Monday, 25 July 2011

Fav Colour

I have been thinking about what my favorite colour is recently as someone asked me just that question and my first answer was pink or purple now I have to say I do like both colours but not all shades of the colours. I do not like hot pink or dark purple that much I prefer more much light softer shades the dark colours are to harsh for me.

I also think that the darker colours are too dark and this year I find myself wanting to be lighter and happier and when I wear the dark colours then I find myself feeling more down and depressed and I don't want to feel like that anymore I want to be happy and lighter and feel carefree even when I am not being carefree.

For many years I wore a lot of dark colours mostly black but it has only been in the last couple of years that I have found myself moving towards lighter colours and I wonder which came first the lighter mood or the lighter colours.................Does it matter which came first I don't think so, I think what matters is that I am in a better place that I like myself, I'm happy with who I am that's what matters most.

So to those who read this what is your favorite colour and do you know why it is your favorite.


  1. i like green the best, and brighter is better than darker.
    i'm not sure why. oh, i know, i like wearing it because it makes my hazel eyes appear to be all green, which i like. i also used to wear black all the time, but for the past several years am going with more colors. :)

  2. My favourite colour to wear and with which to surround myself has always been white. To add some actual co our into the mix, I like soft pinks and blues. I used to wear some red and green when I was young. In the garden, plenty of green highlighted with white, pink and blue.

  3. My favourite colour is green; not dark or shiny green but beautiful light green. I don't know why. But I don't have a lot of green clothes, I'm usually wearing other colours.

  4. You know, I do not have a fav color, it pretty much depends on my mood at that time. Recently my moods have leaned toward the yellows and oranges of summer. I like them.

    Happy (ugh) Monday...


  5. My favorite color is yellow because it is so dang happy! It never fails to soothe me and make me smile. Every bedroom we have had [except for the current one - ceilings are too high] was painted yellow. I just love it. :)

  6. It is great to hear that you are less stressed these days and feeling happier. Good for you. At this stage in your life you should think more about enjoying yourself rather than always giving to others. Yes lighter colours make you feel lighter of mind. I love sky blue. It suits my eyes and makes me fell secure.

  7. Different shades of blue make me feel happy. I wear a lot of black but only because it's slimming! haha. Glad you're feeling that good about yourself that you're choosing brighter colors. That's a really good thing!

  8. So glad that you're feeling good about yourself and able to wear the brighter colours. That really is a good sign my friend.

  9. my bedroom was black and i loved it. as i collect elvira mistress of the dark memorabilia it made for a dramatic look i adored. about 2 months ago i just woke up and felt oppressed so i rearranged everything got baby blue and seafoam bedding and moved all my Buddha statues into the bedroom. i totally LOVE it. i wake up refreshed and relaxed. i put all my elvira stuff in one corner so i still have that POP when i want it but overall it's a refuge from the world. sometimes goin with your "gut" works best. that's really what feng shui does it arranges things to be in harmony with the universe. we all have that ability within if we're silent long enough to "hear" it. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. Hi id & Starlight

    Yeah when it comes the green I like the lighter shades of green most although there are some darker shades I do not mind too, green is a colour that is so so with me..

    Hi Desiree

    I do not like to wear white as I always without fail will end up spilling something on it or sitting on a dirty seat and get a dirty mark on my bum......I like white but I really cannot wear it.

    Hi Jamie

    Yellows and oranges sound like happy colours and can see how they will lighten your mood, they are as you said summer colours.

    Hi Skippy

    Years ago we had a number of rooms in this house painted yellow it is such a bright and happy colour....

    Hi Diane

    Yes I am a happier person and I have no idea what colour suits my eyes which are brown.....

    Hi Barb

    Yep I use to wear black because I thought it was the most slimming colour and do still do at times..

    Hi Thisisme

    It is good to find myself being happier and wearing colours that also make me feel happy.

    Hi Tim

    I would love to change my bedroom and repaint the walls a uplifting colour but alas my Tim will not let me do so............he also will not let me have pink fluffy things in the bedroom but I am working on maybe one day I will get my way.......

  11. I love lavender and green. Those colors always make me feel peaceful. I think you are right...I think colors can affect your mood and visa versa
    Blessings, Joanne

  12. My favorite color is a hot pink. I do not like the light or dull pinks, just the hot pink. I also like lime green. My daughter loves blacks and blues but now that she is working in a bank, she wears happier, cheerful colors. I think colors do affect your moods and the moods of people that live with you.

  13. Hi Joanne

    Lavender is a lovely colour and yes I like it.

    Hi Garnetrose

    Hot pink you say well if look like then all good it is to harsh for

  14. blue is my favorite i think because as a child i assiciated it with the sky and being free

  15. Hi Becca

    Sky blue is a lovely colour and I love to look at the blue sky thinking nothing at just laying and looking up at the sky.


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