Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Alternative Medicine

   Do you believe in alternative medicine?
I have never been treated by anyone who does alternative medicine but that doesn’t mean that I do not believe in it, just that there has never been either a need or opportunity to partake in any form of alternative medicine. 

Now my nanna often would see an acupuncturist or a Naturopath and she swore by them and often told me that she thought I would benefit from seeing either but I really couldn’t to do so.

Nan also swore by taking vitamins and in the last year I have also found myself taking more and more vitamins myself.  Since I do not eat seafood I take fish oil and I also like to take calcium as I do not want to get brittle or soft bones, then there is the iron tablets which I have had to take for many years since I am deficient in iron. I also take a number of other vitamins Tim often will comment about the amount of tablets I take of an evening but as far as I am concerned I would rather take them then not………………..


  1. I think a good broad spectrum multivitamin taken daily is probably very beneficial, as it can make up for any dietary shortfall. I'm rather lazy when it comes to taking tablets, yet know I could benefit. Well done to you for taking care of your health at the 'grassroots level' Jo-Anne! I don't, of course, believe vitamins should become a substitute for a healthy balance diet :)

  2. In theory, I agree with everything you do. In real life, I just can't bring myself to swallow all those damned pills. I guess because I have to take so many others...

    Happy Wednesday, friend. :)

  3. yes i BELIEVE! i'm a certified herbalist, reiki master, and directional healer. humanity has gotten so far away from wellness we NEED to get back to the simple healthy way we were meant to exist. and i'm glad you're exploring the "alternative" path! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. I don't believe in over doing it with alternative medicines but I do take fish oil, glucosamine and Vit C.

  5. I've never tried alternate medicines but I would never say no to it. I actually think the old herbal medicines are better for us then what the doctor prescribes with all its side effects.

  6. My hubby does, but I do not. I just try to eat 5 fruits & veg every day!

  7. You sound like me. I've actually found a multi vitamin that takes care of all of that for me since I am anemic also. It's one three times a day but it works better than all the rest put together. I feel much better and my arthritis has also improved. It' from Herbalife. Let me know if your interested and I'll give you the info. As for my post today, come back tomorrow and I'll tell you which ONE was a giant lie. (that's right only one is untrue.)

  8. I think some alternative medicine is good but only if you do the research and make sure it's safe. I know that 8oz of cranberry juice a day will help keep kidney infections away and my dr. said it's a fact as well so i guess some is good.

  9. Desiree..........Yes I use to take a multivitamin but have found I prefer to take all the vitamins I am taking..........but as you said a good diet is best but I often do not eat a good

    Jamie.......Yes it can be frustrating having to take a heap of pills but since I dish out a weeks supple on a Sunday afternoon in one of those weekly table containers it really isn't that much of a hassle.

    Tim......I thought of you when I was writting

    Diane......I think people often need to look at their diet and if it is lacking in some way supplements can be helpful really we should all eat a healthy diet but often we don't.

    Bubbles......At my chemist the one I go to all the time there is a herbalist who will often make up a herbal medicine if there is a good herbal alternative all you have to do is ask.

    Green Girl.....I also try to eat 5 fruit and veg a day but there are days that I do not and when it is just me I am less likely to eat any veg although I do love a fruit salad

    Craziness abounds......I would love to know the name of the multi you take I use to take a good broad spectrum vitamin but have been going through a stage where I like taking my vitamins seprately but that will not last I just like to mix it up a bit......

    Becca......I agree a person needs to do some research as there are some people around who just stick up a sign saying they can do this or that but have no training or have done no study and just want to make a quick buck.

  10. I went to a biofeedback therapist at one time who helped me deal with pain from tension headaches. I don't think it was a conventional therapy. She hooked me up to a machine that measured tension and then I practiced relaxing to get the tension number down. It worked.


  11. I have never tried alternative meds but it is something I was talking to earlier. I told one woman about my ear problem and she asked if I had been to see a local witch lately. I have never been to a witch for anything but I do know a few wiccans. I told her this and she said to try a herbalist. This woman is a witch and would not hesitate to go to one herself. I tend to stay away from that form of stuff but the few wiccans I know are great people. My sister in law is into herbs and I told this woman I would see her before I would see our local witch. I did not even know we had one but I do think there are some better paths out there to follow for some of our ailments.

  12. Lola........I could do with learning how to relax and destress I have been shown a number of different techniques but none that I really liked other then just laying quietly and concentrate on my breathing

    Garnetrose........I don't think I would be going to visit a witch but then I do not know any witches or even any wiccans.

  13. Jo-Anne,
    A tricky one that question for me.
    Alternative medicine works for some people very well, for others it doesn't.
    I can't imagine myself turning to alternative medicine, but who knows what's in the future.

  14. Hello, Dear Jo-Anne.
    To tell the truth, lots of these alternative medicine or supplements(?) are sold in Japanand recommended.
    Personally, as I have hormone-disorder, I used to take calcium just for a while for my bone. But, I started feeling something funny. It doesn't seem to be good for my body. Big Question why?
    Anyways, sorry to hear that you don't eat fish. (For me, cheese. haha)
    I don't know but as the result of the try, it is not for me. But I think not so bad if it's taken as long supplementary, not excessively.
    Much Love my friend,xoxo Orchid*

  15. Whitangel...........That's so true we are all different.....

    Orchid.........I love cheese and so does Tim he would have cheese with everything if he could.....I have never like seafood ever since I was a little girl and yes I have tried it but and didn't like it.........

  16. I take a lot of vitamins too. I like E and fish oil and a multi and biotin and flax seed oil. When I stop taking them I seem to get sick more easily. I have my kids do the gummy bear vitamins but usually I forget to give it to them...

  17. Thanks to give me these type of information thanks one again



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