Monday, 2 January 2012

Out Already What the Hell

Guess what I saw in the shops on Saturday.................Easter Eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes you read that right Easter year wasn't even over and they are selling Easter Eggs it is things like this that really piss me off it is just a money grapping thing and no reason for it, like how many Easter Eggs do people need to buy and to be honest most of the Easter Eggs are bought in the last few weeks before the event. Well I know that now days that is when I buy mine yes when my girls where younger I would start buying some like 6 weeks before the event but back then you didn't see them in the stores 3 months before hand.


  1. Gosh- I thought it was bad yesterday when I saw them selling Valentines in the stores. This is even worse!

  2. that's disgusting. are they serious?

  3. I can never tell when Easter is, but I know it's AFTER Groundhog Day.

  4. Shocking isn`t it...Next they`ll be having Xmas stuff out

  5. Oh my goodness Jo Anne I thought you were joking! I am stunned! No wonder it made you mad I think I would have felt the same way!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. I am half expecting it when I go shopping this week. I think last year they were out in the first week of January here

  7. Its so funny that you posted this as I just went to the supermarket and saw the same thing... they had the Christmas chocolates reduced and then a whole shelf of Easter stuff... I think the same thing about Christmas when things start selling in July!

  8. That is ridiculous. Wow.

    Nothing here yet, but I suspect it will only be a matter of days at this point.

  9. It used to be Valentine's Day was out immediately after the holidays but Easter? That's a bit much!

  10. It's all getting to be a bit much now, isn't it, how the shops allow all the seasons to roll into one. I'm sure no=one will be buying their Easter eggs now, to put away until Easter! DOH!!

  11. oh honey don't i know two days before christmas they were taking down christmas decoration and putting up valentines seriously wtf I want to enjoy my holidays

  12. Hi Shelly.......Yes I am expecting to see Valentine stuff soon but Easter Eggs is just really stupid....

    Hi Yevisha.......Yes they are serious and it is beyond a joke......

    Hi Al......I don't know about Groundhog Day since we do not have it here in

    Hi Mandy......Yeah it is really stupid

    Hi Joanne.....I wish I was joking but no not the case.

    Hi Mynx......Yes it is beyond a joke now days as soon as one holiday or event is over they start selling stuff for the next one

    Hi Bubbles......Yep when I saw the Easter Eggs they where next to the reduced Christmas Cards

    Hi SkippyMom.......Couldn't agree more

    Hi Barb.......Yes Valentine's Day is what you expect to see next I think having Ester Eggs out is just ridiculous.

    Hi Thisisme......Yeah who would be buying Easter Eggs now........

    Hi Becca.....I do not get why they have to bring out Easter stuff so soon after Christmas.

  13. I buy Easter stuff about two days before Easter Sunday, and just enough for my kids' baskets.


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