Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday At Last............

Good afternoon everyone, how has your day been? Today's post is about things that have come to mind during the day ok mostly during the

Mine has been busy as per usual for a Friday it started when Jessica rang me this morning at 7am and asked if I could go and get Leo and take him to day care so I had to get up dressed make his day care food and go to her place which if you have forgotten it a 20-25 minute drive from here. On the drive to Jessica's I wondered why it was that I have a problem saying NO, I didn't really want to go and get Leo but this is me I am don't say NO very often.

While on the drive on to Jessica's I started thinking about some of the cars on the road and realised that  I do like some of the cars that look like boxes on wheels, go figure of course though I don't own a box on wheels nope I drive a good old Ford Falcon Station Wagon.

Last night while we were watching A Current Affair about a school bus driver being terrorised by the students on his bus, way to go giving the wife a school bus driver something to worry about, as if I don't worry about Tim enough as it is..............while on the topic of A Current Affair sometimes that show really pisses me off always singing the praises of Aldi and running Coles and Woolworths down make me wonder at times how much Aldi pays them. I don't shop at Aldi never had and never will why is this you may wonder well it's because Aldi isn't and Australian own store like Coles and Woolworths are.

Some women think it takes a long time for them to apply make me not so much when Jessica rang and got me up at 7am after getting ready which included putting my make up on and packing Leo's day care food I was out the door by 7.25am. I don't know why it doesn't take me long to do my make up maybe it's because I know what I am doing as I do  it every week.

Leo wrapped his arms around my neck and didn't want me to leave this morning, I hate it when he is like that clinging to me and not wanting me to leave. He never carrys on like that when his mum takes him to day care.  Oh well I can only hope he is having a good day.

Even though I spent the morning running around like a chook with it's head choped off I still managed to get to Charlie first but maybe the reason I was there first was because I was up early.............although I am usually the first one there of a Friday morning that's just the way it is.............

What is with shopping trolleys now days the one I like is a Target trolley it comes up to my waist and it's the right height for me. Coles trolleys now days come right up to under my boobs and Woolworth trolleys are between the height of Target and Coles so not to bad.....I would use the Target trolley when I do my food shopping if it was a bigger trolley but they are not big enough to hold all my food but as I write this I am wonder if I could be wrong maybe next week I will use the Target trolley.Sometimes I think so many things are made for taller people but then I am a short ass being only 4'11"

As you have gotten older do you find yourself eating something more then you did when you were younger. I don't mean things that you didn't liked when you were younger just food that you have always liked but never ate much, for me it's eggs I have always liked eggs but the last couple of years I have started eating eggs a lot more.  There was a time when a dozen eggs would last me 3 or 4 weeks but now days we go through a dozen a week sometimes more then a dozen a week. I am not the only one to be eating eggs more Tim also has eggs more in fact he likes to have eggs with pretty much everything he eats...... Me I love to have soft boiled eggs done in the micowave they are so easy to do just 47 seconds in the micowave, I can cook the eggs and the toast at the same time.


  1. That was a nice long post my friend. I was really interested in the putting the eggs in the microwave for 47 seconds bit. I have never done that. I always thought that eggs burst in a microwave. Do you have to put them in a covered dish, or what? Would love to know, as it would be much quicker than waiting for the water to boil! You ARE good you know, just having a phone call, and driving off to take little Leo to playschool. Even doing his little packed lunch as well. I always find it difficult to say 'no' as well, I must admit! Take care and have a good weekend.

  2. I am like thisisme in that I didn't know you could do the eggs in the microwave. See, I always learn something when I visit your blog!

  3. My husband cooks eggs that way sometimes. Makes it so easy.

    Here in the southern US, they call 'trolleys' buggies and back home we called them shopping carts. I never knew there were so many different words for them, lol. I always shop at the same store so I haven't noticed the height difference. I'm 5'10" so they're all too short for me.

    Thank God it's Friday. We're going to the mountains to swim tomorrow and my husband is working Sunday. I hope you and the fam have a great weekend! :)

  4. I drink more coffee now than I did when I was younger. Does that count as a food item?!

  5. Our shopping carts got deeper so you can shove more crap into them to buy. Then when you are checking out, you almost have to climb into them to get your stuff out - what a pain!!!

  6. Sounds like a mad morning. Your situation with Leo reminds me of my situation with my niece as I am there with her maybe 25% of the time and the rest it shared between my mum and sister. My husband was so angry about it today as he isn't happy with me dropping and collecting her from school, taking her to the toliet or bathing her... but its like you said its hard to say no.

    As for trolleys they make me cross when they don't go in the direction you push them.

  7. Diane......Yes it was a long one didn't realise it would be so, when doing the eggs in the micowave I will do a post about it today with more information about it.

    Shelly.......As I have told Diane I will be doing a post about how to cook eggs in the micowave

    Jenn.......Yes doing the eggs in the micowave is much easier, I have heard on telly shopping trolleys called different things. I would feel like a dwarf being nearly a foot shorter then

    Michelle.....Yes coffee counts....

    Elsie......Yes I think the trolleys are bigger and deeper to make us spend more money.......

    Bubbles......Yes I do not like it when the trolley wants to go one way I want to go
    Sometimes NO seems to be such a hard word for us to say......

  8. my boys think eggs gives them muslces. I go through a dozen a day. literally.

  9. Annmarie........Now that is a bloody lot of eggs..........

  10. I am with you about trolleys. And what i cant figure out is why Coles have these great small trolleys for just a few items but they are all locked up and need a coin deposit.

    (Thank you so much for your lovely email. Doing much better now thanks to caring people like you)

  11. Mynx............I am with you about the Coles trolleys we have the same thing here and it is so bloody annoying but I know they do it because they reckon those trolleys have a habit of being used elsewhere and not just in their stores and they say they want to make sure that their customers have them.........I know because I had a bitch about it to a member of staff one day......


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