Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Something About Jo-Anne On This Cold And Wet Tuesday

What do I think of ME………………………………….not an easy question to answer I have been trying to write this post for a while, for a long time I did not think very highly of myself now when I was younger like in my 20’s I use to say that I was  “perfect” I never meant it I only said it jokingly but after my sister Sandra having a go at me for saying it and I don’t mean just having a go at me once she did it all the time I stopped saying it…………………….then my opinion of myself seem to go downhill.

However in the last couple of years my self-esteem has started to climb again and again I am feeling better about myself. I don’t think I will ever say I am perfect again but I do know that I am a pretty good woman. I love my family and they love me I try my hardest not to judge others even if they live their lives in a way I do not approve of as it is not my place to judge others there is only one judge of peoples lifestyles………….GOD

I take people as I find them, if I don’t like you then I don’t, I don’t have to like everyone…………lol

Now my daughters have had some men in their lives that I did not like but while said man was who they chose to be with I said nothing about how much I didn’t the guy like Lucas, Natasha one time boyfriend he was in my opinion a waste of space he couldn’t lie straight in bed and would speak to me in the most disrespectful manner but I never once let on how much I didn’t like him………I also never liked Chad Kathy’s ex but I didn’t let on about that either…………..

My mother had always said “I don’t have to like them” but if you chose to be with someone then as your mother I should treat them with respect…………………….

Of course that has nothing to do with what I think of ME……………………………….lol

Oh one more thing saw the doctor yesterday and he has put me on iron injections 5 of them one ever second day. The we will see what my iron levels are..................this is the second time in my life I have had to have iron injections the last time was when I was a baby/toddler.................


  1. You are a beautiful woman and you have a wonderful smile. I'm glad you are feeling better about yourself. You should.

    Those iron infusions are no fun. I always border on anemia. I hope your levels get back to where they should be.

  2. Look out, more energy after your iron injections :)
    You look great and that is a nice photo of your mum and you :)

  3. well i think you're perfect and i mean the inner real you after all you are NOT a body you have a body you are a soul! my only complaint i wanna see you smile more! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. You are a beautiful woman Jo-Anne...your smile radiates, your eyes glitter....outward beauty will fade as we age ...but the inward beauty is what truly will be our "glow"....I think above all things ...my thoughts of you are you are a very Spirited lady and you have a good heart...now that is beautiful! ;0)

  5. I love these pictures of you Jo-Anne. You look great. It's nice that you don't judge people. More people in the world should be like you! Hugs.

  6. I love these pictures Jo-Anne. You look great

  7. I'm glad you're getting your iron levels taken care of (again).

    I really like your take on judgment and also your self confidence level too. You're right, it's not up to us to judge, life is hard enough =)

  8. I hope that the iron injections help, its a shame you have to have them at all :(

  9. Shelly.......Thank you and I also hope the injections help at least they aren't painful

    Whiteangel.....Yeah I am hoping after I have the injections I will be able to stay up later at night and not want to be in bed at 7.30pm

    Tim......You are so right we are a soul incased in a body and if we have a good soul then we are a good and beautiful person I do smile a lot just not so much in photos......

    Rhonda....Yes if a person has inna beauty then they will always be beautiful and I hope that is me....
    and you know I think I am pretty spirited person well I hope I am

    Barb.....Thank you my friend I get annoyed with hubby because he is a very judgemental person and it pisses me off.

    Becca.....Thank you I don't smile often in photos but as I get older I do like to have my photo taken...lol

    Elise....I don't get how people can judge someone we all make mistakes no one is truly perfect we are human. Life is hard at times and just because you do not like how someone is living their life doesn't make it wrong just different

    Buttercup......I hope the injections help too only time will tell......

  10. Good question we all need to ask ourselves.....

  11. You glow when you smile! :)
    I like myself much better now than I did when I was young because I like my insides so much better, even though my outsides may be in worse shape--LOL! ;)

  12. Madeleine........Yes I think it is a question worth asking to ourselves

    Rita.....Thank you my outside isn't also up to scratch but I do like who I am on the inside.



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