Sunday, 9 October 2011

A rant about words

Is there are word or words that you find yourself avoiding when it comes to writing or saying something because you either can not say the word or you can never remember how to spell it so instead you just phase differently for me the main word is probability I think that is how you spell it. Really I just find it easier to say more then likely instead.

I can never seem to say the word pumpkin right well my eldest is always correcting me along with the word sandwich which she will always say I have pronounced wrong.

Now I know I am a bit old fashion in that I like to spell words right I have a serious problem with people who shorten words or use letters instead of the word when writing, yeah I know that many people do these things when they are sending text messages but even when I send a text I will still use the correct spelling and I also use the proper punctuation it is just the way I am.

Another thing that really pisses me off is when I see companies and such spelling things wrong, locally there is a surburb that spells the word and I hate it. Now I do not have a problem with America or Americans but this is Australia and we spell colour with a u get it right people.

To end this rant I will say that we have biscuits here not cookies............doughnuts not donuts...........

Yes this ended up being a bit more of a rant then I thought it would be sorry..............


Joanne said...

Rant away! I hate the word "ain't".
Blessings, Joanne

whiteangel said...

Don't be sorry for saying what you think.
I prefer correct words....have you noticed for a long time now how some people answer a question with - yes, no - now I ask you J0-Anne what do they mean!
Confusing to say the least.

Bubbles said...

I'm like you I'll repharse something if I can't remember how to spell a word and my dictionary isn't to hand...

I also really dislike it when things are spelt wrong or not phrased properly. How am I supposed to correct myself if idiots choose to follow the trend. Text speak is the worst and so irritating.

I also used to hate it when people say yeah! I managed for years to say yes but find I'm doing it myself now.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL - I'm with you. I usually use all lower case letters when I'm replying to blogs because it's easier. Having to absolutely make things right in my job (I'm a technical writer), I let myself slack off in casual writing.

I have a few things that get me, too.
- Companies with incorrect signage; can't someone put the words into Word first and do spell check?
- Using "Your" for "You're" (the contraction of "you are"). If you're not sure if you're talking about your things, then use "you are" instead.
- Using Their, There, and They're correctly. There they are with their toys and when they're finished, they will put them away.
- Using then and than incorrectly. When you're going to do something in sequence - I'm going to the store, the park, and then to the post office - the correct word is "then." If you're comparing items, the correct word is "than." She's prettier than her cousin. I'd much rather do X rather than doing Y.
- Using accept instead of except. I'd much rather accept his proposal, except it's too complicated.
- To and Too; I'm going to the mall. Do you want to come, too?
- Its and It's. It's is the contraction of It is. It's the correct thing to do. Its is the possessive form of "it." Normally one uses an apostrophe when showing possession. The rule for pronouns, however, is never use an apostrophe in a personal possessive pronoun (except with the word one’s).

Guess I had more than a few, eh? LOL! We all have typos sometimes (and I have my fair share and sometimes it's a keyboard issue; I type really fast and sometimes my keyboard can't keep up with my fingers) and I'm not talking about those. I meant the over and over misuse of words in writing.

Thisisme. said...

Hee Hee! Australians obviously spell things the same as the English then! I find it strange when I see colour spelt as color and donuts for doughnuts!! We have biscuits as well! It's a different world, isn't it?! My daughters say that I can't say cucumber properly!

LOLA said...

I'm an American but I still like doughnuts and don't know how we ended up with donuts. I love correct spelling and really hate it when I make an error.


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Hi Joanne......I also do not like the word ain't and never use it when writing and rarely use it while speaking.

Hi Whiteangel.....Oh I know what you mean about the yes or no answer it is so frustrating to me, tell me what you mean don't just say yes or no or even worse yay or nay which bugs me even more.

Hi Bubbles........I have a dictionary in the draw next to me and use it heaps I do not relie on the spell checker on the computer as it will often miss wrongly spelt words. I think many of us do not like text speak well maybe it is only those of us over the age of 25 or

Hi Teresa.......Oh yes I so agree with every thing you have said here I think it is terrible that so many young people leave school not knowing how to spell or use correct grammar.

Hi Thisisme........Not surprising that us Aussies spell the same way as you Poms since many of our ancestors do come from England or around there.

Hi Lola......It seems that many of us like it when words are spelt right which has made me feel better to know that I am not alone.

Desiree said...

Oh, I enjoyed your rant, Jo-Anne, so please do feel free to repeat the exercise any time you wish. Besides, this is YOUR may say whatever you wish.

I am also a stickler about correct spelling and the use of proper punctuation, although I do make mistakes myself and am sometimes guilty of bending the rules of punctuation a bit (e.g.over-using exclamation marks). However, when it comes to writing formally, it's essential to do things correctly. It also amazes me that business enterprises will go to enormous expense to advertise, yet often overlook having their brochures/product labels/billboards and so forth, proof read for both spelling and grammar, before going to print.

becca said...

hehe rant away i love it plus i learn things

orchid said...

Oh, Dear Jo-anne.
I enjoyed your post my friend♬♬♬
And I hope you don't mind my commenting from a Japanese side of the view. (haha, not biscuits,cookies or doughnuts, donuts thing)
For Japanese people whose language is based on vowel, really hard to master using tongues and lips for consonant. Like "apple" can be "appuru"
And we are puzzled with the unpronounced alphabets in the words for learning spelling.

Haha, so sorry not proper comment for your post, I guess. But vouldn't resist doing it,p;)

Hugs from east, Orchid*

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Hi Desiree

I agree that it is so very frustrating that companies do not seem to both with good grammar and spelling but they also will complain about job applications who can not spell right.

Hi Becca

Please to hear you like this little rant of mine.

Hi Orchid

I love you comments mostly because I do like to see things from your point of view and this comment has not let me down.....

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you've made several spelling and grammatical mistakes in your rant about correct language use.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Anonymous.........Yeah I may have made mistakes, I know I make mistakes

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