Monday, 30 April 2012

My Sunday

Hello everyone sorry I didn't post yesterday with one thing or another I just didn't have the time, I did read a heap of blogs and leave comments even found a couple of new blogs to visit but it was 7pm last night and I was relaxing in my arm chair watching telly when I remembered that I hadn't done a post. I then thought should I get up and do it or not but I was nice a relaxed and the candles were burning so I didn't bother.

Moving on yesterday morning I went with my parents our to Dawson's special school "Wakefield" this is the school he goes to for his behavioural problems it was the schools 10th anniversary.  I feel that this school is a godsend it has helped Dawson so much, he goes there 3 days a week and the other 2 days he goes to main stream high school.

Dawson had a great time he was dunking the principal in one of those machines that you throw a ball at and when you hit it you dunk the person sitting on the seat. While we were there it started to rain but that didn't stop Dawson he had a ball and go socked through.

Other then me and my parents his other grandparents were there and his dad "David" and 2 sisters "Kayla" & "Liarna" also came but they only stayed an hour as Kayla was going to see Spanish Dancing Horse but Dawson was just glad they went at all.

While I was eating lunch which was a snag or a bread roll I heard his other grandmother talking to some woman and she was saying things like she tried her best with Dawson's mother and had tried to get his mother to be more involved in his life and that made me mad why because his other grandmother has never been that involved in his mother's life everything she said was a lie.

This morning I am going with mum over to the hospital for her appointment with the Cardiologist I will post about that maybe tomorrow.........


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to visit others. I saw your comment on my Y is for The Yearling (wonderful movie) and came over. I haven't been commenting much all month because I've been whacked by life. Had to take my disabled daughter to the Psych Ward (now called Behavioral Health Ward) at the hospital. Your comment here about Dawson's "Behavior" problems reminded me of that, which was the beginning of a string of family traumas/dramas this month that wore me down, and that with the up and down temperatures got me a miserable cold. For the first time in 4 days I feel almost human again. But I haven't been able to get around much to blogs, it's all been so distressing. I only managed to post because I got them drafted in March. Maybe next year April will be better!

I'm glad Dawson had such a good time. And I'm glad you didn't do that post but just relaxed with the candles. How lovely!
Ann Best, Author

becca said...

so happy Dawson had a great time and good luck at the appointment

Shelly said...

I love how you all support Dawson. It really does so much inside of him. And, the truth always comes out, no matter how folks stretch the truth.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Ann.......Thanks for taking the time to drop by sometimes we have really busy months and when the month is over we let out a breathe and hope the next month will be easier.....

Becca.....Yes he did he have a great time and when we left he didn't want to so his other grandparents stayed with him

Shelly.....Yes I know it means something to Dawson having his family around even though on the outside he can be a little

timothy said...

glad you had a good time and darlin i'm just gonna share one of my fave quotes with you "other peoples opiion of me is none of my business" it's a blanket policy, i hate gossip it's usually mean spirited and self serving, so when you hear it and start to get upset just bless em instead, seriously say bless your heart which , in case you don't know, is southern for you're so dumb only God can help you. so just let go and let God. you cant go wrong with that and it'll cause you a lot less stress. you're a wonderful sweet kind hearted woman so dont let the "haters" in this world get you down. you stay in the light and leave them in the shadows! xoxoxo

Thisisme. said...

Hi Jo-Anne. It must have been hurtful for you to hear the things that Dawson's other grandmother was saying. The good thing is that you are there for him 100%, and that is so important. I am so happy that he enjoyed himself so much, especially dunking the Principal. Hee Hee! Who wouldn't enjoy that?! I'm glad you were able to have a rest in the armchair yesterday. You deserve it, with all that you do for others. I do hope that your mum gets on alright with her appointment. Take care.

Crystal Pistol said...

it amazes me how many blogs you visit daiy! You are very good! If I did the same I would have far more followers, Good luck with all the famiy problems. i'mm glad Dawson had a good time. :)

Anonymous said...

Jo-Anne, I really appreciate your visiting my birthday gift blog and tweeting the link! Thanks so much!

Rita said...

That school sounds like a godsend! :)
Hope all goes well with your mom's appointment. Happy Monday!

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Tim.......I do like the saying "Bless your heart" and I think I will start using it often when I am speaking to hubby's

Diane.....Mums appointment went well she needs more tests but they don't think it anything to worry about. Yes at least Dawson has his father side of the family around supporting him

Crystal.....Reading blogs for me is relaxing and even though Dawson is a pain in the bum he is our pain in the

Bozo.....Your welcome

Rita.......Yes the school is a godsend it has done so much for Dawson and he really enjoys going there........

Anonymous said...

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Mie Helal said...

I do not believe I have read through anything like this before

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