Saturday, 22 October 2011

Upcoming Birthday

In 26 days time on the 16th November I will turn 49 and unlike some people I still look forward to my birthday and do not mind getting older and think all in all I still look good, I know some women who look older then their years but thankfully I am not one of them.

Now what would I like to do for my birthday well I would love to be taken out for a meal and I would love a birthday cake although I say every year that I would love a cake I don't get one why because honestly I think my girls do not give a lot of thought to what I want............

I know they love me and they appreciate everything I do for them but the last time anything was really done for my birthday was 9 years ago when they through me a surprise party for my 40th.   Now for a gift/wish list:

  •  A Rice Cooker
  • Night Magic Perfume(Avon)
  • Shoes size 7-8 Thong Type
  • Pretty writting paper
  • Long Skirts size 18
  • Would like to have soft wavy hair..........yeah not going to
  • Patty cake Maker one that is deep aka a Cupcake Maker
  • Have a nice lunch with a cake to celebrate
  • Pink Flowers
Just to name a few things..................................


LOLA said...

Ah my sweet Jo-Anne. I wish I lived near enough to you to bake one of my very best cakes on your birthday and deliver it to you. You tell those kids to straighten up and give you a nice birthday or I will go all Lola on their asses.


Joanne said...

I hope you go out to dinner and get everything on your list!
Blessings, Joanne

SkippyMom said...

Well, you announced your birthday early enough, so perhaps your family will take notice and work towards making it a day you want?

I am of the mind, after a certain age, that birthdays are for kids [the under 18 set] and if you truly want to celebrate or have a party - throw it yourself and invite those you love. Why not try that Jo-Anne? That way you might get the presents you want and a cake. That would be cool. :)

Good luck. I will see you in 26 days to wish you the bestest.

Pearson Report said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,

I will relate a little story: On Tuesday I went for a walk-about, which took me to an indoor Farmers Market, there I admired some beautiful orchids (a favourite of mine) at a florist’s stall.

Standing by the cashier was a woman paying for the most beautiful box of flowers - some rare breed, a name I have since forgotten, and I remarked on them; to which she said…

“They are for me, tomorrow is my birthday and every year for as long as I can remember I have bought myself my favourite flower - these.”

I smiled as I looked at the total that came up on the register…$101.95!

Now that’s being good to oneself, I said to myself.

So, dear Jo-Anne, choose one or even two of those things on your list and buy them for yourself...then, go to a lovely bakery and order yourself the cake of your dreams...then invite your family to join you as you celebrate your day!

Put yourself first, it is, after all “your” special day - so plan it the way you want it!

I learned long ago, not to put my hopes on anyone else’s shoulders.

If, for whatever reason I get sidetracked on November 16th and do not post your wishes then...I will wish you now…

A most glorious day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY on November 16th!

With warmest wishes and happy thoughts,
Jenny Pearson


Desiree said...

I hope all your wishes come true this time round! I really like both Skippy and Jenny Pearson's suggestions...for you to spoil yourself this year! You desereve it!

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Lola........Thank you I think it is because I do so much for my girls that I get upset when they are a bit slack when it comes to thinking of me.......

Joanne....I will be going out for a meal even if I have to drag hubby along or I could just go out with my mum and leave him and the girls

SkippyMom.......I know some people who also think birthdays are for they young but in my family we are not like that birthdays are a big deal no matter what the age. If only my girls read my blog I have posted a link to it on my Facebook page so who knows maybe they will.

Jenny......I have already decided that this year will be a great year I am no longer going to have shit If I do not get flowers and a cake from my family I will get them for myself but first I want to see what they manage to come up with......

Desiree......Yes I have recieved some great advice here and I will be taking it and making sure this year is a great birthday no more bad birthdays I am the one who has to take charge and make sure it goes how I want and I will be doing just that.

Thisisme. said...

Hee Hee! I love it that you are getting in early with your list of birthday wishes. I agree, yes, you should spoil yourself on your birthday. Arrange things and, I know it's just not the same, but make or buy a birthday cake. You can make it a really special day, and you deserve it.

GotThatSwing said...

You could 'accidentally' leave your computer open on this list when your family's around:P I hope it'll be a nice day for you when it comes:)

Shelly said...

I hope you will have a grand birthday and get everything on your list. I am almost exactly a year older than you as my birthday is just before yours. At least you will still be in the 40's-

whiteangel said...

I sure do hope you get the things you wish for on your birthday :)

Bubbles said...

I hope that you'll get something amazing for this birthday :D

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i had my first real birthday party at age 40 and my second at age 50. amy put them both together for me and they were great surprises. i certainly hope you have a very nice birthday.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Thisisme......Yeah it isn't the same when I have to do it for myself but if I get what I want then I have to do it myself.

GotThatSwing.........I have even thought about printing out my list and handing it to them but knowing my girls they would bother to read it.

Shelly........I have to think postive and take charge and make sure I have a wonderful birthday.

Whiteangel.....You and me both

Bubbles......So do I

Teresa........I know what you mean I also hope that my girls at least make an effort for my 50th which is next year for me

kneesandpaws said...

I'm learning to listen to the child within and indulge myself a little more as time goes by. These are great blogging friends to support you and your wishes. I hope that you also get a feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life...and a new perspective for the upcoming year. I love the suggestion to buy your cake and invite your family to celebrate.

diane b said...

Your self esteem has grown over the years that I have been reading your blog. So yes go out and buy flowers or a cake and kick your heels up and show them that you can enjoy yourself without their help even though inside you would like them to return some favours.

LV said...

Best wishes on your special day. I have never complained about having a birthday or telling my age. I am just thankful to be having another. I hope you get some of the goodies on your list.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Kneesandpaws........Yes I have some awsome blog friends and this is going to be one awesome

Diane....Yes I know my self esteem has grown I am becoming more of my own woman

LV........Every birthday is a blessing and we should all enjoy our lives and be thankful for each birthday we have.

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