Saturday, 1 October 2011

Washing and washing and more washing

Today was suppose to be a nice quiet day spent blogging and for the most part that is what I have been doing but I also have ended up doing laundry for most of the day with still more to do and no it's not my washing I am doing...............this morning I get this text from Jono (grandson's father) "Hello Mrs Meados it's Jono, upon looking at my room I have realised how filthy it is from dirty clothes, can I bring them aroundand get them washed today? This should be the last time I ask I am getting my own washing machine soon."

So what do I say of course I say yeah bring it over and I will do it and you can pick it up tomorrow, I think invite him, Blain and Kelli over for lunch tomorrow which ment I had to go and buy more chicken legs as I am doing chicken legs with potato and bacon in the slow cooker over night ready for tomorrows lunch.

Now when he said there was a lot of dirty clothes he was not kidding we are talking about 5 loads of washing. I would get it done faster if I had a laundry room that looked like this.


  1. I would love a laundry room like the one in the photograph! Jono is very lucky to have you to do his dirty washing! I sincerely hope he appreciates it!

  2. You are too good. I would have pointed him to the machine, showed him how to use it and then let him go for it

  3. You do laundry for grown men? [besides your husband, I mean.] Wow you are nice!

    I would make sure the washer and dryer were available and let him do them himself. Then I would go out shopping or take a nap. heehee

  4. What a saint you are! I'm doing the laundry myself (which is not as dirty as it sounds). Mrs. Penwasser is out of town and I have no clean underdrawers for work on Monday. So, rather than going commando (the zippers really chafe Little Al when I do), I thought it best to put the little (yes...sigh...'little') buggers in the wash.

  5. You really are a good woman -- you know? I don't mind doing for others, either.

    Have a great, easy, day today, okay?


  6. i would love a laundry room like this as i can never seem to get those dang laundry fairies to show up on time

  7. I should have proof read this before I posted it and it says "I think invite him" when it should have read that I then invited him.......silly Jo-Anne.

    Desiree......yeah Jono always appears to appreciate things I do for him.

    Mynx........If I had told him to do it himself I would have been stuck with them here all day and I did not want So I would rather do it myself.

    SkippyMom.........I think it is because I am nice and willing to do it for him that he asks me over his mother. Yes he has a mother

    Al.......Zippers may chafe little Al but I bet it would hurt more if little Al got caught in the Bloody annoying isn't it when we run out of underwear......

    Jamie......Today it is raining so I will not be leaving the house and I have the family coming for lunch so I think it will be a good day.....

    Becca..........Yeah I thought yesterday that it would have been great to have such a laundry would have to the clothes done a lot fast, I still have his jeans in the dryer this morning the man has like a dozen pairs of jeans that I had to wash, I also have two pairs laying over chairs inside along with his work pants.........

  8. Bless you for being so kind. It is bad enough doing your own laundry, but that is a lot to do for someone else. I am sure you will have another star added to your crown.

  9. LV.........I do this things because I truly do not mind as long as I feel my actions are appreciated then I am ok with helping out.

  10. You are an angel! I hate laundry...not so much the washing but the "putting away" part UGH!
    Blessings, Joanne



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