Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Late Question For 1 Question Wednesday................

Ok I received a late question fro a ranting monkey no that isn't right I received it from "The Ranting Monkey" who you can find here:

Here is his question and for some it may be a hard one to answer but not for me the answer popped straight into me head.

Did you have any teachers that really stand out in your mind and if so, what made them so memorable?

Mr Kerr who I had in 4th and 6th class see that was the easy part but there is a hard part too what made him memorable but you know I have no idea he is just the one that stands out in my head he was a nice man and he seemed to understand

I remember one day I had done some math work in my math book and had taken it to his desk for him to check and he started to say that my writing was terrible and very unneat and that I was good at the work but really needed to work on my writing and not to rush. I stood I listened and when I turned away I remember saying under my breath "yes sir anything you say sir" and he says "don't say yes sir under your breath and then do nothing about it" it really stuck in my head...................I don't know why it just

Many years later when I was grown and married I ran into him while I was out shopping and I recognised him straight away and he recognised  me which was really cool he stopped me and asked me how I was and if the little girls with me where my daughters and of course they were. It was nice...............


  1. I love that story. I have several teachers who really made an impact on me. It's neat how we never forget them. :)

  2. Mr. Ewing, my 11th grade US History teacher. The guy was a hippy, wore sandals (even in February), had a goatee, and wore a tweed jacket, but he was fantastic. His teaching style was down-to-earth and not nearly from a "I'm a teacher and know better than you" standpoint. He made the "Federalist papers" interesting. No, wait, that's crazy talk. Anyway, he inspired me to become a history teacher and I hope my style is just like his.
    By the way, he also had a stutter which made him a perfect target for teenagers: "The capital of Turkey was Byzant..t...t...t..,, ISTanbul!"

  3. Frisky.....Yes it is Mr Kerr is just one teacher who has stuck in my mind

    Becca......Thank you

    Al.....You crack me up I loved history when I was in high school, still do the history channel is one of my favourite channels. Although when I was in year 8 I had this asshole of a teacher and because of him I didn't take history in later years

  4. That's the effect adults have on children. I try to be very mindful of that. I hope in years to come I'm thought of as that half-insane old dude. In as good a way as "half-insane" can be.

  5. I don't remember any favorite teachers.
    They were all the pits and i hated school. Ha ha ha :-)
    Have a happy Easter to you and your family.

  6. Thats so sweet, I think I'll be remembered for always shouting at the school I work at now.

  7. I'll always remember my 5th grade teacher. That woman was MAGICAL. She wore checked dresses that looked like picnic blankets. I wanted to BE her.

  8. Al..........Only half insane well I guess that works.........

    g!oW.....I didn't like school much it was just somewhere I had to go and get through

    Bubbles.....I think it is harder to be a teacher now days then it was when I was a child, so many children now days have no respect

    Nicki......Do you remebr her name or just that she was magicial and the way she

  9. I remember many teachers, few of their names. Each was special for a different reason. 4th grade English teacher was the first adult not related to me that put up with my humor without calling my mother. 9th grade world history teacher could have been Shaggy from Scoobie Doo. Very laid back and just a nice guy. 10th grade drama teacher was odd but comfortingly so.

    Great answer!

  10. Heavens no! I cannot even remember any of my teachers. My memory bank does not go that far back.



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