Monday, 9 April 2012

Recording Stuff

About a month or so ago when Tim bought me my new camera he also bought a digital voice recorder and I have recently started useing it a fair bit, why well because I will often think of things for a blog post at night while I am in bed often I will compose a whole post in my head and will do the same thing  while I am in the car driving somewhere also I am currently working on another edition of the family newsletter I write and when I think of something I want to include in the newsletter I will make a recording of what it is because yes those thoughts also come to me when I am driving or getting ready to go to sleep at night.

Why is it that I will have these thoughts at these times is it because I am not concerntraiting on anything and yes I know I should be concertraiting on driving but to be honest I often find myself driving on auto pilot,does anyone else drive on auto pilot you know what I mean you get in your car and head of somewhere and then the next thing is how the hell did I get


  1. Lol, I don't have a license, but if I did I'm sure I would be always on autopilot! Sounds just like something I would do.

    There is some rambling theory about how when you're focused on one thing - your subconscious mind is free to think up other stuff... but obviously I don't know the theory well enough to actually talk about it ;-)

  2. Hi Jo-Anne. That digital voice recorder sounds like a great idea to have around, so that you can get your thoughts down and not forget them. (As I would be sure to do!!). Yes, I know exactly what you mean about driving along on auto pilot, and then finding that, ooops! I should have turned off back there! LOL!!

  3. I usually think of craft ideas when I can't sleep but they never turn out the way I imagine as I end up adding bits as I go along when I actually get around to making it.

  4. I can live on auto-pilot never paying attention or focusing.

  5. My greatest ideas are born through insomnia lol

  6. I carry a notebook with me at all times. I've had far too many instances of great ideas only to have them completely lost by the time I find a piece of paper!


  7. oh yes...happens WAY too much that I ran out of excuses.

  8. digital recorder how cool a great way to rcord thoughts and ideas

  9. Bozo........I don't know about rambling theory what I do know is that I often just

    Diane......Oh yeah there have been many times when I have been driving along and suddenly realise I missed my

    Bubbles.....My craft stuff never turn out the way I imagine it would either nothing is a good as it is in our

    Kristy......Yes somedays I think I also live on auto pilot just going through the motions not paying attention.......

    L......Insomnia is not something I have ever had a problem with thankfully.....

    Pearl.......Yes if I do not make a note of an idea I will forget about it so the digital recorder is just great.

    Momto8......Such things happen to all of us so the digital recorder is great for me does help me want to remember stuff.......

    Becca.......Yes it was one of the best things he has bought in fact this is the second one we have had the last one just up and vanished..........


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