Thursday, 6 October 2011


As some of you may have noticed I was not around yesterday reading or commenting on blogs, no big reason for this other then I woke up yesterday with a terrible headache which I had all day and still have it today it is not a very bad headache just annoying and I have been very tired also. I was so tired yesterday afternoon that I had to have a nap something I have not done in months.

Jessica was here for most of yesterday and ended up asking if she could spend the night here and of course I said yeah it was fine with me, since she was here for the night Jes suggested that we also have Blain here for the night so we did.

Hubby was at work from midday not getting home till around 10.30pm last night so by the time he was home I was in bed asleep with both boys and when Tim came to bed I ended up sleeping on the edge for part of the night and between the boys at other times, all in all I did not have the best nights sleep..........

Tonight we have just Leo here and I hope he settles down without much trouble as I think I will be really exhausted pretty early on tonight. Yeah I could have told his mother I wasn't up to having him but she would only expect me to have him tomorrow night and to be honest I would rather just have him tonight Tim will be home by 7.30pm so he should be able to help me with him.

This morning when I went to the nursing home with mum to see nan we had Blain, Temkia and Dawson with us this is the second week in a row that we have all of them with us and a lot of  the old people liked seeing the kids running around. My nan has been pretty good when we have seen her recently this morning when I told her that Blain was Natasha's son she replyed by saying Natasha with that russian accent the way she has always said it. Which really made me happy as it showed me that she remembered Natasha............

I just looked at the clock and realised it is nearly 3pm were has the day gone it seems like only a short while ago I was getting up, I was up and seeing to the boys at 7am and now it is going on 3pm before I know it I will have to go and get Leo from day care...........sometimes I really feel like there is not enough hours in a day to do all I want to do..........


  1. I hope you feel better soon.

    I know the feeling of time, I keep complaining about it myself. I honestly can't believe we're half way through the week already.

  2. Bubbles......I am feeling a bit better this morning the headache has eased a lot, yeah time to start thinking about Christmas shopping.

  3. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight and also I hope your energy returns.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. I bet you bring joy to people everywhere you go. You're just that type -- I can tell.


  5. Joanne........Today I am feeling much better the morning didn't start to good I woke up tired but ended up going back to bed for an hour and that made a huge difference to how I feel.

    Lola......Thank you Lola today is shapping up to be a great day now that I am no longer feeling tired and headachey

  6. I had an AWFUL migraine yesterday too! I haven't had one that bad in years. But it was hubby
    s birthday so i had to "on" and smiley so I ate about half a bottle of Excederine. I was WIRED and felt horrible. Better now.

    You are a busy busy chick! I hope your headache feels better.

  7. Wow you have been a busy bee in my absence! I don't envy you sleeping between two little boys and a husband. You must not have slept at all. Anyway Hope you have a better day and that all went well..
    My eyes are doing better by the way. Can't see but at least they are in my head. haha.

  8. I hope you're feeling better soon--it's tough to take care of little kids even when you feel up to it!

  9. Mrs. Penwasser woke up with a headache this morning.
    But, then she kicked me out of bed and told me to make some coffee.

  10. Headaches are so debilitating aren't they? Glad you're feeling better. I bet the elderly do love watching the kids. It must bring a smile to their faces. You're such a good person!

  11. glad that you're feeling better. sounds like you've had a rough couple of days. i know sleeping with moving boys can be a real pain. isaiah loves to sleep with us but he is getting big enough now that he takes up too much space so he ends up somewhere else.

  12. No wonder you have a headache with your busy schedule. I am tired from just reading your post. Glad you felt like visiting me tho. Back many years ago, before modern conveniences, people dug a deep hole till they found water. This was called a well. Then a rope with a bucket was attached for pulling the water up for use. The water was used like we do today. They got their drinking water from this bucket, by using a dipper(today we would probably use a glass) as I showed on my blog. However, they came all different versions. A dipper is just a way of drinking water when you have nothing else.

  13. Crystal Pistol.........I really hate it when I have a bloody headache and have to act all happy like as if nothing is wrong, this is only made worse when hubby asks what is wrong because he caught me looking not so happy and I tell him I have a headache and he will reply oh that all you always have a headache......

    Craziness abounds.......Yeah it isn't easy to get a good nights sleep when I have the boys in bed with us I have had nights when I have ended up sleeping at the foot of the bed becuase it is the only place I can

    Green Girl in Wisconsin........I still have a headache but over all I am feeling better. funny are you

    Hi Barb........Thank you for saying you think I am a good person, I still have a headache but doing better.

    Teresa......My boys are getting bigger and I keep saying we will have to start getting them to sleep in their own bed but they say no nanny we want to sleep with you because we love you so much and I give in and let them.

    LV.........Thank you for explaining what a dipper is now you have explained it I feel like a bit of a dill not knowing what it was.......

  14. No fun at all not getting a restful night's sleep, especially when there is a lot to be done each day and for you, especially, also taking care of lively little grandchildren! I hope your headache cleared up properly. Those kiddies look too cute, but I can see they're little live-wires.

  15. Hi Desiree

    Yep the headache has gone and I am feeling much better, my boys are real live wires


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