Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fighting Between Siblings Is Normal Don't You Think

Siblings’ fight that is just part of life I use to fight with my siblings mostly with my sisters Jeannie & Sue and my brother David was nothing but a pain in the bum as a child thankfully I married Tim when he is about 6 and didn’t have to put up with his annoying ways all the time. 

As a child I managed to hurt Sue a few times I caned her with a cane I told her to hold out her hand and said I would only pretend to hit her but no as it turned out I hit her across the hand and boy did I get into trouble over that…………..then there was the time that I jammed her fingers in the car door, and another time I jammed her fingers in my bedroom door and refuse to open it and my dad had to just about break my door down and yes I got into trouble over that too………………….lol

I would like to tell you the problems between me and Sue vanished when we grew up but no it lasted for a long time into our adult years, in fact there was one Father’s Day that me and Sue got into a fight and she slapped me across the face in the laundry at my parents place and of course I had to slap her back. She then stormed out and walked off…………………………..

Sue for many years thought that our parents and other family members thought my children where in some way better then hers which was not ever true and I do not know she felt that way. Yes my parents did see my children more then they saw hers and they would also see Jeannie’s children more this was because both and me and Jeannie lived closer to my parents then Sue did.

My daughters they fought mostly it was Kathy-Lee & Jessica fighting since the day Jessica was born Kathy was jealous of her and their fights where terrible really terrible. There were times when I rang my mum crying telling her I was afraid to leave Kathy & Jess along as I was scared that Kathy would really hurt her sister. There were times when Kathy was spiteful and nasty to Jessica that I was even to scare to go to sleep some nights worrying that Kathy would harm her sister during the night.

Now days they get on just fine most of the time yes they still have their moments but they are few and far between. 


  1. Gosh, it must have been a real worry for you when your daughters were young. I can't really say very much, because I was an only child, so I didn't have to fight for my mum and dad's affections or have to share any of my things. I don't think that has harmed me too much though, because I like to think that I am a very giving person now and if someone says that they like something I have, I say "have it." Strange really, isn't it. Hubby had a five year old brother and he said that he used to bully him tremendously when they were children :(

  2. We didn't fight all the time, it was just on the odd occasion like we do now. We tend to fight (throw things, slam doors) and get over it.

    My husbands siblings fight and it goes on for days even months then suddenly they are all talking again but they never forget so when they fight again it all comes up. I'm glad we're not like that.

  3. Your stories made me laugh out loud. I didn't have brothers and sisters to fight with. I did get into it with my aunt at thanksgiving one year when we were having dinner at my grandmother's house. She actually attacked me because I said my uncle (her brother) was a jerk for cheating on his wife. I ended up putting her in a headlock until my grandpa pulled her out of the room. I accidentally broke her glasses in the process but what kind of an idiot attacks someone with their glasses on? It was a ridiculous moment that happened about 15 years ago and I laugh hard now looking back on it. My aunt sent me flowers the next day to apologize for her behavior but it took years for us to really get talking again. My family is full of loonies. Some of us get a good family, some don't. I'm okay with that. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger so I must be a real powerhouse by now, lol. ;)

  4. Jo-anne, When I was under 10, my sisters and I had terrible battles. At the worst times, we would hit and bite one another. As we got older, and more mature however, we stopped fighting. Now, I consider both my sisters to be two of my best friends! Have a great weekend!

  5. I don't often speak to either one of my sibilings. I just really am not close to them and don't have much to say. We all have our own lifes and live very far apart.

  6. I used to fight like cats and dogs with my siblings, but now it's great with us all.

    It made me laugh how you tricked your sister and hit her hard. I might have done something like that, too, when I was little...

  7. Didn't have a sibling so I don't have experience.

    But wow, you were a little corker, weren't you? Closed her hands in car doors... In bedroom door and wouldn't open it...

    You were a pistol, as they say.

    And then you had a couple of pistols of your own. Betcha' your parents loved that... And said; "Now you know what we went through."

  8. I am a middle child. My older sister and I fought a lot, and we still don't get along well today. Our personalities are polar opposites and she has some pretty big issues. My younger sister and I didn't fight all that much, and are relationship is pretty good today, though I can't say we are terribly close. There are things I can't share with her.

    On the other hand I knew two sisters who grew up inseperable they were each others best friends. Then when their parents died they ended up in a huge arguement about the property settlement and didn't speak for years as adults. That was tragic and senseless. Money can do that.

    My sisters and I do laugh at some of the quarrels we had back then. I once stuck my older sister with a fork as I chased her around the table while doing dishes! Needless to say, I got in big trouble for that! LOL

  9. PS - I LOVE your new background and the look of your page, but the pale text is very hard for my old eyes to read against the white. I love the color, maybe if it was a shade darker it would help? And maybe it's just me :-)

  10. Diane......Yes it was fun and games when my girls where little but all turned out well as they grew into wonderful young husband never got along all that great with his siblings which is for another blog.....I think

    Bubbles.....Yes when I would fight with my sisters we would get over it pretty qucik still do with me no soon as the outburst is over I am over it and have moved sisters in-laws are like that they will have an argument and not talk for weeks or months......

    Jenn.......I am glad to have given you a laugh and that fight you had with your aunt gave me a laugh also I could just imagaine the I often say my sister Sue is the strongest person I know she has been through so much

    Jennifer....Yes now my daughters have grown up they get on well which makes me happy.......

    Kristy.......I think it is a shame when siblings don't get along I can not imagine not gettting along with my siblings......

    Shelly........Fights between siblings is normal and in some families they go on for a long time not so in mine we get over things pretty quick

    "Auntie" sezzzzzz...Yes I was a short tempered little girl and it often got me into trouble there was just something between me and Sue........lo

    Josie.......I will try and do something about the text and make it easier for you to nextdoor neighbour has two daughters and they will often say that they like each other but do not love each other which is something I don't get I have always loved my siblings even when I have not liked the way they have acted at times......



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