Monday, 17 October 2011

A new day, a better day............I hope

I am so glad that yesterday is was not a nice day well parts of it were ok but other parts made me either mad or sad.

First thing I did when I got up was put on a cassarole in the slow cooker to cook for last nights tea. I also went made a pasta bake for yesterday's lunch now I did the pasta bake and was putting it in the oven but for some unknow reason I didn't place it on a tray to place in the oven and what happened I dropped it.............bugga, so I had to pick it up and place it back in the baking dish. Anyway everyone who tried it said it was nice.

I went over to my parents place for lunch as it was dad's birthday he turned 69yrs so there was a family lunch and there was a good turn out 16 of us for lunch that includes the 3 babies. Dad seemed to like his presents he didn't get much as I didn't have much money so me and Tim gave him a very nice bottle of port, Sandra gave him a $5 scratchie, Jeannie  gave him lens cleaners and stuff to clean the tv screen and computer screen, Sue got him a lottery gift pack and I have no idea what  Dave gave him.

Now to the bad part of the day, Kathy-Lee took a couple of trailer loads of green waste to the tip and it cost a total of $100 for both trailers, now her dad towed one trailer and a couple of mates of Natasha's towed the other trailer. Kathy and her dad went through first and it cost them $65 and since Kathy had only given the boys $50 she went back to give them extra money she handed over an extra $40 and the man they were paying said that will be $35 and since Kathy had started to walk away he handed the change to one of the boys............when Kathy asked for her change the boys just laughed at her and walked away saying it's for petrol........

Kathy was dumbfounded she didn't know what to say or do she just got into the car and told her dad who got really angry but since the boys had driven off he was unable to say anything to them. When she told me I got extremely angry and rang Tasha and asked her what the hell was going on and said how dare the boys do that and  that I wanted her to get Kathy's money back. I was so mad I wanted to cry anyway Natasha did end up getting the money back but it still made me feel sad for the rest of the day.

I spent some time sending a lot of text messages to my daughters as I was not in the mood to talk to them and texting was easier, I was also upset because Natasha's mobile phone bill is now $2200 and the phone is in my name and I do not know how she is going to pay it. I will ring the company today and speak to them about making arrangements to pay the bill.

To make matters worse Natasha rang me in tears because she is upset about not having any money and doesn't know how she is going to pay her bills and get presents for Christmas, then she comes over to get a couple of pizza's out of my freezer and talks to her dad who does something I think was the wrong thing to do...........He told her that he thinks this new guy she is seeing is a user, this is not something you tell your children it doesn't make them stop seeing the person it only makes a wedge between parent and child and as my mum has often said we do not have to like the guy but if he makes her happy then we should be happy for her and as a parent we need to be there to help her pick up the pieces if the relationship fails............

So when I tell Tim that I think he was wrong to say something to her he just shrugs and says it's how I fell and she will get over it, and yes she will get over it but that's not the point I still think it was the wrong thing to say.

Now this morning is a new day and I hope today is a better day then yesterday................


  1. Jo-Anne you must have the patience of a saint. I would have never let my son get a cell phone in my name nor ever let the bill get that large. You're a gem of a mom and I hope your family appreciates you. Bless your heart!

  2. Well, when a day is that bad, it seems you have nowhere to go except up. So up you go!


  3. Hi Barb........I am just a big softie and when a daughter comes to me crying and needing my help then I try and help.

    Hi Lola.....I agree the only way is up and thank you for the leg up because that is how I see the up you go

  4. Happy Birthday to your Dad - it sounds like a wonderful day.

  5. happy birthday to your dad.

    you do have a lot of patience. i think i'd throttle a kid with a cell bill that big. yikes!

  6. Hi Skippy........Dad did have a good day even if I didn'

    Hi Teresa........Thanks dad had a good day and I have more patience then I think at times

  7. If your daughter can't pay for her phone, she should give it up. She runs up the bill because you are going to pay it. So much for personal responsibility.

  8. Gosh there are so many stressful situations swirling around you! No wonder you feel a bit down! These are definitely tough times. I hope today is better for you.

  9. Oh my, from the sounds of it parenting does NOT always get easier as kids get older.

  10. I know I've said this before, but you really are such a good mum (and grandma of course!). Happy birthday to your dad. I'd be a bit worried about that phone bill if I were you, especially as it is in your name. I think you're doing the right thing by phoning up the company to have a chat about it.

  11. Anonymous........I would like to point out I do not and will not be paying the phone bill, she always pays her own bill and if the phone is bared from outgoing calls till the bill is paid off then so be it

    Jennifer......I am feeling better now I do not know how Tasha is going to pay the bill but I guess it will be done somehow she loves her phone and will not want to go without it.

    Green Girl......Yes in some ways it doesn't get easier as we always worry about our children.

    Thisisme.......Thank you for your kind words the phone company said she will have to arrange to make weekly payments and if she misses a payment the phone will be blocked till she makes the payment and if she misses 3 payments in a row the phone will be cancelled so I know she will be making the payments and she loves her

  12. Those guys sounded like a couple of D-Bags.
    I'm thinking that a $ symbol means dollars. Does it mean something different in Australia? Like maybe $2200 jelly beans?
    If dollars....yikes!!!!

  13. We are lucky in that we don't have to pay to use a green tip site. The costs seem quite high (excessive!) where you are. Those "boys" were really rather rude and cheeky. So glad you were able to persuade Natasha to sort it out.

    My goodness, her phone bill IS high! It's good to know you won't bail her out of this predicament.

    I'm glad to hear you all had a good time celebrating your Dad's birthday with him! That was at least a bright spot in your week :)

  14. WARNING: Yank here.
    Okay, what's a green tip site?
    I'll bet it's not where you pay gratuities in Emerald City, though.

  15. Hi Al...........Green Tip is where we take our green waste such as tree cuttings and shrubs that type of stuff and it is bloody expensive and I for one think it should be cheaper but NO it's not........and yes those guys are a couple of douchbags to put it nicely.

    Hi Desiree...... My dad had a good birthday liked his presents although I didn't have much money to get the gifts but still he was happy with what I got and he has no idea that it is me who buys all the presents although he did comment on the fact that me and Jeannie had the same wrapping paper.....

    Natasha will be paying her bill I have also set it up so that she will get a text when she has reached her maxium included calls per month so she shouldn't go over again............hopefully.....



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