Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Look What I Got.................

Look what I got on Friday afternoon yes I should have written about it yesterday but forgot so shoot me...............lol

Anyway now I have to find somewhere to hang it and I want to get a frame for it and when I have done both those things I will mention it again with pictures with where it is hanging.

In case you can't tell it is from Mynx and you can find her here............

I like art but hubby not so much in fact he even things I have too many photos on our walls, we will see what he has to say when I hang my first piece of art, hang on it't not my first piece I have three other pieces which I will show you in another post.................


  1. Lovely. Those colors are so vibrant!

  2. I knew right away from the screen capture that it was a Mynx original and therefore, I love it! :) Congrats on your new piece. I hope it finds a happy home. I'm just waiting for $ to frame my lovely fairy and then she will take a place of honor on my walls. YAY...come on tax return!!

  3. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Oh, It is kind of opposite from me and my husband. He loves decorate with many things (pictures of course) inside the house and I like the simple way p;)
    Good Luck for finding a wonderful frame for this great work♬♬♬

    PS> Anyway, I just found that you are in Newcastle☆☆☆ My city and your city have sister-city relationship and I have worked or helped as an interpreter to the delegates from your city or students. Wow, that is a wonderful finding!!! And I have been to your city twice. I don't know when you put the name of your city, but I was so excited. This information to be continued, hehe.

    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  4. bravo! it's beautiful (so are you!) and i so happy you got yourself something that moves you! and by the by that reminds me to tell you how very much i appreciate all the comments you leave. i do write for myself but comments are like kisses on the wind and they give me warm fuzzies! so bless your heart and have a wonderful week!

  5. yeah not sure what happened with the name thingy, checked out her site it's beautiful, makes me wanna pull out my paints and pencils and get creative again!

  6. Congratulations! That is a terrific piece that will look great on the wall~

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely words and I was hoping that you would like the little painting.
    I was so happy when I drew your name out as you are such a wonderful supporter of my blog and it was so cool to send it to another Aussie too.

  8. I love art. Our house is full of paintings. J is an artist. At the moment mostly native art. Love the colours in your piece. Also, red is my favorite colour.

  9. I guessed that it was a Mynx original as well. It really is so vibrant. I can't wait to see it all framed and to see where you are going to hang it. Hopefully, hubby will love it as well!

  10. I must go and visit Mynx's site because I love art. Fortunately so does my husband. :)

  11. Jenn......Yes they are vibrant and I am very happy with it.....

    Jewels......Yes I also will have to find the money to get a frame for it but I will be placing it on the wall without a frame in the mean time

    Miyako........It may take time to find a frame but I will be placing it on the wall soon anyway. Our local high school which is just down the road often have students from our sister city in Japan so it is kind of cool now hearing that you are from that city.....

    Tim.....Yeah I was wondering why there was your lovely face and not your name..........lol Mynx is quiet talented, I have been feeling like trying my hand at some art recently not sure how it would turn out through......lol

    Shelly......Yes it will just have to find a place for it

    Mynx......Yes I do like it I will have it up on the wall by the end of the week I just can't do it while I have little Leo here underfoot...

    Kristy......My daughter Jessica is quiet talented too but she rarely does anything art wise now days....

    Diane.......Yes Mynx is a talented lady and I am luck to have a piece of her art

    Clint.......Yes indeed

    Sheila.....Yes I would recomend her to site to anyone......

  12. how cool!! I bet it brings back memories too.
    It will look great wherever you hang it!

  13. Stunning!

    @Mynx - you are truly gifted!

  14. I LOVE this piece. It's so bold and the colors are perfect. Mynx is one of my favorite people and also a favorite artist of mine. So great to have watched her "experiment" to signing and selling her pieces. Enjoy this piece no matter whether hubby likes it or not. haha.

  15. Momto8..........Thank you I think so to

    Elsie.....Yes she is I am lucky to have won this

    Barb.......Yes it has been she is an amazing woman and I don't care whethe hubby likes it or not he has his things he likes and I don't



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