Thursday, 19 January 2012

Motivation Thursday


  1. Tag you're it~~you're mission should you choos to take it is here May the force be with you

  2. Wise words. Our inability to forgive ourselves and others is what keeps situations/pain/bad memories hanging over our heads.

  3. Forgiveness seems to be the sermon on the mount for me in the last few weeks....thankful for your readiness to post truth for one that tarries across your blog....Happy Thursday

  4. Just wonderful- great truths!

  5. So far I am unable to forgive myself. It definitely contributes to my depression. I know it's ridiculous. I tell other people to forgive themselves. If God can forgive us, then why can't we forgive ourselves? I wish I knew the answer.

    Janie Junebug

  6. very wise words! i have the most trouble wih looking for the good in myself and forging myself for things.

  7. A good way to begin a new year. Too much baggage to carry around all that guilty and turmoil!

  8. Hi Becca........Damn if I knew you were going to tag me I would have ducked and

    Hi Bea.......So true it has taken me a long time to learn to forgive myself for things that don't even need forgiving..........

    Hi Rhonda......Thank you for dropping by I do try to tell the truth even when it's doesn't show me in a good light....

    Hi Shelly.....Thank you

    Hi Wheatgem.....I agree thanks for dropping by......

    Hi Thisisme......I really liked this too

    Hi Janie......It is easy to tell others to forgive themself but find it hard to do it ourself....

    Hi Teresa......You are not alone

    Hi Barb......Yes we all carry around a lot of baggage and it is hard for many of us to get rid of it........

  9. This is a very wise quote. It's not always easy but absolutely necessary! Have a great weekend!


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