Thursday, 20 October 2011

Teeth, Eyes & Feet

Today is a beautiful day nice and sunny not to hot and not to cool, the type of day I like. This moring I had my first appointment at the denture clinic I am getting partial upper and bottom plates so I will no longer have to chew with my front teeth. The cost for the teeth is $2800 but we only have to pay $360 which is the cap between what Medicare (government) pays and the whole cost. I am lucky that I qualify for the scheme as only certain people qualify. I do not know how I am going to feel with false teeth but I guess I will get use to them, I should have them by Christmas time there is a total of 5 appointments before I get them.

I also have to get off my bum and go and have my eyes checked I was due to have them done in June and still haven't got around to doing it.................yes I know I am slack there is no real reason why I just am.

I should also have my feet checked but even though the cost of that is only $65 it is something that gets put off and off I have already had to cancel the appoint twice becuase on the day I didn't have the money and when I asked Tim for it he says he doesn't have it.


  1. You will feel like a new women when you get all those things done.

    My goodness, you are lucky with the teeth :) They are a bit expensive but you are lucky you don't have to pay full amount..

  2. You really must at least try to make the appointment for your eyes my friend. They are so important to us. I expect it will take a little while to get used to the dentures, but I'm sure you will be really pleased with them.

  3. We need an overhaul when we get older, don't we. But it is so expensive. Eyes are important. Go do it!

  4. Yes- get your eyes done! You don't want them to get any worse. I need to get mine done myself-

  5. My mom had dentures. You couldn't tell they weren't her real teeth until she took them out.


  6. Good luck with your appointments, I'm sure you will get use to your dentures and feel pleased when all is over.
    Enjoy your Thursday!

  7. How nice for the new teeth! Isn't it something how much it costs to take care of ourselves? And like you, I put it off, but spend more maintaining my CAR and HOUSE instead of my BODY.

  8. I guess they will take some getting used to but you will indeed feel better and be able to chew better too! Good luck!
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. Hi Whiteangel........Yes I am lucky to be able to get my teeth under Medicare, my sister didn't have to pay for her teeth either but she had to wait till all her teeth were rotten before she was able to get hers

    Hi Thisisme......Yes I will make the eye appointment this week have written a large reminder and stuck it above my laptop so I will see it each day...

    Hi Diane......Yes I know our eyes are important so will make appointmet this week.

    Hi Shelly.......I do not want to end up with eyes as bad as my sisters....

    Hi Lola.......My mum has had false teeth since she was 26 and you would not know she had them unless she tell you, she never goes without her teeth...

    Hi Eva........Yeah I know they may take a bit of getting use to but I will be better off with them.

    Hi Green Girl.......You are so right we spend a lot of money of our cars and homes and somehow we put our bodies at the bottom of the list.

    Hi Joanne.....Yeah I can feel my front teeth wearing down so it will be good to get back teeth again.

  10. my grandma always told me as she got older she was held together by spit and bubblegum I'm beginning to believe her

  11. Hi Becca........She may have been right.



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