Monday, 3 October 2011


What’s a nickname only your family calls you?

Yesterday I was talking with my darling second daughter Natasha about names we are called that only our family are allowed to call us. So I thought I would ask everyone is there something that you allow only those closest to you to call you. 

I often refer to my daughters as Precious…aka Kathy, Darling…..aka Natasha, Special Girl….aka Jessica. 

Kathy-Lee was also always called “Kate” by her great grandmother and she was the only one who called her “Kate”, Natasha was called with a Russian tone by the same great grandmother and no one else has ever said Natasha the same way, Natasha has also been called “Nicky Nat” by her pop, she told me that her current boyfriend called her “Nicky Nat” the other day and she told him to never call her that only her pop is allowed to call her “Nicky Nat”. Jessica has always been called “Jessie Mae” by me and her nan and we are the only ones who can call her that.

My dad is also the only one who is allowed to call me “Josephine” and that is not my name but he has often called me “Josephine” and it is just something that is ok for him to do.


  1. People closest to me call me Crys. It doesn't have to be family. Good friends call me Crys too.

    My mom calls me "Crystal-ito". Nobody else calls me that. It's cute. :)

  2. I am now always called by my full name except for a few friends who shorten it, but I don't like the short version.
    Rest of my family the names given to them are used in full.

  3. franjipanni, frandango, flee and eddy

  4. Not much for me to say today, Jo-Anne, because I am only called by my name - pretty boring, eh?!

  5. people who have known me my whole life call me "Lissa." That only amounts to about 8 people.

  6. people who have known me my whole life call me "Lissa." That only amounts to about 8 people.

  7. Crystal.........I like the name your mum calls you.....

    Whiteangel.........Yep there are people who do not like the shorten version of their names and then there are people like hubby who hate their full name.

    Yevisha.........Cool names there

    Thisisme.......I also am generally just called Jo or Jo-Anne......

    Green Girl.......I am not one with a nickname myself I am either called by my name or called mum

  8. I am Snoo to the closest of family members only. More distant relatives may call me Snookie if they like, but please do not relate it to that horrible creature on TV with the same name (don't know the name of the show) who wears her hair in a weird poofy style. I was Snookie before that critter was even born.


  9. Some of my friends call me Jo and I love that. I call my daughter "Angel" and my Son "Baby Boy" or sweetie pie. ...I may have to change this soon because I could see myself slipping and calling him that in front of his friends and that would mortify him :O)
    Blessings, Joanne

  10. LOLA.......I also would not like to be confussed with that other Snookie talk about a freak......

    Joanne......I also get called Jo a lot and I am fine with that, now I can see your "baby boy" getting upset if mum calls him that in front of his friends when he is a little older.

  11. Hi Jo-Anne: I have a habit of calling everyone (even the children) by nicknames. They do become very precious over the years and it can be funny when someone else hears you using these pet names. Then they want to know how you thought it up...hmm...often don't know...


  12. Denise............Seeing your name made me think of my Aunty Niece, who's name is Denise but I have always called her Aunty

    My brother is called "Bud" by my sister Sandra but she is really the only one who calls him that.

  13. Oh, have I introduced my name ^^;)
    My name is Miyako Yamada. And closest call me Miyako-chan (chan is for the girls affectionately), usually in Japan we call each other second name basis(family name). So normally I am called Yamada-san(san can be used as a polite form for everyone)
    Haha, my husband doesn't call me name or anything, just call me out when needs me.
    Hugs to you, Orchid*

  14. LindyLou was my Dad's special name for me, which is why I now use it for blogging.

    Thankyou for your lovely comments on News From Italy, have a lovely Autumn my friend. I will be back in November.

  15. my nickname is BecBec according to nieces and nephews

  16. Orchid......I have heard in the past that in Japan it is common to call people by their husband doesn't have any type of pet name for me either he just calls me Jo

    LindyLou......I think it is great that you use the name your dad called you for your blog

    Becca......BecBec I can get it would be a lot easier for little kids to say and then it may just stick with you

  17. my siblings all had their names shortened except my brother jerry and i. my other brothers were "ricky" (richard/rick now)and "robbie" (robert/rob now). my sistes were "kathy" (kathryn), "missy" (michelle), and "kris" (krstina). jerry and i were just simply our given names.

    now, i've kind of created my own nickname by signing many things with just my first initial. teresa has become "t" (or "tee") to many people. i like it. never did like terri so glad i didn't get that one.

    my kids got nicknamed whatever came out - sometimes rhyming with their names and sometimes not.


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