Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mobile Phones

Just had to ring up and find out when my daughter can upgrade her mobile phone and this has made me wonder if she would be able to get it in her name yet or not as at this time her phone is in my name because when she got it they wouldn’t let her get it in her name. I have three daughters but only one of them has her mobile in her own name, that would be Kathy-Lee, Jessica’s phone is also in Kathy’s name not sure why as I wasn’t here when she got her phone Jes decided to get an IPhone when Tim and I went on our cruise and Natasha’s phone is in my name. Now Natasha has been having a lot of problems with her phone for the last few months and wants to upgrade so I rang to find out when she can do it and not till next month is the answer.

My girls have all had mobiles since they were in their teens but I would not allow them to get anything other than pre-paid phones till they turned 21yrs as I felt they would only run up high bills and expect me and their dad to pay them. We often see on different current affairs shows stories about how teenagers have run up high mobile phone bills and the parents go to the media hoping to get the bill squashed which really piss me off. I think how these parents could be so stupid to give a child a phone that they are able to run up high bills on.

Now that my girls are in their 20’s I feel they should be having as many things in their own name as possible and not being reliant on their parents, so when she goes to upgrade her phone I will be seeing if she can get it in her own name, if not then yes I will let her continue to have it in my name but I would prefer to have it in her name she is after all 24yrs old now.


  1. i don't blame you. i just had my youngest move his phone off my plan (he was paying for his own phone but i wanted to reduce the minutes on the plan).

  2. you have to have credit to get many phones but if they get everything in your name they'll never get it. she may be able to get it in her name but they may charge you a cancellation fee for the line if it's still under contracts

  3. Hi Teresa

    Yeah it is good when they get get it into their own names.

    Hi Tim

    I was telling Natasha when she was here earlier that I would like to see if she could get it into her name and she said that she doesn't think it will happen because she is still in debt over a gym memebership.

    Hi Sandra

    Thanks for dropping by and we will see what happens next month when she can upgrade.

  4. Hi Jo-Anne,
    I agree, the mobile phones should be in their own name, as time goes on they will need some sort of credit rating, and this is one thing that they do look at.

    I'm all for the pre-paid, I hardly use the mobile, so this is ideal for me.

  5. Hi Jo-Anne. I do agree that it is time for the mobile phone to now be in your daughter's own name. I also agree about the pay as you go thing. So sensible! As you say, how these parents can bleat about their children running up huge phone bills!! DOH!

  6. I agree about the prepaid phone with teenagers. If I ever decide to give my daughters cell phones - not until after they have their driver's licenses, of course, there will be some strict rules about phone usage/texting. Momma believes in enforcing rules.

  7. I never trusted my son after he ran up a few hundred dollars in 900 numbers when his Dad and I went on vacation and he got a hold of our credit card number while my mother was staying with him. He wanted a cell, so I told him he had to get his own. Good thing because his credit is horrible and he's had his phone shut off too many times to mention. They have got to learn the hard way sometimes.

  8. i still use my boost mobile because i'm terrified at what the cost on an iPhone would be. I just know the bill would be through the roof at least with boost i get unlimited talk and text for 50.00

  9. Hi Mags

    I would love it if Natasha can get the phone in her name but do not think it will happen.

    Hi Thisisme

    Fingers crossed she will be able to have the phone in her name but as she is still in debt it is unlikely to happen.

    Hi Barb

    Yes I can remember when my daughter Natasha ran up the phone bill by ringing mobiles from the house phone so we had calls to mobiles blocked for a while so she was unable to do it again, she was only 15 when she did it. I found letting them her have a pre paid worked better yes I would but credit on it but on $30 a month if she went through that $30 in a week then it was up to her to find the money somehow to get more credit as I would not pay for any more. So she did have to learn the hard way it took her a couple of months to get it but after a while she learnt to make the credit I put on the phone last....

    Hi Becca

    Yeah you can get a lot of great pre paid plans now days which I think is cool.

  10. Hi Jess

    Yep as a mother we have to be srict and not let our children walk all over us and yes I know I am the biggest push over so may seem like I do not practice what I preach......but as I told Barb I would only but $30 worth of credit on my girls phones per month when they were teenagers and thankfully I only had one child who had a problem with phones....

  11. Absolutely they should be responsible for their own phones by now :)



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