Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How much is too much...........Avon

This afternoon I decided to start a big task that was to catalogue my Avon so I empty all of it onto my bed and get a note book and start writing it all down. First step I decided would be to just write down everything I have then next step to get a different exerciserbook and divide it into parts such as face creams, foundation, eyeshadows/eyeliners etc etc. This part I will do tomorrow as it took me nearly 2 hours to just record everything I have.

Now while I was doing this first part Tim walked into the bedroom and asked me what I was doing and I told him and he looks at all the Avon and goes off about how much I have and why do I have so much and that he thinks I have a problem as I have so much and I am still buying more..........

I use Avon as presents to many of my female relatives for their birthdays and Christmas and of course I use it myself. Now I know I have a lot of it and I also sell Avon so the reason for cataloguing what I have is so at times if someone orders something I already have here I can just get it out of the box. Although I only sell to a couple of people but that is ok I am not in it to make money.

What really annoyed me is that Tim had to have a go about me buying Avon as my dad says I do not drink or smoke and the Avon is useful stuff unlike Tim's smokes and grog which only gets pissed and crapped out..........yes those are my dad's words..................


  1. we all have something that we spend money on. if you like it and can afford it great. you are not hurting anyone by buying avon and if some of it is for gifts all the better. :)

  2. Wow, that must have been hurtful to you when he said that. Did you tell him what you thought?

  3. hI THERE. Glad to hear that your dad was sticking up for you anyway! That wasn't a very nice thing for your husband to say, was it?! Especially as you buy some of it for gifts anyway.

  4. hugs sometimes men just don't get it

    Everyday Life

  5. Hi Yevisha

    A good part of what I buy goes as gifts and I know my sisters love getting it as they can not afford to buy it for themselves.

    Hi Barb

    No point in saying anything to him it wouldn't make a difference and I have this discussion before with him so all I said was "I know"

    Hi Thisisme

    Yeah dad made me feel better and his text gave me laugh.

    Hi Becca

    Thanks for the hug and yep some men do not get it and Tim is one of them.

  6. I like your dad! I do love Avon though. I stay away from those booklets because inevitably I'm ordering something I don't need and sometimes never use. But come on, how can a girl pass it up!

  7. Hi Sandra

    Thanks for dropping by and my dad is awsome......but then I would think so.....lol

    I have a habit of seeing a lot of things in the Avon books I like but know I would not really use......

  8. i used to "sell" avon but i didn't have much luck in actually selling it. i lasted about a year.

    i'm sorry your husband says such hurtful things. i'm surprised you're not in tears more often.

  9. Hi Teresa

    Yeah I do not have a lot of luck selling it either mostly I sell to my mum and the odd other relative who wants something but generlly it is me and mum who buy it..


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