Saturday, 14 April 2012

Butchers, Door to Door Annying People and Nesting Dolls

The weekend is here again some weeks the weekend seems to roll around pretty fast and here in Aus the days are getting shorter and colder and we have been having a bit of rain the last week.
Being a Saturday I could have slept in but I didn't I was up early again and checking emails and reading a few blogs before putting everything on hold while I popped down the road to go to the butchers to pick up a meat pack, which I had bought on line with one of those online deal things it was $59 worth of meat for $29 a good deal anyway I went and got it this morning. I had never been to this butchers before even though they are local only 3 minutes from my plavce but I generally go to the butcher in the shopping centre............anyway this butchers really smelt like a butchers if you don't know what I mean by that well what can I say it had a meat smell..............the butchers in the shopping centre doesn't have that smell I think because it is more opened where as this butchers is an inclosed store meaning the smell of raw meat lingers..............

Do you have a bucket list? Do you believe in a bucket list? I don't have one and neither do I really belive in one............that said can I have a things to buy before I get to old to enjoy them

If so one think I would have on that list is some nesting dolls I have always liked them but have never owned them and would love to.......................what made me think of this today well I saw a post about nesting dolls over here.............

This morning we had some guy come to the front doo trying to get us to switch our power company and the first think I said was no we don't want to change but of course they didn't want to take no for an answer so I let him talk and showed him our last bill and he was going on about we could save x amount but when hubby asked for some information so we could have a look over and think about it he said he couldn't do that so we told him that we were not interested and he left.........................I hate it when we have get these people coming to the door trying to get us to switch but what I hate more is that they don't like to take no for an answer............


  1. I don't really have a bucket list either Jo-Anne because it's been my experience that life never goes where you plan and always has something else instore that you never expected. I'm content to let it go where it may and just enjoy the ride. Sure, I'd love to walk the beach in Tahiti or some exotic place, and maybe visit Ireland and Scotland with my husband and definitely I'd love to retire. I may or may not live to see grandchildren or any of those other things, so I keep in mind to make the most of today, and the moments I have at hand!

    And yes, I hate salesmen at the door or on the phone who are high pressure and don't really want you to consider the offer and weigh it out. I can't imagine what it must feel like to work a job like that and go home at night knowing you weren't really dealing with people fairly and honestly.

  2. I love nesting dolls! I had the opportunity to buy some last year but guess what I completely forgot about going back before we left!:O(
    Maybe when I go back next time...I don't really have a bucket list.
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. The little butcher shop I used to go to when I lived in Osseo, Minnesota outside of Minneapolis didn't have a bad smell. It was a smaller shop. I guess it had a kind of a meat smell, though. I haven't eaten red meat for a couple of years

    I've always thought the nesting dolls were cute, but never wanted any for myself, I guess. Don't have a bucket list and never have. Don't plan on making one, either. The one thing I might have put on it (getting something published) I actually I'm good to go--LOL! ;)

    That was smart of the hubby to ask for information to read. You hate to shut doors in people's faces or hang up on them, but sometimes they do deserve it. I have a hard time doing that, too. So annoying--yes!

    Have a super weekend! :)

  4. Those guys that come to the door drive me nuts. Had some foxtel guy ta few weeks ago who just would not go away.

  5. I know exactly what you mean about a real butcher's shop, which is why we prefer to buy our meat from one and not the supermarket.

  6. I forgot to say thankyou so much for becoming a follower of my photography blog, much appreciated. :)

  7. Most meat shops we go to are actual shops that also sells other things too and I've never been in to one that smells meaty but I know what you mean. Its the smell of all the dried blood and meat left out in the shop.

    One of our relatives has a meat shop at the end of the row of houses they live in. That smelled super bad when walking past because they dumped the meat in the bins out back but I've no idea what the shop smelt like. The neighbours all complained to the council about it and it turned out they were not sticking to health and safety.There bins should have been emptied daily, the air they were stored in needed to be washed down etc... now when we go past you don't smell a thing.

  8. oops I was still writing. I haven't kept a bucket list, I've tried keeping goals but they end up not being very realistic. The same would happen with my bucket list, I'd list a lot of things but most you need to sell an arm and a leg to do.

    As for Russain dolls I always wanted one an a friend bought me it for a present. There are many websites to order from but the problem is a lot of them are in Russia.

  9. I have two rather large barking dogs and no salesman ever trys to sell us anything.
    I also go to the butcher for my meat. Usually buy either the front or rear of the cow. Never noticed a smell though.
    Don't have a bucket list but have many things I would love to do.

  10. No bucket list for me....I wake up and say, what is it that I want to experience today, nor NOT experience, what shall I do where shall I go ....and then the day proceeds ...sometimes I sit and think about it and sometimes I just sits....LOL Happy Weekend

  11. No bucket list for me. I HAVE experienced some things, I never thought I would, along the way. But I don't care for the sound of a bucket list, somehow.

    What happens when you cross off the last item, on your list? Do you keel over and die? -gigggles-

    Door to door salesman... Don't answer the door. Simple. :-)

    All the selling calls we get on the phone... Have answering machine set to 2 rings, and let it answer every call. NO contact with unwanted calls.

    Anyone who really wants to talk to us, will leave a message, and we get back to them. :-)

    Must remember that you and I are in different Hemispheres. We are into Spring and you are into Autumn. It's cool, when one is reading someone, who is in the other Hemisphere.

    “Hath the pearl less whiteness Because of its birth?
    Hath the violet less brightness For growing near earth?”

    ~Thomas Moore

  12. I miss my butcher shop in NY - what rockin' meats they had! MMMM, meat...

    I don't have a bucket list either. I'll either get to something or I won't.

    Solicitors! What fun! If I'm feeling well, it's on like Donkey Kong. I'm polite because I know everyone has a job to do and times are tough but the moment they are pushy, my NY side comes out and the gloves go on!!

    I keep forgetting you're on the other side of the're probably sleeping right now!

  13. My son and his girlfriend gave me adorable nesting dolls for my birthday. They are also measuring cups, but they're breakable so I'm not using them for cooking. They are on a shelf next to me so I can see them all the time.


  14. Josie........Yeah there are a few things I would like to do if I get the chance but if I don't I don't so be it.......I think we all hate some salesmen more so when they are being pushy....

    Joanne......Yes I will have to keep and eye out for some and when I find them hope I have the money to get them when I find

    Rita......The shop didn't have a real bad smell it was just a meaty smell. Yes if they are not prepared to give us information and let us thing and come back for an answer then the answer will be NO go away and don't come back.....

    Mynx.....Yeah some of them do not like to take no for an answer and you have to be rude and just shut the door on them in order to get them to go away.......

    LindyLou.....I also prefer to get my meat from a butcher shop often the meat tastes nicer

    Bubbles......Yes I think the shop I went to yesterday wouldn't have smelt like it did if they say had the back door open to get some air through the place........yes a bucket list may sound like a good idea but often some of the things we would like to do would cost far to much to do and if we are being realistic it isn't going to happen....

    Rhonda.....Yes I get up and just let the day happen however it does

    "Auntie" sezzzzzz... Yeah I could not answer the door but often my front door is open during the warmer weather I open the front door and it stays open all day so when the salesmen come to the door it is open and they just start talking sometimes I have had to be rude and shut the door on them because they do not like to take no for an answer......we have caller id so when I see a private or overseas number come up I just don't anwser it.........

    Elsie......Yes as I am writing this you are more the likely asleep now, yes hubby likes to get into it with these salesmen he will aske a hundreds of questions and it they don't want to give us information and let us have a talk and think and come back for our answer then the answer is NO to be honest the answer is NO most of the time

    Janie....I think it would be cool if I had nesting dolls that were also measuring cups

  15. I always say no to door to door salesmen and wouldn't ever let them in. We don't get too many though and mostly the ones who do come around are trying to save my soul. I say no to them too.

  16. Shelia.......I never let them in my house and those bible bashes really annoy me

  17. Funny I should read about nesting dolls here today as last night I put my nesting dolls on the dinner table as part of my table setting for dinner with friends and family!

    I love nesting dolls and bought these ones in new York. Which is what the story of their being on the table was all about as these particular nesting dolls are very risque -- lol -- I didn't notice as I was in a rush, saw them in a shop window in Grand Central station, raced in, bought them and caught the train. When I got home my daughters howled with laughter -- mom! they cried. This doll gets progressively naked!

    Love your blog -- and thank you for visiting me!




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