Wednesday, 4 April 2012

One Question Wednesday

Well it’s Wednesday and that means One Question Wednesday and I have 3 questions here to answer the first two are from“L” over here:
I've been curious how long you've been blogging and what inspired you to begin-you write so well!!
I started blogging in 2005 over at Bigpond but then in 2007 I moved to Blogger and haven’t looked back what inspired me to start a blog was my dad he had a blog over at Bigpond and I thought I would give it a go and started one. At first I was nervous about reading and commenting on other peoples blogs but after I did it I became addicted. I write whatever comes to mind and yes I have a folder that is for unposted blogs as when something pops into my head that I think would make a good post I will open a page and start to write……….I know I have a habit of rambling on in some posts but when I am at the computer writing the words just often flow and sometimes what I am thinking and writing is nothing but a bit dribble but I am happy anyway.
Would you rather go out to a fancy dinner in a dress and high heels or to an all you can eat buffet in a pair of jeans and sneakers?
Whenever I go out for a meal I like to be dressed up as hubby would say in a nice dress or skirt with heels whether it’s to a nice restaurant or and all you can eat buffet, that is just who I am even if I am dressing casual I still like to look nice with make up on and some jewellery.

Now this question is from Josie over at:
It’s easy for folks to point out things they don't think we do quite right or up to THEIR standards, what are some of the things you feel that you're good at or do well by YOUR standards(whether or not anyone else has noticed)?
I think I am a good mother and a kind person and I think those things are important I have only ever wanted to be a mother and I think I am a good one, I had a good teacher i.e. my mum who is just terrific. Even though my daughter at times makes me feel like I am anything but……………………………..I just have to teach myself not to let myself get upset by Kathy’s comments on me as I know deep inside that she really doesn’t mean to upset me or to hurt me she just does…………………


  1. Gosh, they posed some really good questions there for you Jo-Anne, and you gave some great answers. I will have to start a Blog Folder with ideas. I never have any written up in advance, so quite often I'm struggling a bit to come up with something a little different! We all know that you are kind and that you are a great mum and Nan.

  2. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Hello, how are you feeling, my friend. A bit better? I hope!!!
    Oh, I am surprised you have been blogging so long. I know now you are really good mother and kind person♡♡♡
    "a folder that is for unposted blogs"! I just make draft in the dashboard, but it sure is a good idea. Thank you very much for the good tip♪♪♪
    Take Care of Yourself.
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  3. Those are great answers and I think your a great mum and grandmother :)

  4. Those are great answers and I think your a great mum and grandmother :)

  5. You really nailed the last answer. You are such a generous & giving Grandma & Mum. I wish the girls would appreciate you more & not hurt you. I know they don't mean it, it still wounds.

    You are a great example to what a Mum should be. Their kids will be very lucky!

  6. You are a true and honest person. hopefully when Kathy really matures she'll be more understanding of a parents role and how much you love her.

  7. I do the same thing, Jo-Anne! I have a Word document with ideas for posts.

    I'm sorry I hit you with two questions this week - this Migraine really got me. I'll have to spare you next week LOL

  8. I had retired for the night when you asked your question so your return question is a bit late, sorry.

    Your question is...

    Did you have any teachers that really stand out in your mind and if so, what made them so memorable?

  9. Nice to read and learn a little about your personal life. I am no writer, but find I do better just to write and not think about it.

  10. Thisisme......If I didn't have my umposted folder I would forget some of the ideas I have for a blog post

    Miyako.....Yes I am much better now and thank you for saying I am a good mother it is the one thing I am really good at

    Bubbles.....Pleased you liked the answers and saying that I am a mum and nan

    SkippyMom.......I do hope that when Kathy is older she will appreciate me more only time will tell

    Diane.......Thank you and I hope so too

    L.......No worries mate didn't bother me having two questions from Nice to hear that I am not the only one to save blog ideas

    Ranting Monkey.....That's fine I will answer your question today...

    LV.......Yes I often just write without thinking too much about what it is I am writting.

  11. I know you are a very kind person--just from reading your blog (which I love).

    I also like to get dressed up for dinner. It just makes things so fun ;)

  12. Great answers to your questions and a fun read all around! I'm like you, I sit down to write and write I do, sometimes good stuff comes out, sometimes I just ramble, but it feels good none the less, so I hit publish and let you folks sort it out! :-)

    I wish I had more of your dress up spirit, I'm more the clean, neat, and very casual kind of girl with long hair always flying away! :-)

    Being a good mother is the highest role one can fulfill, and the most long lasting influence! I don't know how old your daughter is, but I can tell you that as she gets older she will realize all that you put into caring for her and the family and she will treasure those memories and adopt some of your ways for her own. My daughter and I have grown very close as the years progress, we love each other dearly, but still wouldn't do well under the same roof for more than a few days time, too stubborn, too opinionated, and far too much alike! :-)) Thanks for playing OQW!

  13. Elisabeth.......Thank you I do love to write my blog and have found so many wonderful blog friends since I started blogging 7 years ago.....

    Josie......I find it amusing that I can see Kathy doing and saying things that I say and do the older she gets.....she is 26 now and is growing into She sent me a message this morning telling me she loves me and her dad and it is those little things that can make me feel so good inside and happy, I do love being a mother....


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