Friday, 29 July 2011

A Change for the better or tell me.......

Yesterday I went from this to this and have had some mixed reactions my parents and sisters say they like it and my husband and youngest daughter say they hate it and to never do it again. The reason for the change………….I just got fed up with my hair I felt like it was just blah and felt the need for a change.

It has been over 30 years since my last perm I was around 15 when I had it done last. My oldest daughter told me she wasn’t sure whether she likes it or not.

Yesterday when I picked up Leo from day care he didn’t recognise me at first and when he realised it was me he came and looked at my hair and tried to flatten it and said he didn’t like it he wanted his nanny back and when I said this was how my hair was and it just be straight again he said he wanted to wet it to make it go straight again……….really he was so cute and funny at the same time.

The reactions of Tim and Jessica yesterday afternoon had me near tears I was that down about how they reacted I had been happy with the different look and they made me feel like a freak…………….

When my hair looked like this I liked it but often it just didn't and I was really hating it........... So what do my blog friends think which is the better look and please be honest.....


  1. Your smile says it all Jo-anne. I like it both ways. Sometimes you just have to say the heck with it and make your self happy. I think it looks cute. I know how you feel about family reactions. they hurt sometimes, but they are just going to have to deal. Blessings, Joanne

  2. Hi Joanne. I honestly like your hair better the new way, with the curls. I think it looks really good, and that is an honest opinion! Don't try to flatten it or alter it because of what the family say. They will get used to it. I know what you mean about little Leo, because when my eldest granddaughter was very young, she used to say similar things.

  3. i like them both, but i do like the straight hair better, but that's just because i always like straight hair better, i just have a thing for straight hair. but you do look cute the new way too!

  4. I like it. And it is more than the style. It is the fact that for a change you did something for you.
    They will just have to get used to it. Not like you got a tattoo or something permanent.

  5. do YOU like it? if you do go for it. if YOU don't get rid of it. please don't change your look to please others. it's all about YOU YOU YOU. btw i like it :) we all need a change of hair style occasionally. it's a girl thing

  6. The thing to remember is that you did it for yourself and if your happy with it leave them to it.

    The thing too is that it sometimes takes some getting used to as like you said you've never had a perm since you were 15 so they just got comfortable with that look.

    I've never seen my mum with her natural hair colour as she went grey at around 20 so always put henna on her hair which dyes it orange. I think if she ever went for black or brown we'd all be in shock at first, even the neighbours.

    By the way I like it.

  7. ok 1st it's gonna relax after you wash it in a couple of days and you really need to "live" with it for a bit to see if you like it. as for others being so beastly that is just horrid. whatever happened to keeping silent if you have nothing nice to say? as long as you like it that is all that matters. you need to put yourself first sweetie. you DESERVE to be happy gosh darn it! personally i think it's cute!

  8. You like the new hair style and that's all that matters....I think it's super cute and a great change for you!!! Hang in there...people will get used to it.

  9. I have to agree with everyone else - YOU like it and that is what is important. Your smile tells us you do.

    I think it is adorable - and I can imagine it is a lot easier to take care of - just wash, shake it out and let it dry. I miss having a perm.

  10. Good for you Joanne. You deserve to feel good about yourself. Your husband and children are insecure and boorish. They want you to keep the same old, same old. Perhaps they don't have old Joanne to kick around any more. You go, Girl!

  11. You can see how confident you are with the new look. You have to feel good about yourself and if this hairdo makes you feel good then you do it and don't worry about what anyone thinks. Plain and simple. Personally, I like it. It gives you volume and in a weeks time when it relaxes just enough it will be even better. Hugs!!!

  12. Hi All

    Thanks for the postive feed backe yes I am happy with how it looks and have gotten past the negative commnets from some of my family they will get use to it and if they do not then it is their problem not mine.

    I decided yesterday if hubby says anything else in a negative upsetting way I will be telling him I never said anything negative when he grew his hair and wore it in little pony tail and let it go really gray and just looked stupid.

    Thank you id for your honesty as I said in the post when it is cut right and coloured I do not mind it straight but it ends up just looking blah after a couple of weeks so though I would try a perm and see if makes me feel good for longer........only one way to know.

    Bubbles if my mum changed the colour of her hair I think I would be really shocked she has been a blonde since she was 16 and it is just the way mum is so I do get that.

    Hey Tim even though I knew it would settle a bit after I washed it I would hubby and daughters that washing it to soon it would make it worse.

  13. I like it. It makes you look happy and bubbly. Nothing like a change now and then. The old stick in the mud family comments are hurtful and they should have been more tactful. If you like it and it makes you happy ignore the negative comments. The little one was funny but he will adapt quickly to the new nanny.

  14. Ahh!! A new you. I really like the new look. Everyone will get used to it.
    Main thing is that you like it.. :)



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