Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One Question Wednesday Because It's Wednesday and Not Thursday

Just a couple of questions for 1 Question Wednesday this week the first one is from
Anne you can find her here:
Okay so here goes. What two personality traits do you have that could be considered the opposite of each other?
This is really easy I am a very private person I keep to myself and don't mix with the neighbours, except online where I am a lot more open about myself and my life..........does that count.......

Next up is Josie who can be found here:
What is something you've changed your mind about as you've gotten older? :-)
Well cats would be one thing but other  then that I guess it would be subtitles when watching tv a few years ago they really annoyed me now I prefer to have them one maybe that's because I am going deaf and find it easier to understand what some people are saying.............

Also as everyone would have noticed I have changed my layout I was feeling like a change but I am not sure whether I like this one or not but for now I guess it will do.


  1. I noticed the new layout right away and it's lovely. By reading my blog you'd think I was outgoing and comfortable with myself. But in real life I'm a solitary person and I don't talk all that much. At a party you'll find me hiding in a corner. I think that may be true of a lot of bloggers. The distance gives us the ability to relax and release the side of ourselves that we don't show people in our real world because we're too shy or awkward.

    Foreign films are a good way to spend and afternoon. One of my favorites is a movie by Akria Kurasawa called "Dreams" It's so visually beautiful you won't even notice the subtitles.

  2. Hi Jo-Anne. I agree with Anne - I love the new look blog. It's very fresh looking. It's funny how we are perhaps different and more outgoing with our bloggy friends than we might be in real life. I certainly don't enjoy parties, where there are lots of people and you have to make small talk. No thank you! I'd rather be home reading a good book or watching a good film! These questions were a good idea of yours my friend. Thank you for your kind comments about my garden in my Wordless Wednesday post today.

  3. I love the fresh new look and I agree that it is often easier to be more open here on the internet

  4. Your blog looks great. I "hear you" about the subtitles. I was born over 50% deaf and I find myself using subtitles often, just so I don't have to focus so intently on their mouths.

  5. Pretty new blog look!!!

    Me too... I don't mix-a-lot, in Real Life. Do mix-a-lot, in Pretty Blog Land.

    But it isn't that I am shy in Real Life. I've grown away from the usual Real Life interaction with friends and acquaintances. Not worth the effort any more, perhaps? (Wow do I sound like an *icky-sticky-smarty-pants*, hu?)

    And I know I have lost a lot of hearing, so CC is my best friend. -grin-

    "Philosophy begins in wonder."

  6. love the new look and great answers to these questions. for me as i get older i've changed my mind about having pets in general

  7. Love your answers,
    The colours of your blog are so spring like (even though I know your heading for winter)... the only thing I would say is to stick to your 2 sidebars as its squashing your text a bit too much. Otherwise its fine.

  8. Um it sounds like a few of us have alter egos on line. :) I like the new look

  9. I'm even more open one-on-one in person than I am on the blog--LOL! But I don't socialize with the neighbors, either. I'm nodding friendly, but learned not to get chummy when I live in an apartment building. Some bad experiences.

    My hearing is starting to go, so I have just recently found it easier to have the subtitles on a couple of times. The only thing we can count on is change, right? LOL! ;)

  10. Anne......I am also someone who will be sitting in the corner at parties,
    great to hear you like the new layout

    Diane.....Thank you a nice fresh look is aways good isn't it.....I also do not like crowds and find at parties I am often sitting somewhere alone or with my mum if she is there.

    Mynx.......Yes I do think it is easier to type and publish and not worry so much about being judged or saying the wrong thing and feeling just out of place.....

    Shelly.....I wish hubby wouldn't complain about the subtitles which maybe why I like watching telly alone.

    "Auntie" sezzzzzz...In real life I often feel out of place and can't think of things to say, it is good to hear that I am not the only perosn who likes subtitles...

    Becca.......Somedays I really don't want to have a pet at all and other days I do like having DC

    LindyLou.......Yes it is good to hear that I am not the only one to be more open online....

    Bubbles.....I took your advice and went and changed the sidebars so it looks better now thanks for the imput as I was in two minds about the layout......

    Rita......Yes I also say hi to the neighbours as we pass in the driveway but not one to hang out at the neighbours homes like some of them around here........

  11. Interesting... I too am a private person and yet I put all this stuff on my blog...kind of crazy really!
    Your blog looks great!

  12. Momto8.....Thanks so many of us seem to open up more on our blogs then we do in person......

  13. I am very much like you in the shy/quiet department. If you see me in a group I will most likely be the quiet one in the corner, and if I don't know you I'll probably be fairly low-key too. But once I do get to know you, look out, you'll never get a word in again, unless it's to answer a question! :-) And yes, I share MUCH more of me on my blog than I do in real life. I've found there are folks a lot like me here, and that doesn't happen often in real life. I've always felt like an alien until I began blogging!

    I will do a post sometime on hearing. I understand you VERY WELL on that issue. I have hearing aids now, before that life was miserable, and these are not a perfect answer, though very expensive. It isn't fun not to hear well, not fun at all!

    So you see, we have even more in common. :-)

    I love the big bright flower in the corner of your new layout. I love bright flowers! Are you familiar with the paintings of Georgia O'Keefe? Check them out!

  14. Josie.....I also have hearing aids but only wear them at night when watching telly since hubby likes to have it down low well he use to but I have noticed that lately he doesn't seem to be turning it down as much, I also wear them when around the family but when I am at home alone which is often I don't bother with

    I also feel that I have a lot in common with many of my blog friends



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