Monday, 16 January 2012

Sydney-May and My Pop

Last Monday while visiting nanna at the nursing home Sydney climbed up behind me and started hitting my back, when I asked her who said she could hit me she pointed to her left and said "he did" when asked who he was both her and nanna said "pop".....
 This is the second time that she has told us that she is talking to pop who passed away on the 4th November 2010. We have taken all three of the babies to visit nan at some point but it is only Sydney-May who seems to see and hear pop.


  1. That's absolutely fascinating. Gives me chills. It's a gift from God.

  2. That is so very special- don't hear of that happening very often. I agree it's a gift from God~

  3. Oh my goodness! I totally believe this....there is no way she could know otherwise! Its nice to know that he is there watching over.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Scary, but fascinating. It may be that Sydney also sees Pop, otherwise why point to her left. The fact that she answered 'He did' rather than 'Pop did' seems indicate that she assumes that you can see him too!

  5. That's wonderful. I love when we are able to understand more clearly that our dead loved ones are watching over us and are very much alive. And of course it's the innocent babes that have access to that the most.

    My daughter Bella used to say she was talking to her Great Grandpa Hap. She began saying it shortly after he had passed away. It was very comforting to my husband.

  6. Little Sydney is so cute. What a lovely story to think that your dad is still there looking out for you. Certainly must be a gift from God.

  7. Hi Janie.....Yes it is this is the second time Sydney has had a chat with pop

    Hi Shelly......Sydney is the only one of the babies that has been able to see pop as we have taken them all over to see nan

    Hi Joanne......Yes it is fasanating to watch her and I have never had any doubt that pop would be hanging around waiting for nan to join him......

    Hi Terrence.......Yes I agree she does see him and it makes sense that she would think we would be able to see him too. This was the second time she has had a chat with pop............

    Hi Crystal........Yes it is fasanating to watch her talk to him, I also would not be surprised if nan can see him too as with the alzehimers she is also very innocent....

    Hi Thisisme.........Yes she is my cutie pie and I do believe that pop is around, he is waiting for nan to join him......

  8. I've done much reading on this and children are very in tune to actually seeing and hearing from loved ones who have passed over. It's because they are so open minded. I think it's so wonderful to know he's right there with you all.

  9. Hi Barb.....I have also done a bit of reading on the topic and have no doubt that he is there watching over my nan and waiting for her to join him........

  10. Wow. I've heard all my life that children can see angels. It doesn't really surprise me. I think it's wonderful :)

  11. Hi Bea......I think it is wonderful and I love seeing her talk to pop


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