Tuesday, 10 January 2012

About Jo-Anne Tuesday

I have decided that this year each Tuesday I will share with you something about myself so from here on this will be “About Jo-Anne Tuesday” as Leo would say how does that sound?
So I will start with this about me:
I have never thought of myself as being either beautiful or pretty at best I am average looking.
I think there very few truly beautiful people in the would in fact most of the so called beautiful people are really just average looking in my eyes, I also think true beauty comes from the inside out  meaning if you are not a kind hearted person you can not be really beauitful. There are a lot of people around who have only skin deep beauty and when these people age there beauty fads terrible because their beauty doesn't come from the inside out if you can understand what I mean.............


  1. but darlin you ARE beautiful! your beauty is in your loving heart, you care for others, and yes your apperance! my only "gripe" is you need to unleash that glorious smile in the pics you take! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. I completely agree with timothy. You are beautiful in so many ways.

  3. Hi Jo-Anne. What a good idea about this "About Jo-Anne Tuesday!"> Hopefully we will learn a little bit more about you. I remember this photo and I really do love that dress. It so suits you. You are certainly beautiful my friend - your family are so blessed to have you in their lives, with your generosity of spirit.

  4. I adore that dress. I love the colors and I think you look beautiful in it. I agree completely with what you say about beauty coming from the inside. The most beautiful people I've known were beautiful because of the light that radiated from inside their hearts. I think you are truly beautiful. :)

  5. Timothy said it right! You are beautiful! Smile more :)

  6. A Leo, uhn...that's me ..we can be a purring kitten or a roaring lion ready to devour can we not? So thankful that the Lord and the power of His Holy Spirit has tamed this cat...beauty...one kind is only skin deep ...which quickly fades as the skin wrinkles...LOL...the lasting beauty is those that has discovered the beauty of the Lord and allowed it to be their countenace....enjoyed my visit to your blog this morning...has me thinking about "what beauty do I reflect"??? oh wait..I'm old now ...better get busy with the Lord... wink wink...

  7. Beauty does come from within and I have always thought you to be a very beautiful woman! Your heart is truly golden and bigger than most! Hugs.

  8. I do! I completely agree with you! I try to remember that God sees the heart of a person - man looks on the outside - I want to see what God sees!
    Hope you have a great day!

  9. I think this will be a great way to learn more about you!
    I don't think of myself as a beautiful person either...I don't think I am Ugly...never have...but not beautiful either. And I think I thought I was sexy for about 20 minutes in my early 20s LOL.

  10. first a think you are beautiful and i have always felt beauty comes from within i think a lot of times we find people to be beautiful because they are so kind and sweet so their inner beauty makes them beautiful on the outside

  11. Hi Tim.......Whenever I smile in photos it always looks fake which is one of the reasons I do not often smile in photos......

    Hi Mynx.......Thank you my Tim tells me he thinks I'm beatiful which I guess is the most important thing....

    Hi Thisisme.....I hope people will enjoy learning a bit about me, I do like the dress too....and thank you for the kind words.....

    Hi Jenn....Yes I do like the dress it is one of my favorites atm.....
    thank you for saying that you think I am beautiful. It does make a person feel better about themselves...........

    Hi Bea.....I do smile in general just not much when I have photos taken...

    Hi Rhonda.......Yes yes yes I so agree with you

    Hi Barb.....Thank you my dear friend I have many wonderful friends here who are all beautiful themselves.....

    Hi Kathy......Yes I prefer to see what God sees too.......

    Hi Jessica.......I have never thought of myself as being ugly either just not really beautiful either as I said I think I am average looking.

    Hi Becca.....Thank you I know I am a good hearted person, well I do try and can accepted that makes me beatiful

  12. Lovely photo of you Jo-Anne...beauty always in my book comes within.

  13. What a great post. you are so very wise. Beauty DOES come from within. Sometimes I run across a person I think is physically beautiful but then I witness that person being ugly to someone else. I realize instantly that the person I was taken with is extremely unattractive.

    You are a beautiful lady, Jo Anne. Just keep rambling. ;)

  14. It is true beauty has to come from the heart not just the skin.

  15. I bet when you smile you are stunning--the first thing I noticed about you in the picture were your eyes!

  16. I have no idea why my last comment posted as Anonymous but this one better post as me............

    Hi Whiteangel......Thank you I also do like this photo.

    Hi Crystal.......I think there are some people who have physically beaty and know it and think because they are one of the beautiful people they can also be rude and nasty.....

    Hi Diane....Yes when beauty comes from the inside a person is truly beatiful...

    Hi Green Girl.....Thank you I do smile a lot just not in photos.....lol

  17. You ARE beautiful!

    I've had dreams where everyone I know physically appears like they really are on the inside. It was very interesting seeing how I perceive people to be.

  18. Hey there none of that "I'm not beautiful" talk. You are beautiful and I hope reading all these wonderful comments will change your mind. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Joanne

  19. Hi Joanne.....As my daughter Jessica would say "yes ma'am".....lol


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