Monday, 16 April 2012

Profile Pictures

How do you chose your profile picture?

Do you change it very often?

I have changed mine here a few times on on Facebook also a few times sometimes I get tired of my profile picture so I change it this one I have had on here I have had for a while and I am still not tired of it...........

Do you like your profile picture to be one of yourself or do you prefer to keep what you look like a secret, as everyone know I have no problem sharing with everyone what I look like but I understand that for some they prefer their privacy. Now I have always been a very private person and for the most part I still am but I have opened up about myself more and more the older I get. I  have said at times that my life is an open book and I do think that is pretty true, I don't just share the good things in my life but also the ugly and

Now my husband has a Facebook page and when he first set it up he didn't want to have a picture of himself as a profile picture instead he had one of Little Leo but that now changed after a while he decided that a picture of himself would be better, that said he still doesn't get Facebook.  I had to try and explain to him that when I tag him in something on Facebook that I do so just so he will get a notification and know to go and have a look at whatever it is.............

Another question do you feel the need to keep you blog private or do you let everyone you know, know that you have one.............I let everyone know I have a blog but guess what most of them don't bother to read it and those who do do so in secret and don't want me to know they are reading


  1. As you know, I don't have my photo on my Blogger profile anymore, though at one time I did include pictures of me. Members of my family, and some coworkers, taught me the wisdom of keeping something to myself. For awhile after that I blogged privately, with only invivted readers, but that really wasn't much fun. Half the fun of blogging is making new friends! So now my blog is public again, but I use a pen name. Many people know the connection to my real name, but they don't bother me so I leave it alone. I use my real name and photos on my Facebook, family and coworkers are welcome there. I have some blog friends on my Facebook too, they just know not to use this name for me there! :-) This is one place I can truly be myself and share all of me, like you do. That gift is precious to me and I don't want it spoiled by someone snooping and wanting to cause me pain! I think we tend to be more open with our lives as we get older because we realize that we learned from all that we experienced and it has made us who we are. Mistakes and poor choices are learning experiences... sometimes it just took me awhile to learn! :-))

  2. I try to keep the same on everywhere and keep it the same so that it is immediately recognizable when it comes to my blogging. Same for twitter/facebook/commenting etc. For my own person Facebook account I change that up a lot more often just so I'm not constantly looking at the same picture of me over and over. :)

  3. i choose to use my own photo everytime cause i want my page to be genuine. i also use pics that arent decades old and show the current me, but that's an accountability for me. it doesnt bother me when other people use "fake" pics except that i need an actual face so i know what my friends look like. i keep mine open to the public but i was aghast when my sister who i've pretty much always been estranged from left a comment.

  4. I use my real picture here and on FB. Only two people I know in real life know that I blog or even write for fun. I don't know why I haven't told more people about it. I do try to be safe and sensible on the internet.

  5. I have changed my profile pic once on this blog, and I cancelled my Facebook tried of the drama....I could not see the good overcoming the abundant "drama" of facebook so I shut'er down: My blog is open for all b/c the Lord has requested me to allow him to use it as an avenue of his love, light and life...through the word he reveals to me, through his beauty that I capture with my camera....funnies....touching the emotions of his creation...

  6. -clapping hands- We are Kindred Spirits, my Dear! You and I love to ask questions, in our blogs! I love it!!!

    Profile Pic... I have a hard time finding a pic of myself, which I like. Had one, which didn't look too bad, and used it for a long time. I still have it, on my blog Side Bar, because a lot of bloggers really like to know what a blogging friend "looks like."

    Anyway, got tired of seeing my face as my Icon, and picked the pretty (to me) little flow Icon, I am now using. Will use it, till I get tired of seeing it. ,-)

    I've been in different forms of blogging for so many years, that I can't really keep secret, what I "look like," any more.

    Keep blog private or let everyone know about it? Think you mean, other people in Real Life... Do you tell them about your blog? --- Well, I have told family, but doubt they bother following it.

    Our family members all live in the same small city, 3 of our families, living on the same street even. So my blog is not used, to share info with family, at a distance.

    Btw, I don't *do* Facebook. I've tried a lot of those other social medias or whatever, and prefer just blogging. Just me.

    "(Children) still believe in God, the family, angels, devils, witches, goblins, logic, clarity, punctuation, and other such obsolete stuff.... When a book is boring, they yawn openly."
    ~Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1978

  7. *chuckling*

    Whelp, my blog is hidden from my family. Not my husband, but everyone else. They'd have a heart attack, not at my potty mouth or my past but at the fact that I'm married to a recovering addict. So, all the names of my family are fake for their own safety, literally. I've already been stalked once.

    The picture has been the same since I started blogging and, of course..not me.

  8. I'm quite happy to have my 'real' photo on my blog and also on facebook. I think it's really nice to see what people look like! My husband and family know that I write a blog but only a couple of friends, and I'm not sure whether they read it or not!

  9. I had a picture of myself for years, till it felt so out of date to me. Tried a more current one but got tired of that one pretty quickly--taking a picture of yourself is difficult. So I went to a toddler pic of me.

    My blog has always been public. I'm kind of an open book type of person, but I just try not to write things about anyone else unless they are okay with it. Only a few family and friends read it for years, but I have slowly met some wonderful people!!

    I don't do facebook or twitter, so the blog is it for me. I do make occasional videos--mostly craft videos.

  10. I haven't ever shared photos of me on blogger and those on interpals are hidden. The reason for it is that I don't like the inappropriate comments men feel its ok to make, its embarrasing, creepy and quite offensive... a lot of my friends have stopped using there photo for this reason. Still one of two people have asked me so I was thinking that I may one day soon share that especially since I've got an iphone now so its easir to take more up to date photos of me :). I'll see.

    My brothers both have their faces shown on facebook and my sister in law actually works on TV so its no big deal

  11. Hi! So glad you stopped by my blog for a visit! My profile pic is for my nickname, lolamouse. I only recently agreed to post any real pictures of myself anywhere online, and I do this only infrequently. I'm a privacy fanatic, probably because of my background as a psychologist!

    Saw your other post on nesting dolls. I used to have 2 sets and lost both some time ago. I wish I still had them. I've always loved them.

  12. Hi Jo-anne, I find it interesting that many young women in their 20's are following me on Pinterest having no idea that I am in my fifties. Would they follow me if they knew? Probably not! It seems my taste is ageless, even if my face isn't! I am pretty open on my blog, but I kind of like that I am ageless without a photo. If only that were true in life as well! LOL

  13. Josie........Yes I also had a bad expereience some years back with someone causing me some problems online but after a while they got tired of it and moved on thankfully..
    I also feel like I can be myself here and yes there have been times when I have written stuff that some family member may take offense to but this is my blog and I will write/say whatever I want

    Jewels.......I think there is something for keeping the same photo on each site but I don't I change my Facebook photo a lot and this one not so often.....

    Tim.......As anyone who has followed me for a while would know I have no problem having my photo as a profile pic although at the moment it is one of me and mum when I was a baby.

    Shelly.......I know that I am proberly not as safe online as I could be which is amazing when you know me as I am not a very trusting

    Rhonda......Oh I know what you mean about Facebook dramas something I think people should really not use Facebook when they are in a bad mood as they will post something in the heat of anger and then regret it later but the damaage is done and you cannot go back and undo it well you can but it is often to late.......

    Auntie Sezzzzz......I have changed my profile picture a number of times as I do like to mix it up a bit but often the picture is of me at this time it is of a baby me and my mum and at other times I will use one of my daughters drawings as a profile picture. As I said all my family know I blog they just don't bother to read it which is fine with me like you my family all live close by so I don't use this blog to connect with family that I can do face to face...

    Elsie...Yeah I think there are many bloggers who feel they need to keep their blog a secret it gives them more freedom to say what they want and to vent when needed without hurting someones feelings........

    Diane......I don't care who reads my blog what does annoying me is when they read something and just don't get what I am saying they twist my words around in their head and get a completely take on my post but I guess that is ok. I deal............

    Rita.....Yes you are like me in having a younger picture of yourself as a profile picture mine is of me as a baby with my mum....
    Yes sometimes I do write about other members of my family but all opinions are my own and I write the truth as I see it which is the only way I can write about the truth my views are just that mine..

    Bubbles.....I have never had a problem with inappropriate comments form men maybe because I am a short fat middle aged

    Lolamouse.....Thanks for dropping by love getting a comment from someone new hope you feel free to come back anytime...........for someone who is very private I have no problem sharing my life and photos of me with people......go

  14. Jennifer.....Yes I think taste and style is ageless and there are too many people who would look at someone who is older think they don't know what they are talking about or have no style or good taste with age comes wisdom.....mostly.....

  15. I do change my profile picture quite often. I switch them back and forth to the same stinking pictures. Clearly i aint photogenic. LOL

  16. I don't post my picture and I'm good with that. My husband however wants to posts all our pictures on facebook and I only allowed one of me and none of the kids. He gets upset but I just feel its safer this way.
    Blessings, Joanne

  17. I'm pretty open on blogger, I post pics of the family. While my blog isn't a secret, only a couple people I know in person read it. My blogger profile pic hasn't changed in a long time.

    My Facebook also has pics of the family on it but my profile isn't public and I only approve those who I have a connection with. My profile pic there I change every so often and it's whatever the mood to put up. Right now it's a head shot of my son and I.

  18. Jax......I think you look pretty photogenic

    Joanne......I think it is fine if a person doesn't feel right about sharing photos of themself and their family

    LindyLou.......Good to hear that hubby isn't the only one to not get FB

    Jeff.......I think more people concent with us on FB which is why so many people like to keep their pages set to private.......I am not one of them I am a pretty easy going in that regard

  19. So sorry for my belated comment, dearest Jo-Anne,
    I would rather not use my picture as I hate to think I will change as I get older, haha. I had really hard time for finding good "orchid" picture. Finally, I am happy with the present one♡♡♡
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*


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