Wednesday, 2 May 2012

1 Question Wednesday

It is Wednesday so that means it's 1 question Wednesday and this week I have 3 questions from these wonderful awesome bloggers............

What is something you can tell someone like me about your wonderful country?
Hi Shelly I have given this question a bit of thought and not an easy question to answer I know it  may seem like an easy one but really it's not............anyway I would like to share that Koala's are not bears and it really annoys me when I heard people on telly calling them Koala Bears........grrrrr. The name Koala comes from an Aboriginal word. It means "no drink", as Koalas get enough fluids through the eucalyptis leaves they feed on. They are also very placid animals, and do not move around much, they are only active for about 2 hours of the day.

Did you watch the return to eden mini-series and series?
No I haven't seen it but each time it has been shown on telly I think I would like to watch but alas I don't.

If you were given a million dollars that you were to use to do something that would have a long-lasting effect on your community, what would you do with it?
I would love to use the money to fence in the local park and make it more child/family friendly, so parents can go their and not worry about a child running off into the street. Yes there are some parks around here that are fenced but not enough and not the local one my daughter likes to go to.


  1. I've always heard them called Koala Bears, even though I knew they weren't exactly, thanks for setting us straight!

    I think I saw some of Return to Eden a long time ago, can't remember it now.

    Great use of the money! Parks are wonderful places for children and for a million you could fence it and fancy it up quite a bit! My daughter has fond memories of feeding ducks in parks every place we lived. She still likes to feed the ducks at the lake near her! :-)

    Thanks for playing One Question Wednesday, I appreciate you so much!

  2. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Yes, I was taught that they are marsupial mammal and eucalyptus tree has alcohol in its tree resin, so they always look sleepy. Oh, it sure was a wonderful memory trip to your country, my friend.

    So, sorry about not mailing you. I was looking for the page between our city. I don't know why I can't find it...
    Well, talk to you later♪

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  3. Well, look at our friend Orchid knowing all about those Koala Bears.!! I didn't know that, so it was quite interesting to learn. That fencing of the park would certainly be a good thing to spend money on. Good post!

  4. You've really taught me some things about those adorable koalas. I love to look at them. This was a great post today- thank you!

  5. I had no idea about koalas not being bears! Look at that, I learned something new today. Nice. :)

    All the parks are fenced here in our city. It really is important. I think it's great that you would do that.

  6. I knew about the Koalas being not bears and not drinkers, but had no idea that was how they got the name. Verrrrry interesting...

  7. Josie......Yes so many people believe that Koala's are called Koala Bears and since it is something that annoys me a lot I thought I would do my little bit to enlighten people......

    Miyako......Oh I forgot to mention about the alcohol

    Diane......Yes I think fenced in parks are wonderful so much safer for the children and less worry for the parents

    Shelly.......I am pleased to have taught you something.....

    Jenn.........I am happy that I have enlighten some people about Koala's

    CW......Yes I think many people are unaware of how they got thier names.......

  8. what a great post! thanks for the information.

  9. thanks for this interesting information! I had no idea about Koala bears..and thank you for thinking of the kids at the playground!

  10. Teresa......Happy you liked it.....

    Annmarie....Thank you I'm pleased you liked my answers.......


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