Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wife Swap Television Show

On of my favourite shows at the moment is Wife Swap on the Lifestyle You channel and next week Wife Swap Austalia starts I am really looking forward to that. Now would I want to do something like a wife swap no bloody

I think I am a pretty well adjusted well rounded woman and I am not talking about my body So I do not think I would be a good canadate for such a show.......................the Lifestyle You channel has become one of my favourtie channels it is only in the last few months that I have started watching it. Sometimes I feel like there are so many good channels to choose from, thankgoodness I can record some of the shows and watch them at a later date.....................


  1. I think I have seen a program called Wife Swap.
    Should be interesting the Australian one. Enjoy it as I am sure you will.

  2. I wouldn't want to do a wife swap either. I'm good.

    But I saw the one with Tracy Gold recently and realized what a train wreck these shows can be. Which is why it's so fun to watch!

  3. I haven't seen this show. Hmm. Interesting concept though. I can imagine an Australian show, lol!


  4. I haven't seen the Aus version, love the English one but the American one you can tell its so false and staged. I would never go on a show like that as you have rules and opinions in your own home that no one else understands and they'll just come in over riding them and thinking they are putting things right. It would make me so cross.

  5. I watched this once or twice when it first started airing in the US. They always swapped some trust-fund wife with a backwoods country wife for drama. It became predictable so I stopped watching. Hopefully it's better on your end. :)

  6. I love wife swap! I would never do it but I think it's awesome to watch people try to adjust to each other.

  7. I used to watch Wife Swap. It was interesting to see how the women reacted to being out of their comfort zones and how the families reacted to different expectations. My favorite was a ballerina who went to live with a family in the Louisiana Bayou. She was a very good sport. She went out frogging with them at night and caught frogs herself without getting totally grossed out. She helped the family a lot. She insisted the children pick up after themselves. She also had a speech therapist come in to work with the dad, who had had embarrassing speech problems his entire life. He ended up speaking more clearly and being quite grateful. It was lovely. It's not something I could do, though. For one things, I don't have a family to swap (unless they'd let me give away my sisters -- permanently). I also suffer outside my comfort zone and would cry the entire time. No one wants to watch me do the ugly cry.

    Janie, who used to be Lola but is still fun, I hope

  8. I have to agree with the others that watch the US version - they are totally staged and they always pick the complete opposites. It gets boring to watch. It isn't reality tv when they do that.

    I am glad your versions seem to be better. Enjoy.

  9. Hi Whiteangel........I haven't seen the Australian version yet have recorded it though......

    Hi Crystal......I wouldn't want to do it but it is often interesting to watch

    Hi Denise......It is an interesting show although some of the Americian epps just look very staged......

    Hi Bubbles........Yes I like the English version and I agree the Americian version often can look staged and that is is not something I would do

    Hi Bea......Yes in the Americian version they often swap two very different women just to see the fights and if the couple are not fighting I think they are told to have a fight so it is fake.....I still like to watch it

    Hi Jenn.......I would never do it either but I do like the show it is entertaining....

    Hi Janie....That episode you mention was only shown here a few weeks ago again and I remember it, it was a good one the man did need help with his speech. Sometimes the families do change and benifit from the swap. It is interesting to see how the families react to haveing completely different rules. It is not something I would do, my life is pretty

    Hi Skippy....Yes staged but often entertaining....



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