Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Cheats Baked Lunch.................

 Today my mum did a cheats baked lunch now what is a cheats baked lunch you ask well it's when you use frozen roast veggies istead of fresh the ones we used were these ones they are alright but not the same as homemade baked veggies. The potato swirls were really nice and we did those because Sue doesn't like the roast veggies, for meat we had a roast lamb.

We set the table up in the carport and ate there there was only 10 adults and the 3 babies there so not to many, Sue and I cleanned up before we left so mum wouldn't have to do it afterwards.

While we were there mum opened a bottle of wine it was called “Love” it was a fruity dessert wine and I loved it which is a big thing as I do not drink wine but I ended up drinking half a bottle and since being home I have followed it with 2 voka cruisers pineapple flavoured so I am a bit tipsy at the moment but that's ok as I do not drink very often and will not have anymore to drink tonight I know when to stop, how I am feeling at the moment is good very relaxed. I will have to have a look at the bottle shop for the wine.


  1. Those are the best of memories!!! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is SUPER cute! Thanks LOTS for visiting earlier! I'm excited to be your newest follower!!! I'd love it if you would share the 'LoVe!' on your next visit to It's Overflowing!!!

    XO, Aimee
    Your New Bloggy Friend

    If you get a free moment,I have a ramsign giveaway going on right now...there's a link on my right sidebar!

  2. Always interesting to learn something new from you.

    Janie J

  3. sounds like a lovely afternoon. Havent used those roast veges before but they look like a time saver

  4. The three babies are so cute.

  5. LOL did you get a headache later? sounds like you had a good time before and after the party left....

  6. This is great. I love family get-togethers.

  7. What a lovely family get together. Loved the photo of the little ones. I'm glad you were able to relax and have a little drink!! have a good week my friend,.

  8. Hi Aimee.......Thanks for dropping by and chosing to follow me. Yesterday's lunch was something we hadn't done in ages and it was great that my brother and sister in-law came as well....

    Hi Janie......Thank you we did have a great lunch and I did have enjoy the wine.

    Hi Mynx.........Yeah the roast veggies are a time saver and they taste ok if you have gravy then it's all good.

    Hi Diane.......Yes they are they were all holding hands and walking around together........

    Hi Rhonda......Nope no headache and I don't get hangovers either in fact I have never had a hangover and neither does Tim or my mum.

    Hi Bea......We love family gatherings too

    Hi Thisisme......Yes it was a good weekend and a great lunch.......



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