Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Three Wishes

If genie could grant you 3 wishes for 2012, what would they be?
I saw this on someone’s blog and thought it would make a good topic for a blog now I don’t know about others but I have often laid in bed at night and thought what would I wish for if I was offered 3 wishes. Now this may come as a surprise to some but for those who know me I wouldn’t wish for material things. So what would I wish for, well my three wishes would be as follows.

  1.        To see all my daughters married to a man who would love them and support them       financially, emotionally and if needed physically and someone they can have as many children as they want with.  

     2.       To see my sister Sandra have as many children as her and hubby would like to have.

    3.       For hubby to take better care of his health by quitting smoking and drinking and to not be such a tight ass with money on a day to day basis.
So what do you think of my wishes?


  1. I love how your wishes are so unselfish and are for the happiness of others.

  2. They all seem obtainable, so that's a good start. :)

  3. That's three very good wishes you have there. I love it how unselfish you are. My favourite is number 3!

  4. Really selfless of you. Good wishes!

  5. Those are really good wishes. Each of them. I hope they come true!

  6. Hi Shelly......Thank you I am happiest when I see my family happy.

    Hi SkippyMom.......Yes it is good that all of my wish could come true....

    Hi Thisisme.......It is because I love Tim so much that I would like to see him healthy and not dependent on grog

    Hi Bea.....Pleased you liked them, I am not one who is interested in material gain......

    Hi Green Girl.......I can only hope that they all come true

  7. i like these wishes and very doable

  8. Great Wishes, and maybe they may all come true.

  9. love your wishes! they seem like they certainly can happen.

  10. I've given up...LOL
    Hi Jo-Anne
    I wanted to share with you an award that was given to me by Rhonda. I was instructed to give it to seven others, and you are one of them that I wanted to express my appreciation.
    Head out to my blog and receive your award:

    gloW ಌღ


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