Sunday, 22 April 2012

Make Up Are You For It or Not So Much................

Do you wear make up? If you do why do you wear it?

I wear make up each time I go out shopping I don't bother with it when I am at home but I do not like to go shopping or out to a restaurant without my make up on. Now I wear it for me to make me feel better about myself  I don't wear it for anyone else and if Tim was to tell me that he didn't want me to wear make up then I would be pissed off.

I feel if a man tells his girl/woman that she doesn't need make up to look good then that is sweet but if he tells her not to wear it then he has a problem no man should try and tell a woman how to dress or whether she can or cannot wear make up.

I think most women wear make up and dress nicely for themselves it gives them a boast and makes them feel good inside which then makes them look good.

I have heard my daughters say that their man has told them they don't need make which is why the don't wear it but at the same time I feel they would prefer to wear it and if that is the case 

My nan always told me that I should always wear moisturizer and lippy if I was leaving the house to protect my face and lips...............  


  1. I don't wear make up just because I'm lazy and don't want another thing to worry about when leaving the house but in reality I should as my lips are often chapped or white.

    I was saying to my sister though that I'm going to throw out all my make up (which I got for my wedding 5 and a years ago) and just buy one or two neutral colours to wear occasionally.

  2. i think makeup is fine when you're goin out somewhere special but some young ladies look like they're heading off to clown college. rule of thumb light makeup for daytime, heavier for a club/dance/event. but my pet peeve is makeup at the gym, seriously??? lol and an fyi nightclothes are not meant to be worn outside of your house. do not wear a nightgown/pajamas to walmart or a gas station. have a little respect for yourselves and that's for men and women. y'all would not believe what i see at am! lol

  3. I wear make up for work and going out.
    Hubby says I don't need it but I like wearing it.

  4. Not much...

    Oil Of Olay Moisturizer... Always. For years and years and years. With sun protection in it now.

    A few dabs of cake power or liquid, to cover some tiny red veins.

    A lip base of Vaseline, topped with a light bit of lipstick. Which I rub, to make a soft pinkish.

    That's it!

    Why Vaseline first? Because my lips get sore, if I put ANYTHING right on them. ???? But this works and so I do it.

    I'd love to wear eye makeup, but my old eyes would rebellllllll. ,-) So....

    I'm 75, and do not like the looks of a lot of makeup, on "Olden" ladies, anyway. :-)

    Oh good grief! Being told what to wear/do, by anyone??? Hahhhhhh!!!!
    -evil giggles-

  5. I do, because where I am, it's pretty standard for women. If I didn't, I'd feel self conscious about it.

  6. I never say "don't" - but I do say "don't have to." Who needs a fake face? Buy a doll if you want one! I'd rather see what YOU look like.

  7. I like fancy glasses and consider that they hide my dark circles pretty well and that's good enough for me. Simply can't be arsed to where make-up 98% of the time.

  8. I go to work every day without makeup, most definitely don't wear it for grocery shopping or errand days. I really don't wear it often. I'm a simple jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers gal during the week but when I go out I do it up. :)

    Even though I rarely wear it, I have more makeup than anyone I know (including that giant MAC pallet pictured in your post). I LOVE doing up my makeup and experimenting with color, different eye shadows, etc. I usually do something exciting with my eyes and stick to a neutral lip. I don't use cover up or anything to "prep" my face, just some evening powder then my eyes and soft lips. I don't drastically change my look, just have fun with it.

  9. I agree that it is not a husband's place to tell his wife what to wear or not to wear, though it is certainly ok to voice preferences. I wear very little makeup, just a bit of eyeliner and dust on foundation, eyeshadow rarely. I'm just a natural what-you-see is what-you-get kind of person. My husband like is that way, his previous wife always wore makeup and beautyshop hair. I like to look nice, just don't want to invest the time and money, and I think it's often overdone. I have one friend who looks like Tammy Faye Baker or a cirus clown and no amount of folks kindly telling her to tone it down a bit hits home, she thinks it looks hot... it's doesn't, it makes her look cheap. A little makeup is nice, because as you say, it makes us feel pretty and good about ourselves, no different than choosing something pretty to wear! :-)

    Thank you for the darker purple font color - much easier on old eyes! :-))

  10. Hi Jo-Anne. What an interesting post my friend! I always make up, even in the house. Shower, make up and hair. It's just what I've always done. I certainly wear it for me, and no-one else, and I don't think anyone should be told not to wear makeup. Great idea for a post!

  11. I always wear it, except when I am exercising. Then, it becomes a mess and pain to deal with when sweating. I think to each her own, and no one should be able to tell another what to do about it.

  12. I wouldn't leave the house without it when I was younger. Over the decades I just gradually wore it less and less. Now it would be a special occasion thing...if I remembered--LOL! I think everyone should do what makes them feel good, you know? I'm not for or against it. I just feel much freer without it, I guess. :)

  13. Bubbles.......I have a lot of eyeshadow as I like my eyeshadow to match whatever I am wearing.....

    Tim.......Yes some women don't seem to know how to apply makeup and people who go out in their pj's is a whole another

    Mynx......Yes it is nice to be told we don't need it but I like to wear it makes me feel good.

    "Auntie" sezzzzzz...I know what you mean about make up on older ladies, some don't realise as you get older you shouldn't be wearing the same colours you wore when you were in your 20's

    Gia......I also would feel self conscious and underdressed if I didn't wear it when going out

    CW.......A little make can make a woman look great, looking fake not so much and I am not not to look fake I just like to look nice......

    Gina....I never wear make up when I am at home or if I am only just popping out to the shops I have to be going out for a few hours to bother with it.

    Jewels......I often wear jeans and a tshirt but if I am going out for a few hours I will still wear make up with my jean and tshirt just the way I am, it doesn't take me long to apply

    Josie.........Pleased to hear the darker colour was easier for you to read........I think so women have no idea how to apply make up and wearing it far to heavy and look aweful. I hope I am never one of

    Diane.....My nan always wore make up every single day like you she would get up shower and apply make up and do her hair. For me I can't go out for a few hours without wearing my make up I just don't feel right and bit self conscious without it......

    Shelly....I do not get women who wear make up to exercise to me exercising means breaking a sweat

    Rita....I think a lot of women wear make up less as they get older my mum wears less make but still likes her make up just not as I

  14. Im definately a minimalist when it comes to make up - lip gloss and mascara most days and thats it. I have freckles and I tried to cover them with foundation once which looked rediculous. Caked it on and they still shone through. So then I didnt worry about it anymore and now I love that I have freckles, they make me different and kind of feel like they are my makeup in a way.

  15. Michelle.........Hello and welcome Michelle, freckles are not something I have but I think on most people they look really cute and no one should feel the need to cover them with make up.........

  16. i think women wear make up for themselves and for other women..i have not met many men who like make up.

  17. Such a great question. Although I have never heard of a man/boyfriend/husband tell his significant other they couldn't wear make up, I know a lot of men prefer the natural look. My first husband said a previous girlfriend had worn so much that when he kissed her face he could taste it. eeeew That is TOO much. heehee

    I don't wear make up as a rule, only if we dress up and for church, but it is minimal with mascara, powder [no foundation] and lip gloss or lipstick. I have never been good at applying it and I think it looks fake most of the time. If done right it can really bring out a woman's features nicely.

    My big "girlie" thing is finger nail polish. It took me until I was 43 to have long nails of my own and I love to file and paint them pretty colors. I stick with reds, burgundies and pinks. And my toenails have to match. heehee

    I like what timothy said about not wearing PJs/nightclothes out of the house. YES! I agree. I know there are some cute sleep pants and sleep tshirts on the market, but c'mon it isn't a stretch to throw on a pair of blue jeans, is it? I definitely think you should write a post on that Jo-Ann. :D

    Have a nice weekend.



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