Monday, 23 January 2012

Who to haunt.................

  If you could come back as a ghost, who would you haunt? 

I saw this question on someone’s blog and thought it would make an interesting topic for a blog; yes I am always on the lookout for blog topics. So who would I like to haunt well I have given it a bit of thought, said there are many people who have pissed me off over the years but not enough for me to come back and haunt……………………

I would like to hang around and watch over my family, as I believe my pop does but that isn’t haunting someone, haunting them is trying to scare them in my opinion………………

I do think it would be cool to be a ghost though and be able to go anywhere and spy on people could do the same thing though if I was invisible………………………


  1. I guess it might be kind of fun to haunt my ex-husband, but I'd rather be a guardian angel and find little things I could do to help my children and to take care of dogs.

    Janie Junebug

  2. I think a guardian angel would be a nice gig......maybe watching over soldiers.

  3. the only one i would haunt is my friend chris IF she allowed me to stay on lifesupport. see that poor woman the family and husband fought so long over made me SICK. she should've been allowed to cross over years before she did. the family through the courts kept her a prisoner in her own body when her spirit could've been free. out of their own fear and selfishness. and they lied so many times not even because they wanted to believe but because they resented her husband moving on and finding someone new. they were toxic. i told chris if that ever happened to me because my evil sister would LOVE that much control over me she'd better give me the pillow treatment or i'd come back and haunt her for as long as i wasted away!

  4. I would haunt terrible government leaders and famous people who are bad role models until they all straightened up and acted right.

    That could be fun.

  5. I wouldn't want to waste my time coming back to haunt someone. Like you I'd love to just be sat there watching the family expand.

    I always thought I'd have my children young so that I'd be a young grandma and even live to see the great grandkids but unless I'm super fit and healthy at 90 I can't imagine being around that long.

  6. Hi Janie......Yes being a guardian angel would be heaps cool hanging around watching over our loved ones..

    Hi Jilda....Yes our brave soldiers need watching over

    Hi Timothy......Yes I would not want to be on life support for x amount of time a short time would be fine but wouldn't want to spend my last days, weeks, months on life support. I would rather those who love me pull the plug and let me just slip away.

    Hi Bea....Yep haunting terrible people would be cool, that is if soulless people can be haunted....

    Hi Bubbles......I hope I am around to see my great grandchildren and considering that my mum is around to see her great grandchildren and my nan got to see her great grandchildren I have a good chance of it........I would like to be also able to see my great great grandchildren my nan sees hers but because of the alzehimers she really doesn't know who they are....



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