Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Another Tuesday Post About Nothing Important...........

When you are reading blog postings if you come across a long post do you read it straight off, skip it all together or skip it and come back to it after you have finish reading shorter blog posts. Me I sometimes often skip over it and read the shorter posts then come back and read the longer ones but I always return just sometimes it seems easier to get through the shorter posts first.

Today I went with  my daugter Kathy-Lee to watch Sydney-May at her swimming lesson, boy that girl has gotten good at swimming yes she still has to wear a bubble to keep her afloat but she is kicking and moving around the pool a lot. Today near the end of the lesson the instructor was trying to get her to go one way and Sydney started to giggle and turned and went in the opersite direction. I took some video of her swimming but Kathy has told me not to post it online she doesn't want certain people to see it, so I will do as she has requested.

Also tomorrow is Wednesday here in good old Aus so if you have a question for me for 1 question Wednesday feel free to ask away.

You know up until the last few years I have hated cats but in recently years that has changed I think the reason I hated them was I that I was used to cats climbing on kitchen cupboards and having litter boxes that were not empty daily as these are the conditions I was use to with cats from my childhood and the same went for the cat Tim's mum had. However when Kathy got herself a cat a few years back I saw them differently and so now I no longer hate cats..............


  1. Hi Jo=Anne. That's good that you no longer hate cats! I bet it was good watching your little granddaughter in the pool. I think it's so important that they learn how to swim, don't you. With regard to posts, I usually do try to stick with the longer ones, otherwise I might forget to go back there!

  2. I think I read more or less everything though I don't comment on everything.

    We were always a dog family but my son changed that when he got one, and now we have our own.

  3. I read long post also. Question: i know a parent is not suppose to have favorites but do you have a favorite child? Why is that.

  4. I am a teacher by nature and as hard as I try to "shorten" my postings....I seem to want to detail every thought so the reader can fully understand what I am trying to share....and due to this most of the time I will try and read the long postings b/c there just may be a truth hidden, a soft moment of truth, for me to learn from....some days I feel rushed and as you have to come back but I do my best to come back....I have only been blogging for three years and I have met some wonderful people and I truly enjoy their sharing of their lives with me.

  5. I usually try to read through the long ones, if I have time. If I don't, I come back to them later.

    My question for you:
    What is one thing you haven't accomplished yet you'd like to accomplish?

  6. Hi, there. I just stopped by, after reading a comment by you, in "Thistlewood Farm" blog. About swinging the cat---And you sounded like a fun gal. So I popped over. :-)

    There! That gets the why-is-this-person-here-and-what-does-she-want, out of the way! ,-)

    Love your question, about blogging habits! I love to ask such questions too!!!! To answer yours, I admit, I often skim over a too long post. -hanging head in shame-

    Sooooo, since I tend to do that, I don't like to write lonnnnnnnng paragraphs, anyway. Logically, I should say that I don't write long posts, but that wouldn't be so. If the muse is sitting on my shoulder, I could rattle on for ages, sometimes. But I always break my *brilliance* up, into smaller paragraphs. ,-)

    Like now! -moan- -sigh- Rattle on, rattle on. What an introduction.

    So, I'll stifle myself now!!! -grin-

    Gentle hugs,
    Upper NE of the US

    "Oh, the lovely fickleness of an April day!"
    ~William Hamilton Gibson

  7. Hi jo-Ann hahah :) thanks for the comments on my blog. Didn't really expect somebody will come across my quarterlife crisis blog since I don't blog hop or promote it.

    That blog is usually for random nonsense things on days when emotions start to control me ... Lol

    How'd you come across mine by the way?

    I've see your blog before tho... :)

  8. Regarding your post about long posts.. So..did you end up reading my long post when I publicly confessed that I commuted the seven deadly sins? I was serious while I was making that post though.

    Glad it made you smile in a way :)

  9. I read all of the blog once I started unless one of my kids or my husband comes in and needs me. I only click on a blog if I have time for them. I'm a wordy person and my blog is always long so I expect wordy ones LOL - Just look at how long my comments are!

    I'm not play One Question Wednesday this week. I'll be chilling with the Peanut instead.

    I'm a dog person. I tried to be a cat person, but my cat ran away.

  10. I usually just make my day down my list and read all blog posts but don't always comment depending on what time of day I'm checking them or if I don't have anything relevent to say.

    Its great Sydney-May is picking swimming up so quickly. I go with the children I work with and its so nice to see how they come along its just a shame their parents don't take them too.

    In the UK your not allowed to video/photograph children swimming. You also have to be careful when your taking photos as you can only take them of your own child. I just think this ideas of people are nuts sometimes.

  11. I love to read blog posts as much as I love to write them, so long ones are fine with me. What can I say, I tend to ramble on "a bit"? :-) It amazes me that anyone makes it to the end of my posts!

    I'm delighted you are learning to appreciate cats. They are so different from dogs, that it takes dog-lovers a bit of adjusting. You are right that a clean litter box (daily) makes all the difference, as does how you treat them when they are small, so they won't be scratchy, nippy brats! :-)

    One Question Wednesday coming up! I saw your comment on Louise's blog and got such a kick out of it. So now here's your question, and a multi-part one at that (hehehe)..

    What is the best advice and worst advice you've ever been given, did you follow it, and what advice do you have for others?

  12. Hi Jo-anne, You certainly covered a lot of ground in this post, everything from reading blogs, to swimming lessons to cats. Yes, I sometimes skip past long blog posts and always feel badly when I make my own posts too long. I regret that my son never properly learned to swim. I must confess that I am not a cat person.
    My question is: Who is your favourite movie star and why?

  13. Diane.........I open my blog posts that I am going to read and don't close the tab until it has been read so I don't forget to go back and read something.

    Sheila......It is rare that I don't comment on a blog even when I have nothing to say I will leave a comment stating that I have nothing to say.

    Kristy.......I don't mind reading a long post some of the best posts are long.

    Rhonda.......I like to have the time to read and comment if I feel rushed then I will skip over a blog and return when I have time, since I open all the blogs I am going to read during the day if I skip over one the that tab is left open till I have read and commented so I don't miss any one.

    Shelly........Some of the long posts are the best ones so it is not good to just skip them altoghter.

    "Auntie" sezzzzzz... Hello and welcome I do like meeting new people and you may notice that I am not a fan of long paragraphs either

    Toni Rose.....How did I come across your quarterlife crisis blog well I just clicked on your name and found the link there to go and check it out, since I liked what I saw I decided to follow you so I could return and read more. I really enjoyed your post about the 7 deadly sins........

    L.......Now that bit about your cat running away.....I have my moments when I am a bit long winded myself always a good thing.......lol

    Bubbles.....When I film Sydney swimming I make sure to just focus on her and to be honest I am not interested in anyone else......it is rare that I don't leave a comment on a blog that I have read

    Josie......I have no problem reading through all your posts yes I also think if you get a cat as a ktten and make sure it is taught to use the little box and not to scratch then it makes a big difference I think if I was alone I would get a myself a kitten.....

    Jennifer ......I also don't do really long posts as I know some people do not like to read long posts. All my girls had swimmming lessons when they were little so should know enough to get out of trouble.........

  14. I never read long posts due mainly to time factor. I however myself sometimes write long posts, so I shouldn't say that I don't read long post :)

    I used to like cats but now I am not that fond of them. Strange how we change.

  15. Whiteangel.......It is when I am busy or know I will have to go out soon that I will skip a long post and go back to it when I have more time


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