Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday At Last If Only I Could Have A Sleepy One

When did I change my profile picture I don't remember changing it......................

Yesterday was a bloody long busy day well it felt like it, I think only because I went and picked Jessica up from a friends house at 6.30pm and drove her and Leo home to Swansea so it was 7.30pm by the time I settled down for the night.............I was able to beat Tim home by 10 minutes so he doesn't know that I went out and picked her up and drove her home, he would be all why did I do that why didn't she have her own car...........blah blah blah.............

This morning he has gone to work, he doesn't work Saturday's very often and when he does it us usually nights so this is odd for him, I managed to sleep in this morning till 9am wow...........since being up I have managed to do 2 loads of washing and get it pegged out and I had porridge for breakfast but why it was cooking I had to run off to the loo and ended having the porridge stick to the bottom of the saucepan...............grrrrr..............

Anyway since yesterday was so busy I didn't get to do much in the way of blogging I only managed to read about 6 blogs and never got back here to check out the comments from Thursday but oh well I have done that now and have managed to read abut 15 blogs this morning. I may read more this afternoon but right now I am just trying to write this and post it and then have lunch before I return to blogland.......................

Yesterday I did something I hadn't done in over 30yrs yes you read that right 30yrs............I put my hair up in a pony tail, well it was half up and half down I should had taken a photo but I didn't think about it..............I also wore a pair of pants that last winter where too tight on me which made me feel good about myself all day..............

Oh yeah I had a thought the other day, when I first married Tim use to complain that I wouldn't butter the bread right to then edges and it annoyed him and you know what now days he doesn't have butter on his bread at all except when he makes toasted sandwiches in the toasted sandwich things


  1. You are indeed busy, my friend! Congratulations on the pants- that is a major good thing to enjoy!

  2. I haven't gotten much reading or posting done lately either.
    The bathroom always calls at the most inopportune moments.

  3. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    I DO often get feeling bad not being able to read my friends blog much and write comments. You know I don't even have time to reply for the warmhearted comment to my posts. It takes so much time as it is not my mother tongue. However I enjoy reading you ramblings♡♡♡
    Haha, you should have taken the picture and show us the picture! Congratulations♪♪♪
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  4. I hate it that we need the toliet the minute we start cooking, it doesn't always matter if you have been before. My mums kitchen is in the basement so I think its the cold that does it.

    I hate it when you have days off and the time just whizzes past it doesn't matter if I get up early or late.

  5. What a good thing your husband does not read your blog. It can also be a very time consuming hobby if you do not get the balance right. Have a relaxing weekend if you can.

  6. busy busy busy ....slooow down girl ....

  7. Congrats on the pants and the pony tail!
    If he didn't like the way I did it, I would have let him butter his own bread--LOL! But then, I butter mine to the edges, too. ;)

  8. ok i need a nap now you are one busy woman how do you do it

  9. Shelly......Yes some days are busier then others, I love my busy life but it is good when I can just chill and do nothing

    Ruth.....Yes the need to go to the bloody toilet when cooking is so

    Miyako.....I enjoy going to your blog for a vist I learn something most visits.....If I remember I will take a photo next Friday.....

    Bubbles......Yes it was annoying I should had taken the saucepan off the heat before going to the loo but no didn't think of it......
    weekends are suppose to be a relaxing time but often mine are

    LindyLou.......Yeah hubby wouldn't know how to find my blog so don't have to worry about him reading anything and yes it is time consuming but I do love it........

    Rhonda.....Some days I am just so busy even on weekends when I am suppose to be chilling and relaxing

    Rita......Yes it was a good feeling wearing the pants for the first time in ages......I will take a photo next Friday if I

    Becca......Sometimes I feel like I need a nap as I am just so busy some days......



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