he's usually been there 3 hours before me and its soaking...

    Thankfully I hardly ever get up at night to pee but if I do I hate it as I want to sleep. Plus I usually find its in winter when its so cold...

    I drive straight into a spot but I find it funny that it turned out to be your sister.

  2. used to have flannelette sheets in winter but dont seem to need them any more. Oh the joys of getting older.
    Luckily I dont get up much at night but it is the first thing I have to do in the mornings

  3. A whole collection of interesting thoughts here... my mind roams like that too!

    And yes, I have pinched a roll of fat and thought how nice it would be if one could just trim off a bit of the excess! :-)

    You feet are sooo important, you're gonna need them for a long time to come, and it's so easy for diabetics to develop problems with them that even Tim can't see, like nerve damage from pressure points. It's important that you insist on taking good care of yourself, so you'll be able to take care of him and you in the years to come! :-)

    Yes, I do flip my pillow at night, I like the cool side and I like to fluff it up! We sleep in soft warm flannel sheets in the winter and cool high-count cotton sheets in the summer, and I love them! Have had those t-shirt knit sheets too and they were soo soft!

    I am so used to getting up at night to pee that I can do it on "remote" and be back in bed asleep in just a few minutes, hardly remembering it at all!

    Don't worry about all those dreams you've been having, just sounds like your mind is struggling with something you're worried or upset about right now and is twisting it into these pictures. I've had some pretty weird ones thru the years too!

    Take care over there, and have a great weekend! :-)

  4. Your dreams are really interesting. Do you think there might be a deeper meaning to them?

  5. Being married to a diabetic, I know how important getting your feet checked annually is - if it's time, it's time!!

    We have flannel sheets that we rarely use because our bedroom is the warmest room in the house. (Which it is hard to think of using right now because it's so warm outside!)

  6. as diabetic, i check my feet every day for unusual things. i need to have them looked at but never seem to get around to it. i like to get a pedicure a couple of times a year so that helps.

    you have some odd dreams, but i think we all do now and again.

    i use cotton sheets with a high thread count.

  7. Bubbles........Oh yeah I can write entire letters in my head while trying to get to sleep,along with my shopping list if I haven't done it

    Mynx.....Yes when I was growing up my parents always used flannelette sheets in winter but now days they don't, dad says he gets to hot with them

    Josie.....I tried to explain to Tim about the nerve damage that I can get in my hands and feet but he just doesn't get it........I have a pair of those t-shirt knit sheets too and like you I didn't like them too soft indeed....I always get up to pee in my sleep so often I don't even know I am doing it more or less

    Shelly......Sometimes I do wonder if my dreams are trying to tell me something considering the strange ones I have had recently.......

    Elsie.......My bedroom is a cold room more so when hubby wants the window open during the night.

    Teresa.....Yes I think most people have weird dreams from time to time

  8. haha it's funny that you know the reverse park lady.

  9. oh yea, and i'd love to try satin sheets because i only use satin pillowcases

  10. Hey Jo-Anne stopping in to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day tomorrow may it be stress free for you.....

  11. Lexi.......Thanks for dropping by my daughter loves satin sheets so I have bought her a set for Christmas..

    Rhonda......Thanks I had a good day


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