Sunday, 27 May 2012

Leo's Collection

A few days ago I decided I would tell you all about Little Leo’s collection these are a couple of photos of his collection.  

His collection is on my bedside table where my touch lamp is now he plays with these toys but when he isn’t playing with them they have to be on the table in a certain order.  When he gets here often one of the first things he will do is go and check on his collection, now a few weeks ago he gets here he goes into the bedroom and then comes out and says “who touched my collection” I tell him that Sydney-May was here and she was touching it he goes back into the bedroom and comes out again and says “where is my chipmunk” I tell him that Sydney took one of the chipmunks home with her he then growls and goes back to the bedroom………it was really cute…………….

Now last week when he was here he wanted to add some things to his collection but there really isn’t any more room so papa asked him if he wanted to put them on his bedside table instead but he says NO my collection goes here on nanna’s side not your side papa…………………..he moved a few things around and managed to get the extra toys on the table…………………


  1. Leo has quite a collection. It will be hard to get anything else up there--LOL! :)

  2. He already has a strong sense of order!

  3. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, what a lovely cute anecdote (hope this word is the right word here) of your little Leo♡♡♡ He sure must love you.
    Hugs from east, xoxo Miyako*

  4. Rita.....Yeah but will try sometimes sitting cars on top of each other....

    Madeleine......Thank you

    Shelly......Yes he does, he know what order he wants them set up in

    Miyako.....Yes anecdote is the right word, he is just so cute........

    Buttercup.....Thank you Leo is very

  5. Kids are funny! Ever since my daughter was little, I would think her stuff was a mess, but she knew where everything was. She'd get livid if I cleaned up. I finally stopped. Now she has a typical messy teenager's room. Ugh.

  6. Lola.....Yes I always knew where everything was in my room it was a mess but it was an organised mess...

  7. Oh that's too cute and funny! The boy is particular ;)



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