Sunday, 3 July 2011

Chicken, Smash & Complaints..........

Today I cooked lunch for my family I sent all the girls a text message last night to let them know that I would be doing lunch, out of my 3 daughters 2 where here for lunch Natasha didn't come because she was too tired although she didn't bother to tell me she was not coming she just didn't turn up yes I was annoyed but no I was not surprised . Above is Natasha....

What was for lunch you asked, you didn't ask well I am going to tell you anyway we had chicken legs which I cooked in the slow cooker with 2 tins of tomatos and a tomato and onion cassrole base. I was worried about how they would turn out as I have done them like that before and thankfully everyone liked them, with them we had mash and vegies and yes I know mash is a vegie but that is not the point..........

While I was doing the vegies Kathy turned up, she walks in the door and says we have to call the police dad has been in an accident but he is ok. She then tells me that a car pulled out of a side street and hit Tim's van this happened just down the road and even though she told me he was ok I had to see for myself. So I take Jessica's car and drive down the road and yes he is fine he asked to borrow my glasses so he could write the womans details down and for someone to bring him back his camera. Kathy rang the police and the rang him and told him because no one was hurt and alchole was not involved then they didn't need to attend, she also walked back with his camera for him so I am able to show you all photos.........

He had gone over to her house for some reason I do not know why what I do know is that when she turned up here at 10am the moment she walked in the door she started complaining about my house and ended up saying she could not stay in this dump/house any longer and went home. She came back in time for lunch and left not long after she had eaten.


  1. Hi Jo-Anne,
    Thank goodness nobody was hurt. It was certaily a good idea to take the photo's for insurance purposes.

    You certainly did have one of those days.

    My WordPress blog if you are interested.

  2. Glad no one was hurt. Please take care.

  3. lunch sounds delish. sorry about the accident. hopefully will be covered by insurance.

  4. What a pain but good thing hubby wasnt hurt. And lunch sounds good. Love my slow cooker for chicken

  5. i'm glad hubbys ok. i'm just shocked at how rude your kids are to you, if the house is so bad she should eat at home. moms are a gift and they should be grateful they have you! you really need to sit em all down and explain that basic human kindness and courtesy includes mom too! have a blessed day sweetie. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. Thats such a shame as you just wanted a nice dinner with your family... I'm glad no one was hurt in that accident as it looks quite nasty. The police say the same here and refuse to come, in some situations they really need to.

  7. Sorry to hear about the accident. we have had a few of those! Not fun :O(
    the chicken dish sounds yummy. I Love my slow cooker. just used it on Wednesday....delish!
    Blessings, Joanne

  8. so glad that no one was hurt! what a scare! like someone else said, i'm just amazed and stunned at how it seems that your children treat you. i think my feelings would be in a constant state of "hurt" if my family treated me that way.

    hugs to you...

  9. If it's not one thing it's another isn't it? Glad no one was hurt but the car was injured!

  10. Hi Jo-Anne. I am so glad that no=one was hurt in that car accident, but I can't believe how you are treated sometimes! And you were making that lovely meal for them all as well. Please take care and remember, they are lucky to have a mum/grandma like you.

  11. Hi All

    Yes it was a good thing no one was hurt, and I agree my girls have a habit of talking to me in a very disrespful way, I would never talk to my mother the way they talk to me but they seem to think it is just normal and that everyone does it.......

  12. glad everyone is ok and i totally want recipe for your slowcooker chicken sounds yummy

    Everyday Life

  13. I had a slow cooker a few years ago, but couldn't get the hang of it. My attempts all turned out rather bland :(

    It saddens me to know your family treat you disrespectfully at times and that they seem to take you for granted. Of course, I know it probably happens to us all at times, but I personally feel the way around this is to state clearly that you are not accepting that sort of treatment anymore. There is that old saying that if you make a doormat of yourself, then people will wipe their dirt on you. Just refuse to accept it from now on!

    Being a loving wife, Mother and Grandmother does not mean that you have to accept rudeness!


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