Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blogging and Commenting and This and That or My Sisters

When you read a blog and go to comment and notice there are 20 or 30 or more comments there already do you ever thing why bother would the person even come back and read my comment do they care if they get anymore comments or not................what if the number of comment is a lot higher then that like 50 or more..........

Do you ever get people walking up to you and asking you if you are Jeannie or Sue's sister I get that often even after all these years I use to get it a lot when I was younger and sometimes I would wonder why on earth someone would care who's sister I was............ok I doubt people in blogland would get asked if they were Jeannie or Sue's sister unless some of you have sisters name Jeannie or

That said what other random questions do you find strangers asking you while you are out and about or maybe it is some silly thing that casual acquaintances may ask you that make you think what the hell................

How do you respond to such question? I usually smile and answer yes I am the sister but sometimes that is all they ask me nothing else just am I the sister..............that I do not get......

How many blogs do you read each day me I open up all the blogs on the first page of my blog list which is about 20 blogs and then there are the ones that are emailed to  me which is another half dozen and I also open up all the blogs of those who have commented on my last blog post so all in all I usually read and comment on between 30 and 35 blogs every day.............


  1. Wow! you do a lot more blogging than I do! Some days I have a difficult time getting on here just to check my blog once a day.....
    Happy Blogging! ;-)

  2. That is a lot of blogs you read. I read about 10 or so. I'd probably have more followers and people commenting if I read more blogs. I just don't have time, I guess.

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  4. I read maybe 8 a day, at the most. I don't have that many followers, and this seems about the right amount I can keep up with.

  5. I read a lot of blogs a day. It is hard to get a figure on them because many don't post everyday. I read everyone that I subscribe to which is many. I check it off and on in the morning and the evening.
    Random questions from strangers make me shake my head. I was at the denist and the dental assistant made me do wth with what nationality are you because she said i had an accent. I do it is american (haha) I wanted to say i was russian. Also, she was a million and one noisy questions that day.
    Commenting with 20 comments are more only if something strikes me. I know some bloggers that actually read all of them and comment back on them at high numbers. I don't get high numbers but if i ever did i would read everyone. Most say the same thing when the comment count is high in my opinion.

  6. I comment on comments just incase that person comes back but to be honest sometimes I forget to go back and check what their response might be.

    When we were younger my brothers and I used to get asked if we were triplets.

    I get asked if I'm so and so daughter or sister. I even have people asking how my mum is and I have no idea who they are... some actually ask if I remember them and are offended if I don't. Its like just because my mum knows who you are doesn't mean I've ever seen you.

    People know my nieces is my niece but to wind my sister up they ask her how my daughter is.

  7. I read about 10 blogs a day - on a good day because my son is at home with me and if I read more I'd have to completely ignore him. I usually end up reading the first 10 on my blog roll in the morning when I get up - around 5am, then if he naps in the afternoon or we have some down time I'll go back and try to answer comments, etc. Blogging can take a lot of time. I do enjoy it, though.

    I can't think of any unusual questions I've been asked by anyone. I'm usually the one asking questions. I have an inquiring mind.

  8. For every comment posted on my blog I read and approve ...even the emails...which it seems blog has a trouble always telling them that it is not a good email address WHEN it is ::: as my followers list grows I find myself stressing sometimes to try to reach each and every one...then I have realized that not all come to visit me every day is not a demand to read but it is the fellowship, the friendship and the interest that brings us to each other...I will read every comment posted and every email sent every time!

  9. Wow, that's allot of blogs to read. I find that when I see allot of comments typically it means that they have visited many blogs too. I think I admire people like you who take the time to visit and comment.

    I have a hard time juggling designing and reading blogs. Although I love it, and when I do spend time visiting blogs I always come back smiling.

    Have a beautiful day.


    P.S. About people commenting to me when I am out, I often get people asking if they can help me. OMG I must look lost all the time. Just deep in thought.

  10. Let's see, if I see a ton of comments, I still comment because most of the people I comment on are quality bloggers, meaning they'll either visit me or respond back. I don't play tit for tat though either. I comment because I like them or because I have something to say not because I expect them to come running over to my blog and comment.

    As for random people talking to me and asking questions...I'm pretty blunt from where I grew up so that's not a problem for me. If I don't like a question, I'll tell them to get bent and go away, or just look at them and walk away depending on how old they are.

    How many blogs? Hmmm, I follow quite a few but, like the others, not everyone posts everyday...but those that show up, I do read.

  11. Commenting on those VERY popular blogs...

    First, I usually know just what I want to comment, as soon as I read a post. So I just zap to the comment box and write it. (I'm a very chatty person, it seems.)

    Second, since I read all my comments, though mine is NOT one of those VERY popular blogs, I take it for granted that all bloggers read all their comments. Ahemmmmm, but now, you have me wondering. -gigggles-

    How many blogs do I read a day? Well, I have a private blog set up, with the Blogger thingy installed on it, which shows me when any (of my favs) post a new post. And thus, I see the new posts there, and go read them.

    Now as I said before, mine is not a VERY popular blog. So I only have a total list of less than 25 blogs, which I want to keep up with. In Pretty Blog Land, that is.

    Otherwise, I have a few blogs, which are more about specific topics, and I check them too.

    Needless to say, not ALL of these blogs, show a new post, every day. So I am able to read/comment in my Pretty Blog Land Friends blogs... easily.

    I look on my Pretty Blog Land list (of about 23 blogs), as my Dear Friends. I know what's going on in their lives and they know what's going on in mine. To a certain extent, of course. :-)

    My blogging is like chatting across the back yard fence!!!

    “Now the noisy winds are still; April's coming up the hill!
    All the spring is in her train, Led by shining ranks of rain...”

    ~Mary Mapes Dodge

  12. You made me go count on my Blogger reader list. Goodness! 106 blogs! But a very small number blog every day, some are informational, I don't comment on every post--but I do with my loyal bloggers who always come and comment on mine. I have maybe half a dozen that aren't blogspots that I get directly via email, too. I read every one of them even if I don't always comment, but sometimes skip the informational blogs. I know some bloggers who gets lots and lots of comments, but they read every one of them. I read every one of mine and often email a response. I used to respond to each comment but since last fall my number of followers has grown to where I couldn't keep up responding in the comment section to each one. Now I respond via an email reply when they ask questions or crack me up or something. ;)

    BUT--I am housebound and have some time to keep up with my blog family. I'm surprised at what absolutely wonderful people I have met blogging! I even exchange letters with a few of them now, too. My blog was always so small I had no trouble keeping up. Even though it has grown a bit recently, if people are loyal to me, I am loyal to them, you know? It's fun seeing a new face, meeting somebody new, and gradually getting to know them. I hope my blog never gets so big that I can't have the personal relationships that I do. Many of them have become good friends over the years. They enrich my life. :)

  13. i have one friend sheryl aka bitchcakes who gets hundreds of comments but she does actually read them and responds to those who touch her in some way. i used to get are you lindys boy 10 years after my mom passed (not since i left bama) i must say my most common comment is yu smell great, i get this multiple times just about every day. i wear cool water but with my body chemistry it just smells really distinct i suppose. i did have a girl tell me she loved my teeth last night which was out of left field since i havent been to the dentist in years. it did make me smile even bigger though! lolol

  14. Hi Jo-Anne. This post was really interesting. I have to be honest, and say that life was much more simple when I only had around 50 Followers. I could keep up with it all quite easily, but I do have a little core of Followers who comment on every single one of my posts, and I always try to do the same with them. I'm sure that people really do read all their comments!

  15. Madeleines.........There are days when I don't check in with blogland but most days I do and I find that it only takes a few hours to read and comment on all the blogs I am reading and because I open up all the ones I want to read I can come and go from the computer during the day......

    Crystal......Some days I may not read as many like today I will only read around 20 since I was out all morning

    Shelly......I remember when I only had a few followers but this year the number of followers I have has increased a lot......

    Kristy.....I read every comment I get but I don't get that many so it is easy to do and I do comment even if I am number 30 to leave a comment if the post is about something that graps daughter Kathy will often get asked if she is English.......

    Bubbles....For many years when my brother & youngest sister were little when I would take them out shopping I would be asked it they where twins and they aren't....

    Jenn.....Yes I also enjoy blogging and yes it takes time usually takes me a few hours to get through all the blogs I generally read....

    Rhonda......I use to stress that I wasn't reading everyone's blogs but then thought stop it Jo-Anne read and comment on what you can each day and if I miss a day the so be it. I read every comment I get and reply to each one......

    Karen..........I often get people asking me for help while I am out shopping I guess I look like I know my way around the shopping centre which I do.......If read a blog I like to comment I like people to know that I took the time to go and visit them.......

    L.....I also do not expect people to come and visit me just because I left a comment on their blog I left said comment so they could know I was there and read what they took the time to write. I don't find it takes too long to read and comment on blogs usually it takes me a few hours each day but that is fine I do not just sit in front of the computer for hours on end I open the blogs and as I read and comment I close the tab.

    Auntie sezzzzzzz.....I generally comment on all the blogs I read even if there are dozens of comments there already and I of course read and respond to all the comments left here.

    Rita......Yes many of those I follow do not post every day and yes I do spend a few hours each day reading and commenting on blogs but I do love blogging......I feel a concention with all my blog friends.

    Tim.......I still get asked if I am Mae's daughter when I am out and people will stop me and ask me how my nan is doing and I never let on that I may not have any idea who they are I just smile and answer their questions.......

    Diane.....Well I know I read all my comments and I agree I think people read all their comments no matter how many they get and if I go and visit I like to leave a comment.........

  16. I have absolutely no idea of the statistics but I know it is getting more and more difficult to keep up which is why I never subscribe to comments, my in box would never cope! However I reply individually direct to each and every comment I get on my blogs where the commenter has the reply system set up. :)

  17. LindyLou........I also don't subscribe to comments only to blog posts which makes it easier to follow some blogs, yes some days it is hard then others to get around to visiting blogs

  18. I try and respond to comments on my blog by posting a comment back. I love to read the comments.and have learned many things about myself and human nature just from comments! I am always behind though!
    have a great weekend!!

  19. Wow. You hit on a couple of things that hit home.

    So, leaving comments on a long comment thread. If I click on something at a link party then I leave a comment. Regardless of the length of the thread. If I was compelled enough to click on it then I need to share why.

    Funny that you're mistaken for the sister. I'm always mistaken for the person. Seriously. I am 'everywoman' ... strangers wave at me from the street and their cars ... they approach me at the supermarket or restaurant or bar and swear up and down that I went to H.S. or college or worked with them ... that I lived down the street from them ... that I know "Bill" ...

    It comes and goes in phases. Well, more like waves ...





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