Friday, 15 July 2011

Simply Awsome thank you............

Today has been a different type of Friday for me, I didn't go to breakfast with the family and no spending most of the day out shopping. Why you may wonder well because my mum said that my nephew Dawson wanted to go out to the club for lunch and she asked me if I would like to join them and I said I would and since we where going out for lunch both me and mum thought it would make sense to skip the Friday breakfast. Lunch was good it is an all you can eat buffet and the food is good although I am not a big eater but still I went to be went to be with my mum and my sister Sandra came also with her daughter Temika who was such a good girl she sat in the high chair and ate her food without playing up.

Yesterday afternoon I managed to get time to have a look around the Amazon site and this is what I bought they are letter J broaches on in gold and one in silver and no I didn't plan to get two letter J's I was going to get a J and an M but somehow I ended up ordering two J's oh well I might go back and order the M one later on, I still have $10 left on the gift voucher that this awsome bloke gave me.......... if you have not already been and checked out his blog do so now............not later now you will not be sorry he has an awsome blog.

I always were a broach when I go out along with my angel pin and of course ear rings and necklace as I like to look nice. So these new broaches will get a lot of wear..........

Tomorrow I will show you something else I got from another wonderful come then and see what it is.........


  1. Hi there Jo-Anne. That was great to receive a voucher from your bloggy friend, and I love the brooch that you picked out there. I'm glad that you had a different sort of day for a change, and went out to lunch. That's an unusual name for a little girl, Temika. Very pretty!

  2. What a lovely tradition of going out to breakfast with the family every Friday. :) I think that is wonderful. Nice to "mix it up" a bit by going to lunch.

    I am a failure at all you can eat buffets too. They always make money off me as I can only eat about a half of plate. heehee

    The broaches are fabulous. When you get my penpal letter you will see why I REALLY like 'em too. giggle

  3. lucky you. i love the brooches. very nice :)

  4. lovely broaches! and a nice lunch to boot. i'm glad you had a fun day (you deserve one!) i do well at buffets on atkins i just load up on the baked chicken, shrimp, salad (oil & vinegar)fish, and maybe a hamburger. if it's breakfast i'll do an omelet and then bacon (think grumpy old men ....bacon for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner!) lol
    have a GREAT weekend sweetie! xoxoxoxo

  5. I love family traditions. My family, crazy as they may be, have tons. I cherish every one of them!

  6. Sounds like you had a great time. So glad for you. Love the "J". Glad you're using that give on yourself!!!!

  7. sounds like a lovely time and the jewelary is beautiful how awesome you got the gift certificate from simple dude he rocks and so do you..hugs

  8. Hi Thisisme

    Yeah the name Temika is not one I had heard of really before Sandra picked it for her daughter.

    Hi Skippy

    I love getting together with my family and I am lucky to have such a great family......I would rather go out to a bistro then an all you can eat place.

    Hi Yevisha

    I can't wiat till hte broaches arrive.

    Hi Tim

    I am planning to have a great weekend and I love bacon.........

    Hi Jess

    Family tradions rock.....

    Hi Barb

    I also have earrings and a necklace in the shape of J's......

    Hi Becca

    I love jewelary I never use to when I was younger but the last few years that has changed.

  9. Loved the beautiful brooch, for years I collected them....when I was five years old, an elderly neighbor gave me hers, (I still have it) and I have searched for unique ones ever since.

  10. very cool. i used to wear a lot of pins when i had to dress up for work. i have a couple of antique ones and i have the very first pins that i got when i was a kid (maybe age 10 or so). i will wear them every once in a while (one is a bumble bee and the color is still fantastic).

    ron and i used to have our 'date night' be saturday morning breakfast. less expensive and less hassle.

  11. Hi Jilda

    I have lots of pins and brooches some I have that use to be my nans and they have a special place in my collection.

    Hi Teresa

    I only got into wearing pins and brooches about 10 yrs ago.


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