Monday, 19 September 2011

Do you hold a grudge

    "Resentment is allowing someone to live rent free in your head”.
                       “Forgiveness is handing that person an eviction notice."

This quote is try but it is not always easy for some people to follow, I do not personally hold grudges I cannot see the point after a period of time you usually what it is that the person has said or done to piss you off in the first place so what’s the point of holding a grudge.

My husband is one for holding a grudge and at times so can my mum and my daughter Natasha does too, so maybe it is and Aquarius thing as they are all Aquarius……….

Of course there has been people in my life that have said or done something that I can just not get past and have cut them off and not given them another thought…………..such as my father in-law when he told my husband to piss off and that he was no longer his son I decided that was it I wanted nothing more to do with him…………although as I have told my husband since he is now in his late 70’s and we haven’t see or spoken to him in years he may have forgotten what he did and said as he has told his other children that he never said what he did…………….

I do worry that my father in-law will die without Tim and him patching things up and I worry that hubby will have regrets later in life.


  1. It is sad when people don't make amends before it's too late. We are all human but holding a grudge is bad for your health.

    Hope this weekend has been a good one.


  2. it is very sad when people let "things" get between their relationships. i know it's happened in my own family and it sucks. but, you can't make people do what they don't want to do, even if you are willing to take the step it doesn't mean they will.

  3. Both Jamie and Teresa have articulated my own feelings in this regard. It is sad when people hold grudges, but I also understand that it is sometimes necessary to walk away permanently from particularly negative, destructive relationships. I don't think that is holding a grudge. It is preserving ones right to peaceful coexistence.

  4. Hi Jamie

    Yes it can be bad for your health if you stew over things I had a great weekend thank you.

    Hi Teresa

    It is sad and it is not somthing we do in my family but some people have family members they just can not get along with which is sad.

    Hi Desiree

    Even though I do worry hubby will have regrets he has never had a good relationship with his father and for the most part not seeing his father is a good thing as his father has always put Tim down and made him feel like he wasn't good enough and that really upsets me.

  5. sometimes we have to accept that things don't get mother and some of my family members had a horrible chasm between them, and I prayed that the bridge would be rebuilt before she passed, but it wasn't. Sometimes, we have to let go, forgive, and go on with our lives and understand that others never will.

  6. I don't hold grudges either. My daughter and ex husband are champs at it and it never made any sense to me. I'm sorry about your father in law. That's sad. I hope they get past it and patch things up.

  7. This is similar to the post i wrote last May when my brother died. We didn't speak for 13 years but I called him when he was in the hospital and spoke to him 2x. Then he passed and I'm glad that I made the effort. Hope hubby comes to terms with this and makes an effort. Even if his father tells him to piss off, he made an effort!

  8. It's tough, but sometimes it's healthier to just let people go out of your life. Not necessarily carry a grudge, but keep the distance between....

  9. Hi Jilda

    I have told hubby that forgiveness is more about us then those who we are forgiving but he doesn't get it......
    I said maybe he should just forgive his father for being a small minded short tempered man but no he said he will never forgive him............

    Hi Craziness abounds

    Holding a grudge is just a waste of energy in my opinion.....

    Hi Bouncin' Barb

    I think it is when you lose someone that you get an eye opening, it was after his mother passed that Tim decided to try and get along with his siblings.....

    Hi Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Yes I do know what you mean as some relationships are just too toxic.

  10. how sad i hope that does not happen and they can patch things up

  11. I normally don't hold grudges because I usually forget about what it is we....uh...what was the question again?

  12. Hi Becca

    Only time will tell but I do think they will not patch it up....

    Hi Al

    Me too............

  13. I have struggled with forgiveness and I am trying correct that. I hope your husband and his Dad patch things up.
    Blessings, Joanne


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