Thursday, 14 July 2011

Chocolate Cake

I think I will make a chocolate cake I love chocolate cake but not all chocolate cakes I am not a big fan of chocolate mud cake I like a lighter cake mud cake seems to dense/heavy for my liking. Also if I bake my own I can use skim milk. I do like to buy cakes from time to time but since I believe they are made with full cream milk and I prefer skim so so do not buy cakes very often, also it is cheaper to make my own............

I use skim milk in all my cooking and when I make my potato back I use light and creamy and reduced fat cream instead of the full fat type, I like to reduce the amount of fat in my cooking where I can.

I do not like to deep fry food either although hubby has a habit of eating deep fried food I do much prefer to grill my food or bake in the oven. Except when I am making home made chips they of course have to be fried it is the only way to make them.


  1. i LOVE chocolate cake in any way, shape, form, or density. love it love it love it.

    did i say i love chocolate? yeah... love it. i think it should be its own food group. yeah, it's that good.

    deep-fried foods... hmmm - i don't like to cook it because of the mess, but i do like to eat deep fried stuff like chicken. good junk.

  2. who doesn't love chocolate cake? Im partial to flourless chocolate cake that's not too sweet

  3. Hi Terea

    Yes it should be a food group as chocolate is good....

    Hi Timmy

    My sister doesn't like chocolate cake and have never heard of flourless cakes but I do like a sheltered

  4. you and i could totally do lunch we like alot of the same things

  5. Any cake that involves chocolate just can't be bad.

    Flourless isn't for me I'm afraid =D

  6. chocolate cake is good. really good. any way it comes really. i like carrot cake too, and banana. hahahahaa. i like cake

  7. OMG, I can't remember the last time I had a homemade chocolate layer cake. That's my favorite. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate candies unless it's in cookies. Now you have me craving chocolate cake!!

  8. You have me wanting chocolate cake now, too! I also like light chocolate cakes. Definitely not those heavy, stodgy kinds!

  9. Hi Becca

    Yep we sure do like a lot of hte same stuff.

    Hi Byakuya

    I have never hear of a flourless cake but do not think I would like it either, and yeah chocolate cake isn't bad.

    Hi Yevisha

    I also love sponge cakes but chocolate is my favorite.

    Hi Lemons

    Yep chocolate cakes are yummy

    Hi Barb

    Sorry for makeing you want chocolate ok no I am not

    Hi Desiree

    Good to hear I am not the only one who likes the lighter cakes over the heavy ones.

  10. I too try to cut down on fat and salt where I can. I am no talent in the kitchen, but one look at me and you know that I like good food. Homemade chocolate cake with a glass of cold milk is a favourite dessert.

  11. Chocolate is my favorite also!! I love fried foods but limit consumption. Hope you're doing well. Hope your cake was yummy!

  12. I had this amazing cake with Chocolate on top and yellow on the bottom, with berries in the middle and raspberry frosting and glaze to go over it. Heaven.

  13. Hi Jen

    I am also no great cook but that said I will not kill you either with my cooking....lo

    Hi Kelli

    Yes the cake is nice, fried food is also nice as long as we do not eat it every day.

    Hi Braumaman

    The cake you described does sound nice.....


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