Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Bloody hell it is Sunday afternoon already where has the weekend gone........................

I blame it on the fact that I went and did my shopping yesterday instead of Friday and it has thrown me out, I did get to have a bit of a sleep in this morning not getting up tll 9am. When Leo tried to wake me at 7am I told him to go and wake his mother, but when I got up at 9am I found him up by himself playing with his toys and his mum still in bed asleep.

While I was getting his breakfast I told his mum to get up and get him changed and dressed for the day which she did but she also complained about having to get up and do it. After Tim got up he and I took Leo with us while we drove out to the bus depot so he could collect some empty drink cans, yes I said empty he collects them and cashes them in and the money goes to our grandkids. We also went to the shops to get a few things but Tim can be so frustrating at times his idea of keeping an eye on Leo is to let him run off while I am busy getting stuff from the deli.............

Also Tim took Leo with him when he went to drop his van off at the panel beaters but did he tell me he was taking Leo...........NO so I go outside to see where he is and he is no where around my common sense told me that Tim took him with him but I did think how hard would it have been for Tim to let me know Leo was going with him......... Since it is Sunday afternoon the panel beaters are closed so he took photos with his phone so he can prove that it was dropped off with the same damage that it had from the accident, just in case something happens to it overnight......

I am hoping to be able to spend the afternoon reading some blogs and of course leaving comments if my family will allow me to do so without wanting my attention every few minutes.


  1. how old is your grandson? i would have had heart failure.

  2. Sounds like you have a hectic weekend, I was just speculating on how fast it passed by myself earlier!

  3. Thank God you are a good Grandmother! Sounds like you need a break.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. the weekend always goes too fast. yours sounds very busy. i've had a reasonably good day. food shopping. :( although the lady in the chicken shop gave me two chicken dim sims to try and they are delish. had them for lunch. it's all good. sleep ins are good aren't they? weather here is shocking, so a sleep in is just the thing. :)

  5. I think weekends flash by far too quickly for most people, Jo-Anne! Glad you managed to enjoy a bit of a lie in this morning. My gosh, I can well imagine the heart-stopping moment you would have had when you found Leo missing! Hopefully Tim won't ever take him away without telling you again! I'd probably have throttled him myself if I were you :)

    Hopefully the rest of your day is proceeding more peacefully ;)

  6. Well, I would certainly have had a heart attack (!) if I had come out and found little Leo missing like that. Sometimes men just don't think, do they?! I know I've said this before, but your family are so lucky to have you and all the things that you do for them and the grandchildren. It must be very tiring for you at times I would think. Sending a hug JUST FOR YOU!!

  7. I read this twice and thught Sunday afternoon have I lost a day? D'oh! I really should remember not everyone lives in my village although I feel like all my on-line friends are nearby.
    You need a break after that!
    As one of my favourite bloggers and regular followersI want to invite you to my on-line book launch party in September but I have no email address for you to send you your invite and raffle ticket.
    If you would like to join in and win some prizes (like a kindle!)just let me know either via my blog or
    I'd love you to be part of it.

  8. When I had my son I never imagined anyone else getting up to take care of him so I could sleep in. I lived with Doris and John then too. Your daughter has no idea how lucky she is. And yes, your hubby should have told you he took the little one. I'd have had a heart attack if I couldn't find him.

  9. wow i wish my momhad been like you you are awesome and i agree tim should have poked his head in the door and tols you. i like that you collect cans little man does that for extra toy money. have a lovely sunday.

  10. Hi Teresa

    Little Leo is 3 and half yrs old and such a climber and into everything blink and he is gone.......

    Hi Byakuya

    Yep time seems to fly past and weekends go fast the the working week in my opinion.

    Hi Joanne

    I would love a break but can't see it happening anytime soon.

    Hi Yevisha

    I do not dim sims but hubby loves them.....I did enjoy my little sleep in............

    Hi Desiree

    Even though I said something to Tim about not telling me about take Leo with him he said "I thought you would have known he was with me" like I am a mind reader or something.....

    Hi Thisisme

    Thanks for the hug just what I needed, oddly enough I was up early this morning before Leo he is still asleep but I am watching Sydney atm, not one child it's

    Hi Carol

    I do that sometimes forget that I am in a different time zone from most of my blog friends. I am sending you an email with my address.

    Hi Barb

    Jessica does tell me how much she appreciates my help and that she thinks she is lucky to have such a good mum,and it makes me feel good when she does say something.... It is a good thing that I use my brain and thought where could Leo be instead of just getting into a panic which is easy to do......

    Hi Becca

    I learnt how to be a mum from my mum she is the same as me and does a lot for her children and I think I am very lucky to have such a great mum.



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