Monday, 23 April 2012

Cold and Wet and a Trip to the Dentist

Ok some of you may notice that I have another blog now, one dedicated to my family newsletter.

Today we took Little Leo to his first dental appointment we weren't told anything we didn't know such as he needs to have his teeth brushed each day by his mum or me ok we didn't know that we should be doing it not him although for the most part we do. He does have one dead tooth and couple of other ones that don't look that great but the dentist said there was nothing that could be done for him. The dentist was a nice lady and Leo was a good boy didn't get upset or anything unlike his mother who has never liked the dentist, which why her teeth are so bad she will not go she is just to scared to go.

It has been cold and wet here and I have been out of bed since 5am Leo woke up when papa got up this morning for work and when he left Tim came in and told me that Leo was up watching telly and not long after that Leo came in and told me papa was gone and it was time for me to get up.

Tonight when Tim gets home I will be asking him for some money to buy some pens from a pen pal who is raising money for her son who has to go to Jakarta for a ten pin bowling tournament and I also want some money to get the girls some each for Mother's Day and I know he will complain but since he decided to use what was left of my pension for the weekly expenses I have to ask him for the money.

He will not understand why I want to help a pen pal or make sure my girls have a gift on Mother's Day but I do this is who I am and he should know that by now.


Joanne said...

You have a big heart Jo-Anne
God bless you!
Blessings, Joanne

timothy said...

i'm all for comingling funds for the betterment of the household but mayhaps you need s disretionary fund just for you since tim gets what he wants. maybe $25 a week just for you, to spend or save without having to make an issue of it. after all some of it is yours. i do understand i have a friend who was over 500 pounds and she got a gift certificate to curves and lost tons of weight but simply cant afford the monthly fee even though it's only $30. i told herto have faith and voile another friend set up a payapl account and asked for donations of $1 from all her contacts , i literally sent her my last $5 and was happy to do so, i think it's good karma and a lesson in trust/faith when you give to others ,even when it's not practical!

Thisisme. said...

Hi Jo-Anne. Gosh, I can only just about cope with my one blog, let alone starting up another one! But it's good to have a family one. I love that it's because that is the person you are. I agree with Joanne. You DO have a big heart, and I love how you do so much for others. Hugs my friend. We have had nothing but heavy rain for the last few days, and it's forecast for the rest of the week. Not good whilst I'm looking after the two little ones, whilst their mummy and daddy are on their belated honeymoon!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Waving hand... Always suspicious "Auntie" here.

"Pen pal is raising money for her son to go to Jakarta for a what????????" Why in the world would anyone want to get one's kid to Jakarta, in the first place? Sounds a 'little fish' to me.... -sigh-

I don't like sending money.

It’s one thing to be an individual;
but it’s another thing to be an individual
at the cost of the people around you.

~Jack Grisham

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Gracious, I am sitting here shivering - it is quite chilly here too! We had a good old fashioned rain the other day and today we have cool temperatures and high wind! Don't like to go to the dentist either - necessary evil.
I completely understand you and that's how I feel about my requests to my husband - that's just who I am!
Celebrate that today!

becca said...

i hate cold and rainy weather I like either one or the other but never together...shivers

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You should totally get that as a gift!
Glad the dentist went well--some kids have really weak enamel, too--it's genetic, so all the brushing in the world won't matter too much.
My kids always were good for the dentist, which made me pleased.

Rita said...

Supposed to be getting warmer for a few days up here--70s. I hope so.

I'm also very leery about sending people money. But then, I don't have much myself, so it is a moot question the majority of the time--LOL! If you know them well, that's another thing altogether.

I hope it gets warmer your way. Have a nice day. :)

Josie Two Shoes said...

My husband and I share the household expenses and do have our names on each other's bank accounts,but that is only for emergency purposes. I saw my mother have to bed dad for every dollar she ever spent in life, even for necessities like groceries and clothes for us kids, and I was determined never to be in that situation again. Both John and I are careful with our spending money but we are free to use it as we like without justifying it. Maybe you can set up a little spending account for you, or put aside a few dollars now and then so you can do the little fun things you enjoy. I think it's lovely to remember your daughters with small gifts on Mother's Day, after all, without them you wouldn't be one! :-) Helping out with a fundraising project is nice to. Dentist visits are never fun, a dreaded but necessary part of life. One of the downsides of growing up, no one can make you go anymore, you have to make yourself go! :-))

Clint said...

Do not fret, dear is never anything that money cannot fix. Ha.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Joanne........Thank you

Tim.....When I told Tim that I needed the money he didn't complain I was surprised but happy

Diane........Thank you and yes rain and little children stuck inside with not much to do is not a good mix.........hope their mum & dad have a great belated honeymoon

"Auntie" sezzzzzz...Her son plays ten pin bowling and made it into the national team both the children play in tournaments but only the son made it into the national team.

Kathy......Today is fine and not as cold, I was surprised that hubby didn't complain when I told him I need the money, now I just have to get him to hand it

Becca.......I don't mind cold and wet if I do not have to go out and can just curl up at home

Green Girl......Tim was good didn't complain when I said I wanted the money and yes it was good that Leo was so well behaved unlike his mother who cried and preformed whenever she had to see the dentis......

Rita......I have been writting to this woman for a number of years and know that her children play ten pin bowling and her son made it into the national team and they are now going to Jakarta, so don't mind helping out......

Josie.........I get a pension and it goes into mine and hubby's joint account it is the account we have had since we got married and I could change the account the money goes into but that isn't all that easy to do so can't be bothered most of the time it is fine as I only get like $30-$50 per fortnight but if I get more and Tim sees there is money in the account when he gives me our weekly expansers money he will give me less which would be ok if he talked to me first and asked if it would be ok.

Clint......If I had money it would be all good but I hate having to ask for it...........

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