Friday, 14 October 2011

Sand in his pants

After giving it a lot of thought I have at last decided what to use this for, I am going to use it to record things that my grandchilred do that I do not want to forget and the first entry in the book is this:

On Wednesday afternoon not long after me and Little Leo got home I was giving him a hug and thought is pull up(nappy) felt a bit full so I say to him "have you done a pooy" he giggles and says "no" so I have a look and I reply well there is something in there are you sure you have not pooed, he giggles again and says no. So I ask him what is it then and he giggles some more and says "it's sand". So I say why do you have sand in your nappy, how did it get there and he giggles again and says  "I put it there".


  1. LOL! He's adorable! And I love the journal, it's beautiful. Happy Friday, friend. :)

  2. Leo looks adorable! I love that Journal and what a good idea to keep their little sayings in there. I wish I had done that a long time ago. Eeek! I wouldn't fancy having sand in MY pants!! LOL!

  3. What a little monkey! He won't believe this story when you tell him about it one day. Super idea, Jo-Anne to write down all the cute things the littlies say.

  4. That is so cool--they will love it in the not-so-far-future!

  5. Hi Jamie.....Oh yes he is so adorable buy then I am

    Hi Thisisme.....When I was little I didn't like the feel of sand on my skin not even a speck, mum said if I got any sand on me I would freak out and yell to it was off me so no way I could have had sand in my pants....

    Hi Desiree......Funny you should call him a little monkey as that is what his mum has always call him, her little monkey and like a monkey he loves to
    Yes I think it will be cool to be able to read to the grandkids the cute and funny things they have said and done as little kids....

    Hi Green Girl......Yes I think the years will fly by and before I know it my little grandbabies will be all gorwn.

  6. He's so cute! Boys will be boys won't they? Such a cute post. Hugs.

  7. too stinkin' cute...
    I got your package yesterday...thank you so much...I love magnets and never have enough of was a great surprise and a wonderful smile!! Hugs

  8. Lovely idea about yout book, cover looks nice.
    Little ones a full of surprises :)
    I have 2 grandchildren and another 2 on the way :) Two little girls 5 & 3.

  9. Well it probably sounded like a good idea at the time! hahaha! Hystericaly! I hope that sand was all that was in there, otherwise sand and poopoo would be a horrible mess to clean.

  10. Hi Barb.....Yep boys will be boys and he is such a cutie the things he comes out with....

    Hi Colenic.......Pleased you like the few things I sent you, wanted it to be a surprise which is why I never mentioned it here.

    Hi Whiteangel.......Grandchildren do make enduring the teenage years with our kids all worth

    Hi Sandra.....Yes it was just sand but there was a lot of

  11. how very cute but i can imagine it would have got a bit uncomfortable after a bit. Hope you can give him the journal on his 21st

  12. Dear Jo-Anne,
    How LOVELY he is♡♡♡
    Sure his replies are adorable, haha who knows the reason,p;)
    Musthave been uncomfortable for him.
    Hugs to you, Orchid*

  13. This is my first time to visit your blog, and I enjoyed myself! Great story to remember and tell him someday when he's all grown up-

  14. Hi Mynx.......The thought of sand in my pants is yuck, yeah I think it will be great to be able to show him the book when he is older.

    Hi Orchid.......Some of the things he says are so funny, I hope when he is older he will see the funny side.

    Hi Shelly.......Welcome pleased to have you here and happy to hear you liked what you saw.



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