Tuesday, 3 April 2012

About Jo-Anne Tuesady.............Organised or Not............

Welcome to Tuesday everyone how is your day going? Me I woke up sick still in fact I feel worse than I did yesterday but I had to pop down the road this morning to get a couple of things from the shops and to make bank some money. It is days like this that I am glad that I do not have anyone else living here my head is aching so much along with the rest of my body…….

Ok with tomorrow being Wednesday I will take part in 1 question Wednesday so if anyone wants to ask me something either ask here or email me on jnjm62@gmail.com and ask away.

Now to share with you something about myself without anyone having to ask, people think I am organised I don’t agree I feel very unorganised. I do not know why people and when I say people I mean my family think I am organised maybe it is because I think ahead and make sure I have presents for family birthdays and such………..

When I say my family I do not really mean my daughters as they each have told me that they think I live in an unorganised house but they also think my home is messy and untidy and that I am some kind of hoarder………………which I am NOT and my house is lived in it doesn’t smell and the floors are vacuumed and the bath and toilet cleaned at least twice a week. I also do not have dirty dishes laying around my kitchen I have them in the dishwasher were they go……….sometimes I think my girls just like to complain about my house…………lol


  1. I enjoyed this post, it reminded me of me! There is a blessing to being alone at times, as the only one you have to please and take care of is yourself. WHen you are not feeling well, that is a good thing! Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of your house, as long as you feel content with it. I kept a much more organized and spotless house when my children were growing up. Maybe we just get tired of spending all our time cleaning and sorting and putting away. I have little piles of clutter and sometimes dirty dishes on the counter or laundry on the floor! Thankfully my husband is patient and also good to help. When the young girls are older they might relax their standards a bit too, life it too short to spend it all chasing dust bunnies! You take care of yourself and feel better soon. Post a question up for me tomorrow and I'll be sure to come up with a fun one for you too!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is just awful. :(

  3. Hi Josie........I sure will be going over to ask you a question I am already thinking about what I should ask.........lol

    Sometimes I think my daughters expect too much from me but this is my house and the way it is is the way it is if that makes any sense............

  4. Hi Crystal......I am feeling a bit better this afternoon so fingers cross tomorrow I will be much better.

  5. I think its really rude of your daughters to say your house is a mess. Have they ever thought that maybe you can't keep on top of everything because they come around or that your looking after their children so hardly get to stay on top of things. Seems unfair that you do so much for them and they make a comment like that.

  6. hugs hope you feel better soon

  7. It is your house....there comes a time when children must mind their own business....I do hope you get to feeling better Jo-Anne...I am thankful with you that you have a patient husband ...patience is a true virtue....be blessed in the remaining portion of your week and just for kicks and giggles...just clean the "pot" once this week...LOL

  8. Hope you feel better soon...not good being not well.

  9. Hi Jo-anne, I hope that you are feeling better soon. I sometimes hate clutter, probably because I have a lot of it! It takes time to look after all that stuff, to dust it and keep it tidy. Every once in a while I just want to get rid of it all and live in one of those very spare looking houses.

  10. Jo-Anne,

    I hope you feel better soon. Seems you and I are in the same boat once again. =(

    My question for you for One Question Wednesday is:

    Would you rather go out to a fancy dinner in a dress and high heels or to an all you can eat buffet in a pair of jeans and sneakers?

  11. I don't think any space is disorganized if you can find what you're looking for!
    Feel better soon!

  12. Like the others, I really do hope that you feel better very soon. You always sound quite organized judging by your posts, and your daughters are so lucky to have you and all that you do for them.

  13. Sorry to read you are still feeling grotty, hope you will be well for Easter.

  14. I do hope you begin feeling better soon! As far as daughters go, I wouldn't give it another thought. You should know---you were/are one. Ha. Yes, it seems my two daughters know more about my life than I do---at least that's what they say. And it doesn't do any good to discuss anything with them as they already have all the answers. Sigh....

  15. Hi Bubbles.......I do feel that the girls should just respect me by keeping their opinons to themselves at times since my house is never that dirty.......

    Hi Becca......I am feeling much better today

    Hi Rhonda......Thanks yes I do think the girls should keep their opinions to themselves at times since the house is never that dirty and I am feeling much better today

    Hi Whiteangel.........I am much better today thankfully......

    Hi Jennifer.....Yes my house is cluttered which maybe why the girls think it is messy but if hubby would invest in a couple of really nice buffets or such so I could store stuff out of sight then it wouldn't look as bad as it is......

    Hi L......Thanks for the question I will do my post this afternoon and answer the question......

    Hi Green Girl.....Well yes I prety much know where everthing is and I know it wouldn't look so messy if I had somewhere to store my stuff..

    Hi Thisisme......Yes I know I often come off as organised it is only in my own head that I do not think I am

    Hi LindLou.....I am much better so I will be fine for Easter.......

    Hi Cllint....Most of the time I don't let my girls bother me with the negative comments, sometimes those it does....

  16. I'm back! Here's your question for One Question Wednesday... It's easy for folks to point out things they don't think we do quite right or up to THEIR standards, what are some of the things you feel that you're good at or do well by YOUR standards(whether or not anyone else has noticed)?

    Feel free to drop by and leave a question for me too! :-)


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