Tuesday, 17 January 2012

About Jo-Anne Tuesday

This week little tid bit about Jo-Anne is this:
I think people believe I am gullible because I appear to believe everything I am told just because I am not rude enough to say I think you are lying to me doesn’t mean I believe everything.
When Natasha was with Lucas everyone seemed to think I belived everything he told me when in fact most of the time while he was talking I would be thinking “yeah like really”but since he was who she chose to be with at that time I was always nice to him and never let on what I really thought about him.

There are people around who are “know it alls” we have all most likely meet someone who fits the bill and how often do we say to said person that we think they are full of it, it is just not something I do. I am a polite person and being rude to people is not something I do if that is a bad thing then so be it..................


  1. I'm like that too. People think I'm just a big ball of "believer" when in fact I don't believe half the crap I'm fed. Nice to meet a similar friend.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Why argue with a fool? It's pointless. Let them talk and take it with a grain of salt.

    Janie Junebug

  3. bein southern i tend to give em a good dose of honey (from my voice and smile) when i'm actually givin em a tablespoon of vinegar for the bs........mayhaps i'll say something like "really that;s fascinatin, i'm just gonna google that cause i neverheard such a thing before" of course there's the other end when i am DONE! i actually said to a friend (still a friend) who was telling a whopper of a lie "i'm sure you'll do great at that new job!" to which they said "what in the hell are you talking about?" my reply " well you're the perfect choice to be the spokesmodel for fleet enemas cause you are so full of shit!"
    lol feel free to borrow that if you'd like sweetie!
    you just keep bein you cause you are a wonderful person, and i agree sometimes it's pointless.

  4. My problem is that I don't keep my mouth shut. I may do that when I first meet a person but once I've been around them awhile and I spot bs spilling from their lips, I have to call them out on it. It does cause conflict and I'm always telling myself I should learn to shut my trap but I'm just not wired that way.

    I like that you have a tattoo. I have one of a rose with the stem in the shape of a "J" for my son's name. I'd like to get another someday.

  5. Good post, and I'm really enjoying getting to know these little extra bits about you! I'm exactly like you, and, as Janie Junebug said, "why argue with a fool." I don't say anything, but it certainly doesn't mean that I don't believe them. It's certainly not worth causing an argument over it. I also always try to be polite!

  6. Be who you are Jo-Anne. No matter what anyone says, you have to live with yourself and if you don't like YOU, then that's a problem. Great post!

  7. good for you. sometimes it is just easier to smile and say, "really..." and go on. some people will catch that you aren't buying it and others will go on and on.

  8. I like that about you! I also keep my mouth shut so I don't seem rude. Why spread bad vibes around, right?

  9. I don't find it impolite to call a liar a liar. I have no use with people that lie and will tell them point blank. It isn't worth my time to be around people like that. They know they are lying - so how can it be rude to tell them you know?

    I don't see you as gullible, just really easy going. Which is a good thing.

  10. Hi Craziness........Yes it is nice to know that I am not the only one who is like this.......

    Hi Janie......Yes so true and often if you do argue with them they will not get it as often they really belive half the shit the are saying.

    Hi Timothy....Thanks for giving me a giggle, I will remember the bit about goggling it........lol

    Hi Jenn....Yes I know it can be easy to say what we think around those who we know really well......the only people I am truly open and honest with are those who are closest to me and then it is only now and again not a regular thing.

    Hi Thisisme........Yes sometimes calling someone out will just cause fights and sometime put a wedge between people and in the long run it's now worth it.....

    Hi Diane.....Thank You

    Hi Barb.....Well this is me and I am not going to be changing any time soon...........

    Hi Teresa......Yes it is easier to smile nicely and say agree while thinking to yourself "whatever"....lol

    Hi Greengirl....Thank you I feel that often saying what you think may just cause problems and hurt those you care about and not the one who is full of bs as really they don't care what you think about them.

    Hi Skippy....I do think that sometimes calling someone a liar may cause more problems then it's worth, especially if the liar is the person your love one has chosen to be with, they are not worth alienating my love one from me. Which is why I never said anything to Lucas as he was who Natasha chose to be with and I didn't have to like or belive him all I had to do was be nice to him while they where together.......
    now they are not together I am willing to say how I felt about him.....

  11. Hi Jo-anne, I have always had a phobia about lying and so I have a tendency to believe other people are telling the truth as well. I have been burned by people who make up stories, but I still try to think the best of people whenever possible.

  12. People misunderstand silence for cowardice or ignorance sometimes, when they should really be more concerned with what you're thinking.

  13. Hi Jen....I am a terrible liar which is why I do not do it.........lol

    Hi Bea.....Yes so true........

  14. It amazes me the way the younger generation seems to think nothing about telling lies about almost everything (even on resumes).
    I've always been a person that does not lie, because trust is very important to me,... but it sure is hard to find honest trustworthy people this day and time. Once a person lies to me, I never feel I can fully trust them again.


  15. Hi Glow......Yes I agree so many young people do not think twice about lying and I just do not get it as I am not someone who lies, I am no good at it...........


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